Which? is a United Kingdom brand name that promotes informed consumer choice in the purchase of goods and services by testing products, highlighting inferior products or services, raising awareness of consumer rights and offering independent advice. The brand name is used by the Consumers' Association, a registered charity and company limited by guarantee that owns several businesses, including Which? Financial Services Limited (Which? Mortgage Advisers), Which? Legal Limited and Which? Limited, which publishes the Which? Papers.
The vast majority of the association's income comes from the profit it makes on its trading businesses, for instance subscriptions to Which? magazine, which are donated to the campaigning part of the organisation to fund advocacy activity and inform the public about consumer issues. Which? magazine maintains its independence by not accepting advertising, and the organisation receives no government funding. The Consumers' Association is the largest consumer organisation in the UK, with over 573,000 subscribers to its magazine.Until 2006, the association used prize draws similar to those of Reader's Digest to attract subscribers, but following criticism they were discontinued. The Association now attracts subscribers to its publications with free mini-guides and trial offers.

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  1. D

    Which subfloor should I us in my bathroom?

    Hello all, I need some advice please. I recently had a contractor in to remodel my bathroom. However, we fell out on the first day of the works because he did not want to agree to remove the waste from the works he would have been doing even though he had advised me to get a skip for the waste...
  2. C

    I'm Looking For This Tile Bisazza Mariolina, which was discontinued

    Hi, I am looking for one box of Bisazza Mariolina, which unfortunately, was discontinued. Any ideas where I could find it? Thanks
  3. S

    which trowel to use for tiling

    I have a laminate flooring that is 12 mm to a down stairs toilet having to put new tiles down the tiles are 6mm. . so i need to tile up to the laminate flooring ,what size trowel would you recommend ,plus the flooring is ashfelt and what adhesive should be used .
  4. B

    Which screws for Hardiebacker?

    I've stuck a 12mm hardiebacker board onto a brick wall with adhesive & will be screwing it to. Which screws & what size should I use for this?
  5. B

    Upstairs ensuite floor... which solution?

    Hello, I've started refurbishing my ensuite and I'm a bit overwhelmed by the number of options available for floor preparation. Have done a lot of googling and not found any threads on here which completely address the situation I have, so any advice would be really appreciated! The floor was...
  6. Q

    Which adhesive should I use?

    Hi I am planning to fit natural stone 300x100 tiles on my bathroom upstairs onto P5 boards. I have been told I should fit ditra matting. I have a couple of bags of Mapei Keraflex Maxi S1 from a previous DYI job which I would like to use if possible. However, I cannot find anything online...
  7. GaryMo

    Grout Which wetroom grout?

    Hi, I'm new to the forum and a DIY tiler. I'm working on my wetroom, 3m x 3m box, wall and floors fully tiled. I've put Aquaseal tanking on the walls and impey waterguard tanking on the floor and over shower former (impey as well). I've used Setaflex adhesive. It should be 100% solid...
  8. Oakamoor

    Using flexible upstand - which side do boards go?

    I'm using a flat-topped resin shower tray, the instructions say to use a flexible adhesive upstand so I have bought a classi-seal one. Backer boards are wedi, I'm attaching to brick wall using metal dowels after dot and dabbing onto the brick. What I'm not quite sure on is how far to run the...
  9. Dan

    Adhesive Which tile adhesive have you most used during 2021?

    Which tile adhesive have you most used during 2021? Reply with the make, and upvote if you've used that one also. We'll see who gets the most upvotes. And I'll mark that adhesive make the winner. I wont be disallowing new members from getting involved, unlike previous years, so just...
  10. E

    Tile Trim Tiling stairs, which trim shoud i use .

    Hello. I need to tile an indoor stairs, which trim can I use? Could be a normal aluminium L shape ? Any other suggestions I should have in mind for the job? The actual stairs are concrete. Thanks on advance!
  11. S

    Jackoboard sealing tape which way round?

    Might seem like a silly question but i cant find anything in the instructions or online to suggest anything so here goes. When applying jacko joint sealing tape with the tanking solution does the tape need to be fitted in a certain direction? On one side of the tape, the rubber strip that...
  12. nick9one1

    tanking a shower/bath, which way round?

    I'm about to start retiling my bathroom and have bought a Mapei tanking kit from screwfix. The bath is decent quality Ideal Standard IFP+. Its has wall mounts for the corner and sides + legs and supports. Is this the correct order.. 1. tank the walls to below the level of the bath 2. fit the...
  13. K

    Tilers which one to use

    Hi, New to the site and first post. I need some advice please. I have 2 quotes from tilers and one has said that self levelling is a waste of time and money and the other tiler said he our floor would need self levelling first. Our floor is concrete with underfloor heating and is a little wavey...
  14. W

    Adhesive Which grout for RV backsplash?

    I'm cutting my own petrified wood "tiles" to go on an RV backsplash. I'm told I need special flexible adhesive and grout products. Any recommendations? I need to use a grout in a tube because the wood tiles are uneven and there's no way I can smear grout over the surface.
  15. I

    Aquapanel, elements board and ply which to choose?

    Hello all. I'm doing a total refit of my bathroom, including the floor which is water damaged, and I'm at a loss as to what best to do for the various parts of the substructure. The house is a 1980's council house, the floor and ceiling joist are set to 600mm centers. Some of the walls are...
  16. H

    Tiling exterior concrete floor - which backer board to use?

    Installing tiles 400x600 over an exposed exterior cement screed - it has 20mm fall over 2300mm length away from house (5750mm width) but there might be little pits and bumps of a couple mm or so. Tiling directly on the screed seems risky to say the least outside with temperature fluctuations and...
  17. T

    Which board shall i use

    Which shall i use on top of floorboards for tiling the passage plasterboard plywood backer board etc looking to keep cost down but still do a good job thanks
  18. J

    Help with which tile adhesive??

    Good morning, hope everyone is well, just looking for a little advice, Just wondered after sealing the walls, what type of tile adhesive could I use on the type of wall in the picture, would a good quality ready mix be ok? using standard metro tiles, brick bond pattern, many tanks
  19. C

    Which epoxy grout? Especially want as low sheen, matt texture as possible

    What's your tiling question? Pictures can be added.
  20. B

    Which cement board tape?

    I used to use Fibatape buts its a nightmare to get hold of now, what do use guys use? That orange stuff?
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