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cement board

  1. 1

    DIY Cement Board Jointing and Tanking ?

    Please help. I’m about to tile a small two-sided shower area, 2.5m high and width 1.2m one way and 2m the other. Tiles are conventional ceramic Substrate is 6mm Hardie Board glued and screwed onto original plywood to one side and plasterboard to the other. Hardie recommend using their fibatape...
  2. M

    Preparation Foam boad vs cement board

    What do you pros on here use most then? Ragrdless of customers budget and you choose msterials Xps foam.boards like jackoboard,marmox weidi etc Or Cement boards lile hardie, no.more ply etc with tanking where applicable Or Plasterboard just to throw it in there.tanking where needs be. Dont...
  3. M

    Solution to a problem..

    Hi all, Laying UFH and porcelain tiles in a suspended first floor bathroom, original plan was to replace old floorboards with 18mm ply then 10mm insulation board before UFH and tiling. Issue is there's going to be up to a 20mm step into the bathroom, is there a way to reduce this considerably...
  4. T

    Cement board installation

    Can l put cement board over normal floor boards. They are slightly uneven here and there. Adhesive and screw washer fixings? Thanks.
  5. tilernot

    Priming for cement board

    Hi Firstly a big thanks to everyone who has helped me out in the past. I'm about to overlay 6mm aquapnel onto an existing 18mm plywood floor prior to tiling. I looked at the knauf installation instructions and it says to use their "Aquapanel Board Primer" before applying tile adhesive both...
  6. R

    Tiling over tiles using cement board

    Hi All, We’re going to be re-tiling our kitchen floor, it’s a concrete slab with porcelain tiles as exising. I have some Marmox board left over from the bathroom and intend to use it on the floor as we’re having underfloor heating and the floor is currently cold under foot. What’s the best...
  7. Shai

    Water UFH low thermal resistance Cement board over UFH?

    Hi all, some advice would be greatly appreciated. So the builder messed up in the loft during a major renovation in our house. In short, we have UFH boards laid out throughout the loft room and the en suite. At this point, the polypipe type foam boards and attached pipes are all on the same...
  8. P

    Preparation Cement board and Ditra

    Excuse me of this has been done to death but my normal prep for chip board or floor boards (besides fixing the boards themselves) is to glue and screw 6mm cement board then over the top with Ditra mat. Is this too belt-and-braces to do in every situation or is this the norm? Cheers.
  9. theandroids

    Should I leave this behind the cement board?

    Hi, removing the old plasterboard to replace with hardiebacker 12mm . I'm no pro so i'm asking is this wood meant to be behind the plaster, should I remove it before putting up the cement board and install into studs, or just install over this wood? judging by things around the house I'm not...
  10. theandroids

    Cement board screws?

    Hi, just a quick question. What screws should I use/you use on new cement boards in the bathroom before tiling? The Hardie screws are not that great I'm told, do you have any links to screws good for mounting the panels to the wall.
  11. S

    18mm cement board UHF

    Hi everyone. Id need advice asap.;) They called me to do a travertine floor. They put 18mm cement board uhf onto a primed concrete floor with flexi adh. Some of these boards were still moving (I think not enough adhesive under), so the next day they drilled and screwed them to the concrete. We...
  12. A

    Leveling floor with cement board

    Ive to tile 2 floors that are in 1 room with a dividing wall half way across the middle however im in a tricky spot and with floor levels. Its an old house and floors where in a bad way. In one room ive grinded it down all flat and near level as i can get it. Theres also an inch step into the...
  13. M

    12mm Ply + Cement board + Tiles on stud wall

    Do you think, from floor to ceiling, 12mm thick plywood plus 12mm thick cement board (e.g. Hardiebacker type board or similar) plus metro tiles is a tolerable weight to be attached to timber stud? Wall would be 1 metre wide by 2.3 metre high
  14. D

    Cement board or de-coupling or both

    The question is in the title really Do you guys tend to use one or the other or both I know the jobs vary but just as a general rule? Cheers Duncan Sorry if it's been asked before. I did search
  15. O

    Once and for all (hopefully!) CEMENT Boards Explained

    It feels like there is a constant asking about the suitability of cement board in wet areas. "Will they be ok in my wet room?" "Should I tank them?" etc etc etc Can I attempt to clear up the confusion - much of which comes from the manufacturers and the builder's merchants who sell the stuff...
  16. McLovin

    Preparation Anyone use ProWarm BACKER-PRO Tile Backer Board

    Hi All For my own sanity need to clarify that ProWarm BACKER-PRO Tile Backer Board 10mm is as suitable as hardibacker board. After using hardie over wooden floors for the last few years I have run out of patience for it now. Its a great product but I find it messy, costly and time consuming...
  17. M

    Tiling Dipped Wooden Suspended Floor

    Hi, I am looking to tile my fathers new kitchen. The kitchen is situated on the first floor of a detached 1900's property (split into 2 flats), with a suspended, original timber boarded floor (which we have screwed down). The area is approxrimately 4m x 2m. I am hoping to lay 330 x 330 mm x...
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