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bathroom tiling

  1. A

    Bathroom tiling

    Hi, we have been doing up our house but had a bathroom fitter in for that room. Some of the white tiles have discoloured- see photos of before (all same shade, same batch numbers etc), and see after with ‘darker’ white tiles behind shower fittings and lower down near tray. Is this a leak? If so...
  2. M83T

    Bathroom tiling adhesive and clips advice. advice and

    I have been asked to tile my cousins bathroom and it will be my first time using 300x 600 ceramic for the wall. The tiles are going on a skimmed wall which is in good nick, can anybody reccomend a decent slow setting adhesive to use for this please. And also is it worth using clips to get them...
  3. Mark parry

    Bathroom tiling dot and dab

    Hi I need some help I am having my bathroom tiled onto plaster board my tiler has put them on with dot and dab 45x90 tiles is this ok and also puting underfloor heating mat down with 45x90 tiles dot and dab my understanding it should be total coverage on floor tiles. The pic is one of the tiles...
  4. S

    Hello from a new member in Lancashire

    Hello to all members of this great forum, I am a keen DIY enthusiast who has just completed two Level 2 college qualifications in Plumbing and Tiling. I would now like to specialise in bathroom fitting and domestic tiling. I know i will need all the help i can get to get started and become...
  5. D

    East Midlands Bathroom tiling job Derby- before christmas

    Work needed ASAP. Existing tiler never turned up for the job after bathroom removal. 2 year old and 7 month pregnant wife in house, stress! floor - insulation board and durabase matting to be installed before tiling. Insulation board can be installed with tile adhesive alone, according to...
  6. R

    Hey! So Bathroom tiling...

    Hey All, Would describe myself as a keen armature that's learning all the time! But very happy with the tiling work I've done - Just feel I've made a massive mistake... Installed new shower (Where there didn't used to be one) and tiled the area, Tiled straight onto the where the old tiles...
  7. D

    I'm Looking For This Tile Porcelanosa Glass Acido PV 31.6 x 90

    Workman chipped one of the tiles on our bath panel. As product now discontinued, I am searching for a replacement.
  8. Chris Hall

    Bathroom Tiling - Advice/Insight Required

    Hi Folks, Hoping someone might be able to give me a few pointers/advice. We have a guy coming round to laminate our bathroom floor on Thursday. I've spent all day yesterday removing our old Ceramic Tiles and adhesive (it's a small bathroom but my god it took a lot of time and pain!) I'm...
  9. S

    Yorkshire and Humber Bathroom Tiling Job in next 3 weeks - Can you get me out of the dog house?!

    Hi, I need a bathroom tiling in the next 3 weeks. Its in Monk Fryston which is near Leeds / York / Tadcaster / Selby / Goole etc I did the en suite and my wife isn't happy with the finish (admittingly its not good - so i am in the dog house!) and the house is going to be carpeted in 4 weeks...
  10. Adey1980

    Wedi board

    Hi all, Just curious to know what people think about using wedi board on floor boards/bathroom floors. I currently use no more ply 6mm glued and screwed. My local supplier does not stock no more ply but has got wedi board 6mm/12mm. Would the wedi board do a good job as no more ply or is there...
  11. C

    Tiling around a slightly un level bath

    Hi, i am looking to tile around a shower over a bath. Walls are tanked and ready but i didnt consider the level of the bath. Using a spirit level the bath is slightly uneven or maybe the floor has dropped a little, the bubble is within the lines but more to one side. Measuring from bath to...
  12. A

    Split Face Tiles

    Hi, I have to lay some split face interlocking tiles in a bathroom. They are supposed to be laid without spacers tight to each other so there will be no grouting. However there bound to be still some small gaps between tiles - how can I make it waterproof? Also, with the split face tiles...
  13. R

    Bathroom Is Sound

    have a look at this bathroom, iv never seen sillicone like it, was told dont rip this one out its been redone it just needs sillicone redoing, its sound
  14. Kevin Hackworth

    Tiling Around Odd-sized Tub Space With Ledge

    I'm looking for ideas on what to do with this ledge I need to tile. The space is too long for any tub size I can order so I had to put a small ledge in to make up the difference. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!
  15. dynamictiling

    JOTM 2016 Whens Jotm Back?

    as title states. Hopefully going to knock it out the park with this one :) heres a few photos to keep yous entertained! same as last time. Porcelanosa tiles and sanitary ware.
  16. L

    Out Of Interest On Some Background Prep

    People have so many different ways of doing things now, it becomes very confusing on what is actually the best way!!. So i thought id see what different ways you would all deal with the following situation. So . . . . you rip out all the tiles in a customers bathroom, the existing...
  17. David Rowell

    Tile On Or Around Bath

    So Iwas just wondering as ive seen it and done it both ways, but Is it best to fully tile the walls where the bath will be fitted? Or fit the bath onto fully tiled walls? what is the best practice? What would be your opinion if you were the customer? Just out of curiousty
  18. Porcelanosa High end bathroom Renewal

    Porcelanosa High end bathroom Renewal

    Porcelanosa Dynamic Tiling LTD Glasgow
  19. ANDY F

    Cutting Cutting On The Curve

    Hello oh knowledgeable ones. The handful of bathroom floors I've done previously have been new installs, bogs been easy to lift to tile under or plumbers been there to remove it for me. Job in the new year is round the existing suite which looking at the state of the screws holding the pan...
  20. B

    Tiling Timber Floors - Preferred Method?

    Hi all, I do a lot of my work for a bathroom fitting company and the fitters constantly discuss the best method for dealing with wooden floors. I was brought up on 9mm WBP screwed every 100mm and primed, but I am now leaning towards anti crack matting. Others use Kudos Aqua4ma or Hardibacker...
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