1. judge

    Cement based liquid screed

    Evening all,does anyone know the % reading you need to tile onto cement liquid screed using a hair hygrometer ? Virtually all my floors in the near future are going to be cement based.this is probably aimed at Alan jackson(are you out there pal??)
  2. Al Getaroundtuit

    Why sand and cement for shower trays?

    I have a Simpsons/Crosswater 1100 X 900, low profile, stone resin shower tray to fit. My question is, why do the manufacturers insist on a sand cement bed when sand and cement tends to crack, shrink and not stick to wood very well? My father in law is a bricky by trade and he seems to think it...
  3. T

    Cement board installation

    Can l put cement board over normal floor boards. They are slightly uneven here and there. Adhesive and screw washer fixings? Thanks.
  4. tilernot

    Priming for cement board

    Hi Firstly a big thanks to everyone who has helped me out in the past. I'm about to overlay 6mm aquapnel onto an existing 18mm plywood floor prior to tiling. I looked at the knauf installation instructions and it says to use their "Aquapanel Board Primer" before applying tile adhesive both...
  5. R

    Durock cement backer-mesh tape with modified or unmodified thinset

    Greetings. I am putting in 2 showers with Durock brand cement board with Edgeguard. The instructions say to "fill joints with latex-modified mortar". I also have a Durock brand shower valve seal, where the instructional video says to use "unmodified thinset mortar" to attach it to the wall...
  6. R

    Tiling over tiles using cement board

    Hi All, We’re going to be re-tiling our kitchen floor, it’s a concrete slab with porcelain tiles as exising. I have some Marmox board left over from the bathroom and intend to use it on the floor as we’re having underfloor heating and the floor is currently cold under foot. What’s the best...
  7. K

    DIY Floor tiles on aquapanel - flexible cement above and below the aquapanel?

    Hi, I'm refurbishing our ensuite, having stripped off all flooring, reinforced the joists and laying 22mm MR chipboard. I plan to screw 6mm aquapanel to this. Question #1. Do I use a flexible tile cement between the chipboard and the aquapanel? Question #2. Do I use a flexible tile cement...
  8. S

    quadrant resin shower - on floor or tiles. cement or tile adhesive

    Hi guys - last minute question from a newby so hope you don't mind: my plumber/fitter is fitting a low profile resin shower base tomorrow and also tiling the whole room as part of a refurb. it's tiles and tray onto a standard green grade chipboard floor (good condition) First question: most...
  9. J

    Hair line crack on cement tile

    The attached image shows a hair line crack on some cement floor tiles about 4 ft in length that starts at the wall and runs to the middle of the room. The tiles were laid by a professional about 14 months ago in my upstair bathroom - regular 1960 's timber frame house. There was also some...
  10. K

    cement encaustic with epoxy?

    Good evening all. Have laid a cement encaustic floor onto Ditra and wet tray. All going well and just going through the process of sealing (4 at the moment) Looking into the grouting and the customer wants white and with it been a wetroom then epoxy would be the norm. Has anybody used epoxy...
  11. J

    Insulated cement boards over ply

    Hello all. I have a question....is it ok to screw insulated cement board (marmox type board) to a stud wall that is lined with 12mm ply? I've knocked down an old solid bathroom wall and replaced it with a stud wall. My building control guy has said that the new stud wall needs to be structural...
  12. Shai

    Water UFH low thermal resistance Cement board over UFH?

    Hi all, some advice would be greatly appreciated. So the builder messed up in the loft during a major renovation in our house. In short, we have UFH boards laid out throughout the loft room and the en suite. At this point, the polypipe type foam boards and attached pipes are all on the same...
  13. P

    Preparation Cement board and Ditra

    Excuse me of this has been done to death but my normal prep for chip board or floor boards (besides fixing the boards themselves) is to glue and screw 6mm cement board then over the top with Ditra mat. Is this too belt-and-braces to do in every situation or is this the norm? Cheers.
  14. Adam18Spring

    Wet room, cement on top of Anhydrite screed

    Hi guys Long time reader and lurker, got so much great advice... Quick question, i have a Anhydrite screed currently that was put down in a wet room (Wet UFH 50mm thick) it is currently 50mm lower than the finished floor height needs to be. My question is, would it be the following buildup be...
  15. P

    Black Limestone - Cement stain removal

    Hello I have laid black limestone :-( and now have quite bad cement staining. I power washed it which I think has made things worse! Images below. I have not yet done the jointing and on reading this forum know that I need to seal the flags before jointing. However, first I need to remove...
  16. Balloo

    Cement based liquid screed

    Has anyone worked with cement based liquid screed im not talking about calcium hydrate form , Ive been told they may need to be sanded ?
  17. Z

    How to safely tile wall above bath with very heavy encaustic cement tiles?

    Hopefully you experts can help me out. We have a plumber booked and our friend is a plasterer/decorator and has done a lot of tiling (he did a great job of all our other tiles but he’s never come across the giant tiles we have bought, and I want to be specific about how we fit them!) We’re...
  18. P

    cleaning tile cement of split face stone

    We have just had fitted a full wall in Nepal gold slit face stone, the tiler has got a lot of tile cement on the face of these, I don't want to clean with brick cleaner because of the gold flake on the face, I tried water and a sponge but the tiles return back to white haze. I was told it can...
  19. theandroids

    Should I leave this behind the cement board?

    Hi, removing the old plasterboard to replace with hardiebacker 12mm . I'm no pro so i'm asking is this wood meant to be behind the plaster, should I remove it before putting up the cement board and install into studs, or just install over this wood? judging by things around the house I'm not...
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