PLY is a computer file format known as the Polygon File Format or the Stanford Triangle Format. It was principally designed to store three-dimensional data from 3D scanners. The data storage format supports a relatively simple description of a single object as a list of nominally flat polygons. A variety of properties can be stored, including color and transparency, surface normals, texture coordinates and data confidence values. The format permits one to have different properties for the front and back of a polygon.
There are two versions of the file format, one in ASCII, the other in binary.

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  1. T

    Replacing tiles currently laid on ply wood

    Waterproofing a small shower room in a loft conversion. Original tiles laid on ply wood. Solutions offered are: lay ditromat (but there is not much space under existing tiles and may raise the floor too much in relation to shower tray. Or replace ply wood with hardi board. Any views?
  2. D

    Tiling I a ply floor with ufh

    Tiling an18 mm ply floor with wet ufh under ply any recommendations thx
  3. humourme2

    Ditra on ply with AF200

    Hi, a long time since I have been here but back for some advice/reassurance ! About to tile my kitchen floor (its a very long running project!). The space was a double garage so has a concrete floor on top of which sits joists. Joists are at 400 centres and sit about 60mm above the concrete and...
  4. Ajwilliams

    Just installed no more ply.

    Hi I’m a total beginner. I had a builder fit some laminate in dining room and while he did that he noticed we had the tiles for the hallway. Long story short he did the tiling but after few months we had grout coming up and tiles coming loose. Then discovered he hadn’t put anything over the top...
  5. A

    Previous owners tiles onto ply

    The previous owners had a bathroom boxin tiled onto ply. On day 1 of moving in I had them off as they were hanging on by the grout so unsafe. I'm indifferent toward the tiles but is there any way to fix new tile without going over with a tile backer board? As the tiles are all cut to see I...
  6. N

    SBR latex based primer for no more ply

    need some advice, did not read instructions properly, and put undiluted SBR tilers primer onto backer boards , the boards have a shiny finish to them now -- will this be an issue when tiling ?
  7. S

    Tile directly on 6mm ply?

    Hi, Advise needed please... We are renovating our house and the builders have secured our floor boards and then glued and screwed 6mm ply board on top. Can we use flexible adhesive directly on that or would we need to add another layer first? Many thanks, Matt
  8. E

    Preparation for uneven walls and ply floor.

    Hello. I have a couple of questions, recently I went back to tiling x has been a lot of years, trying to do the right thing with the new ways . I have to tile a wall, tiles 600 by 300 rectified porcelain brick patern , 10mm , the walls are not flat neither plumb , and on the window they want...
  9. G

    22mm No More Ply or ply and cement board

    Hi All, I’ve searched endlessly for an answer to this and can’t seem to find an answer, so I thought I’d bite the bullet and ask. We’re redoing our en-suite and have found that the existing flooring has completely disintegrated, so it’s gotta go. We’ve got two options: 22mm No More Ply...
  10. I

    Aquapanel, elements board and ply which to choose?

    Hello all. I'm doing a total refit of my bathroom, including the floor which is water damaged, and I'm at a loss as to what best to do for the various parts of the substructure. The house is a 1980's council house, the floor and ceiling joist are set to 600mm centers. Some of the walls are...
  11. L

    Tiling on Ply Floor

    Hello I'm a DIYer so apologies if I get the terminology wrong etc I've started work remodeling my small upstairs bathroom and I am planning to lay down tiles in the main bathroom floor area. The existing floor is 22mm Plywood and seems to be in good condition. My plan was / is to prep the...
  12. D

    Thinnest backer board? 3mm ply?

    Hi, I'm looking for a super-thin backer board, in order to tile a stud wall on both sides and have one tile (60mm wide) on each end. Haven't found anything less than 6mm, so I'm wondering whether I have to go with 3mm ply (not a recommended substrate I know) The stud wall is only 600mm long...
  13. M

    Preference for screws to fix 9mm ply to 22mm chipboard?

    My Omnie TorFloor UFH is now in place and has been filled with water at mains pressure with no leaks, so after the pressure test tomorrow I'm ready to overlay the 22mm chipboard with 9mm ply, which will be glued and screwed. I know fixing plyboard over UFH isn't a great idea but it is required...
  14. B

    Big bit of ply, or cut into smaller bits?

    Hi I am redoing our bathroom. I'm going to be laying 18mm plywood on the joists (16in centres, with noggins) and tiling on that using a decoupling membrane (Ditra 25). My plywood is 2440x 1220mm. Is it better to lay the plywood in one big sheet or cut it into smaller sheets with 3mm gap...
  15. R

    'No More Ply' on old floorboards...

    Hi, I bought 6mm No More Ply for my bathroom floor before I tile. As you can see the floorboards are not perfect, and there is a piece of ply patching in one section. It all feels quite solid to me, but not perfectly flat everywhere as the boards are old. My worry is that when I put down the...
  16. T

    Tile Trim Tiling the side of bath

    I’m tiling around a bath. The backing board is ply and is slightly wobbly. Should I secure it before I start tiling? The trouble is if I secure it then it’s not level as the bottom of the backing board sticks out slightly. If I leave it slightly wobbly then I will get a straighter...
  17. A

    Tiling on marine ply?

    Hi guys. Was just seeking some advice from the pros on a question I know has been asked many times. I have a kitchen around 20sqm, i have just reinforced all my joists and there is now no movement in them. Would it be okay for me to lay down 18mm marine ply down, and use ditra matt (or...
  18. Sean Kelly

    Wet UFH in screed, between joists covered with ply.

    Wet UFH in screed, between joists covered with ply. Is this a thing? I got a call the other day from a builder describing the above. He wants it tiled asap. I wont go and see it until the ply is down plus its a 40 mile round trip to the house. English is not his first language and it was...
  19. B

    Priming and laying No more ply

    Of the new NMP boards, which side comes already primed? The smooth side or the rougher side? Is it necessary to prime the side facing down before using the mega strength adhesive? I expect the megastrength would bond better to a porous surface so I think better to fit the non primed surface...
  20. R

    Preparation Hi, i want to know if it is necessary to use a product like no more ply when tiling a first floor bathroom in a new (2018) build house?

    My house was built in 2018, the floor is sheet boarded which I believe to be green chipboard. I am told these are bonded together as well as to the I joists. There is not a lot of movement but I am no expert. So I ask "is it necessary to use a product like no more ply when tiling a first floor...
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