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  1. Bopster

    another Preferred floor prep thread

    I’m working on a quote for a customer at present, first floor bathroom over a carport. The floor is currently freezing cold so I’ll take it back to joists, fill the void with insulation then board the floor, electric ufh then tile Question is which method for boarding, is nmp ok to have...
  2. S

    Substrate prep for uneven chimney breast with heat

    We’re planning to have our chimney breast tiled in split face slate or quarzite stone. We’re getting a pro in to fit the tiles, but to keep to a tight budget I need to prep the substrate myself. Whatever I do needs to stand up to the heat from a freestanding stove. I’ve stripped the chimney...
  3. J

    13m² wooden subfloor prep advice

    By far the biggest floor I've done and it's herringbone. The floors been over boarded with chipboard or something simlar and it feels very sturdy. There's a small dip in the middle of the room (few mm of a meter) My thinking is to used an S2 adhesive and Hardie, but it's this right? Do I need...
  4. W

    Gutted bathoom. How best to prep for tiling

    I've gone cross-eyed reading threads on here trying to work out how to get my bathroom ready to be fully tiled with 600 x 300 x 12 marble tiles. The bathroom has been completely gutted. The walls are back to bare brick and there is no floor just (new) floor joists. It isn't going to be a...
  5. S

    Surface prep for floor and wall in cloak room

    Hi all, im re fitting my my small wc/cloak room and plan to tile the floor. ( about 2.5 m2) The existing floor is concrete and it is pretty flat for the most part. However there are some areas that are uneven and likely to give me problems. so i wanted to check what the best practice for...
  6. E

    Preparation Advice with prep.

    Just starting tiling in Scotland, has been 10 years last time I was tiling back in spain. Things have change a lot, and is diferent from Spain as well. I would like to know the best way to do the prep and when to use backer board or decoupling mat, etc.. any recommendation on some kind of guide...
  7. R

    Bathroom installer doing first biggish floor , prep help

    Hi, been fitting bathrooms and tiling them for years now but never taken on solely tiling jobs so the floors have never been over 6-7 meters. So I've got a kitchen / dining room to lay 400 x 400 ceramic tiles , its a screed floor thats been levelled off around 3 months ago. Ive got to lay...
  8. M

    Wall prep - this will take a while!

    Started ripping out some shower/wet wall panels in our bathroom to discover two layers of tiles before reaching the brickwork..man it's tough to get of! Thinking the best way to go is strip it back to the brickwork before fitting a backer board? Seems like the plasterboard above the tile level...
  9. R

    Prep for screed that's 2 years old

    Hi, We have a Gyvlon screeded floor that was laid over 2 years ago. We've finally got round to tiling it. It's got wet underfloor heating. It had all the laitence cleand off, just after laying. As we have been using the room, there is going to be some dust, dirt, grease etc etc on the...
  10. J

    Floor prep - backer board

    Hi, I'm converting a bedroom into a bathroom and doing a lot of the unskilled work myself. I'm at the point where I need to prep the timber floor ready for the tiler to come in and I plan to lay 6mm hardie board using screws and adhesive. I would like to know is there a particular type of...
  11. J

    Screed prep for tiles

    I have an area of 35msq to tile using 440mm sq Porcelain tiles. Kitchen, utility, shower room, lobby and porch. Screeded in Jan 2018 is traditional off the back of a lorry, barrowed in with fibre. There is paint on the screed off the walls and a few other marks as well. So mainly round the edge...
  12. D

    Suspended Timber Floor Tile Prep

    Hey guys, I normally post over in diynot for general DIY but wrt tiling over timber I need some specialist advice... I've recently replaced a very bouncy/squeaky subfloor constructed out of 4x2 (unknown grade) @ 16ish centers on a 2 course sleeper wall (sleeper at either end and mid span @...
  13. N

    Bathroom Prep Help - Skimmed Walls

    Hi All, I have spent all day reading the forum but thought it best to ask the question direct for some feedback. We have an ensuite in our new extension which we are tiling, however, the builder has skimmed the entire room and did so before I knew the weight limits on skimmed walls etc...
  14. S

    Exposed brick wall prep

    My bathroom walls are currently tiled halfway and then plastered up to the ceiling, they will be tiled floor to ceiling with 600x300x8mm ceramic tiles. The general consensus is that when the tiles are removed the bricks will be exposed. The first tiler advised the bricks will need to be...
  15. T

    Wall prep for tiling advice

    Can any of you advice me on the best action to take to prepare the wall for tiling? Removing the old tiles pulled away a lot of the old render, leaving the bare powdery surface covering the brickwork. Thank you
  16. M83T

    Kitchen wall prep advice.

    Hi after doing a short tiling course I'm going to tile my kitchen splash back for some practice and to gain a bit of experience, at my own pace so I can get it as good as I can. I've started taking off the old tiles (which put up very little resistance ) I'll scrape off the little amount of...
  17. Nic_P74

    Floor Prep ideas please

    So this is not what I was hoping for on uplift. (But probably should have expected. Probably latex based LC coming away with vinyl flooring. In varying degrees and where it doesn't old Addy residue. The original screed is poor as well. So thinking grind off old leveller and worst high spots of...
  18. Y

    Preparation Kitchen floor Prep Help

    Hi All, I am looking at moving on to the next project in my house which is kitchen area. This includes the utility room and conservatory. Existing floor was tiled about 10 years ago with porcelain tiles 60x30. All of the floor was fitted with thin tile backer boards, underfloor heating and...
  19. D

    My 1st Job Half tiled wall around bath- want to tile the rest as adding shower. Advice on prep please

    Hi, We have a new build and the walls around the bath are half tiled. We now want to add a shower and so need to tile the rest of the wall up to the ceiling. It is likely the wall is just straight plasterboard? And would you recommend we use a full tanking kit for the half wall prep? Thanks
  20. E

    Floor Tiling On Concrete - Several Questions About Floor Prep and Laying

    Hi We've knocked through our kitchen and dining room and taken up old stone/porcelain tiles in the kitchen and carpet in the dining room. There are several questions I have before I start tiling. Here is a share link to a Google Drive folder with images: Tiling - Google Drive -...
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