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floor tile

  1. J

    I need advice How to prepare this floor for tile ?

    I have a 23m2 kitchen floor. Most of the floor is floorboards but there’s a patch around / under the stove that had to be screeded to install the laminate flooring. This screed sits higher than the floor boards. What would be the best way to prepare this floor? Could I grind that down so it’s...
  2. N

    I'm Looking For This Tile cerdomus kitchen floor tiles

    I am looking for some floor tiles that have apparently been discontinued.The box was found in a garage and the info off it is : CERDOMUS CERAMICHE GRES PORCELLANATO PIETRA BORGOGNA SHADE I 513 (it was smudged but that's what it looks like) It is a beige looking stone type tile 15"x24" many thanks
  3. K

    Removal of Impact Adhesive from Ceramic Floor Tile Surface

    Hello, I'm looking for some advice quite urgently. To explain: I recently pulled up some faux-laminate flooring strips that had been stuck down over a lovely old ceramic tiled floor. This floor covering must have been stuck down with an industrial strength impact adhesive and, as such, has left...
  4. M

    I'm Looking For This Tile Wickes Courtyard Mews Aged Terracotta Matt Porcelain Floor Tile 410x410mm Wickes

    Hi I am desperate to find Courtyard Mews Aged Terracotta Matt Porcelain Floor Tile 410x410mm Orginally from wick in 2013/14. Anyone with any they could sell me I would be very grateful
  5. O

    I'm Looking For This Tile How to identify porch / doorstep floor tile from 1920’s house

    Hi, I’ve got a few of these outside floor tiles missing from my front porch. My google search skills have let me down and don’t know how to identify what this type of tile is called and how to find a reclaimed tile or replica. The house was built in 1925 I believe and I’m assuming they are...
  6. P

    I'm Looking For This Tile Italian Ceramic Floor Tile

    Hi I’m looking for a discontinued Italian floor tile. It’s called Fiorano emille ceramica in Rosetta Bianco. The size is 250mm x 250mm. Need enough to cover 21sqm. Anyone help please?
  7. D

    Suspended Timber Floor Tile Prep

    Hey guys, I normally post over in diynot for general DIY but wrt tiling over timber I need some specialist advice... I've recently replaced a very bouncy/squeaky subfloor constructed out of 4x2 (unknown grade) @ 16ish centers on a 2 course sleeper wall (sleeper at either end and mid span @...
  8. P

    Water UFH how much space between floor tile and wall for expansion?

    How much space should you leave between floor tiles and the wall when tiling over 60mm screed over wet UFH? Is 5mm enough?
  9. O

    South East Didcot, Marley plastic floor tile replacement

    I have a flat currently with B&Q plastic tiles that have been in for 14 years and have lasted fine. Substrate is concreate block and beam, would like replacing with similar.
  10. E

    I'm Looking For This Tile Inalco P8130 Light Grey Stoneware Floor Tile

    Trying to find around 12 Inalco floor tiles P8130. Tiles are 33 x 33cm light grey stoneware with a tumbled(?) edge as photos. Tiles delisted and date from 1995. Would prefer new but good condition used would get me out of a fix!
  11. D

    Joint size for 75x75 floor tile

    Very big tiles, was thinking 5mm joint, but it actually looks huge. The tiles don't seem to be very square so I'm not sure 3mm would be enough. Any tips for slightly out of square large tiles? Also, thinking 10mm towel with 6mm back butter
  12. D

    I'm Looking For This Tile Imola Ceramica floor tile. 'africa' slate grey colour.

    Hi looking to source a number of these Imola floor tiles which are discontinued. Preferably without having to search in Italy. Any help would be appreciated. We have just 3 left helpfully in the original box.
  13. J

    Previous vinyl floor tile job help

    I have a lead on my builder that states the following : I'm looking for a floor tiler to lay tiles in my hallway the only problem is the sub concrete floor isn't porous to adhesives because of previous vinyl floor tile adhesive.so I guess take the top layer of concrete off and screed or...
  14. D

    I'm Looking For This Tile Palio Bianco floor tiles required

    I’m looking for some ceramic floor tiles that I’m told have been discontinued. They are “Palio Bianco”, made in Italy, 330 x 330 mm, bought in UK in 2001. I need about 10 to 15 of them. Can you find them and supply for me? Thanks David Churchill
  15. C

    Unmodified floor tile adhesive for putting 600x300 tiles on Sculter Ditra

    Hello, I am still deciding the best option for laying 300x600 porcelain floor tiles on. I am considering laying 12mm ply on top of existing 18mm floor and using Schuter Ditra. I understand that I need a unmodified adhesive to put the tiles on top of the Ditra. Can anyone give me the name of...
  16. J

    Floor tile lippage limits?

    I posted yesterday about the poor job that has been made of our shower wall tiles. Since then I’ve become something of an expert on tiling (haha) and have another query regarding our floor tiles. The lippage seems excessive in areas. Photos of the worst area below. Is that acceptable? Further...
  17. M

    Porcelain Floor Tile Adhesive Alternatives

    Can anbody advise if they have used the Instalay product from Instafloor which is a self-adhesive underlay that can also act as a uncoupling membrane and they say removes the need for wet adhesives. It's 2.5mm thick, thermal conductivity 0.043 m2K/W, so just under half a tog and compresses by...
  18. D

    I'm Looking For This Tile Lea Ceramiche Stonehenge Cardosa - 45cm * 45cm

    Hi - I need 10m2 of this tile discontinued 1-2 years ago.
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