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  1. M

    DIY Subfloor preparation - matting vs board on plywood

    Bit of an intro - I'm a competent DIYer and have been refurbing the bathroom on and off for the last few months - currently the only bathroom in the house so am refurbing around the family using it, hence it's taking a while. So I've got the shower cubicle in and installed (tanked and tiled) -...
  2. R

    Subfloor and underlayment?

    I’m planning on tiling a 140 sqft room and obviously my biggest concern is cracking. Currently my floor is 23/32” exterior osb over 2x10’s 16” oc across a 12’ span from foundation to beam. I’d like the finished height to meet the 3/4” wood flooring that abuts it and I’m planning on using 6” x...
  3. J

    13m² wooden subfloor prep advice

    By far the biggest floor I've done and it's herringbone. The floors been over boarded with chipboard or something simlar and it feels very sturdy. There's a small dip in the middle of the room (few mm of a meter) My thinking is to used an S2 adhesive and Hardie, but it's this right? Do I need...
  4. T

    Subfloor in wetroom

    HI There, im about to layout Jackoboard panels and wetroom shower tray on my bathroom floor, whilst the floor is up im going to take up the uneven and gappy 100yr old floor boards and lay a new subfloor new. Question is, should i use standard flooring chip board, standard 18mm Ply or 18mm...
  5. M

    Solution to a problem..

    Hi all, Laying UFH and porcelain tiles in a suspended first floor bathroom, original plan was to replace old floorboards with 18mm ply then 10mm insulation board before UFH and tiling. Issue is there's going to be up to a 20mm step into the bathroom, is there a way to reduce this considerably...
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