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Hello all.

I'm doing a total refit of my bathroom, including the floor which is water damaged, and I'm at a loss as to what best to do for the various parts of the substructure.

The house is a 1980's council house, the floor and ceiling joist are set to 600mm centers. Some of the walls are concrete block with tiles on and the others are timber partitions. I had originally planned on stripping everything back and using elements boards on the walls after seeing them on the youtube channel SkillBuilder. Unfortunately I've discovered they're not fire safe which is a concern, however I'm aware they'll obviously have tiles on so that should give them enough protections to pass regulations but it's still a consideration if a fire should get to them from behind when used on the timber framed sections of wall e.g. electrical issues within the wall.

The alternative is aquapanels but I've read a lot of negative things regarding the dust they create and how they still require tanking to make waterproof.

For the floor I originally was looking at 25mm plywood but due to the location of my house and the access for trucks coupled with the weight and bulk of the material it will be challenging to say the least to get it into the property so I've instead been looking at egger protect T&G P5 boards for the flooring, has anyone used this on their bathroom?

I was going to use water resistance plasterboard for the ceiling as I don't anticipate much water, other than condensation, getting to it.

What is the consensus here regarding the best material to use to make a maintenance free leak proof bathroom?
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