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Bathroom project - Work in progress

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Bathfix Bob

I wish I got to fit stuff like that, even the well off people round here would't splash out on the expensive stuff in your bathroom Dave. :incazzato:

If I won the lottery though (not that I even do it!) I'd buy a half dencent house and have a huge bathroom extension with every gadget and gizmo going. I'd have waterfalls, home cinema, huge tiled spar bath, digital shower and one of those weird toilet guys to hand me toilet paper or whatever they do.


I'm with Geoff... as long as the missus doesnt mind!

anyone need some jasmine kerapoxy 2kg? looks like i'll have a spare tub!





some mosaics up and sink taps in!

Basins in bathrooms Dave, not sinks (unless you plan on doing some washing up in there) :incazzato: :lol:

I have noticed recently that when clients refer to the basin as a sink, I have a nervous tick whereby I scratch my forehead quite aggressively (so I dont blare out "BASIN!!!!") :2:

Looking very nice still mate. What is left to do now then?
Hi Dave

Great thread
ive just tiled a wet room with the same toilet flusher with light. I had to take a video to show the wife.
I noticed in your photos the light is always blue,do you know there is a button on the back to change the colour or to have it continually changing colour? nice gadget and my plumber told me how much they cost,my wife would take my nuts for spending that on a toilet flush button lol
great job though


Brilliant Dave but where's the final pics?

Definately inspired me anyway and the majority of the works much higher standard than a lot of plumbers and tilers I've worked with.

Just a quick note though you're not allowed to carry out electrical work in a bathroom kitchen or outside unless you are a part P approved spark unless you get building control to visit before and after installation which is also chargeable by the way. In saying that though pal I think the majority still just do it illegally so to speak.

Anyway loved the job but can we have final pics pls.

Cheers, Keith


Yh come on Dave, get out the bath and post the finished pics lolbathroom looks amazing, not the largest of rooms but youve certainly planned it well with some amazing kit.think i read you were also doing your kitchen, another thread??? go on...............being new to this site i too like to see pictures as makes understanding some terms etc much easier, im about to start my full bathroom project next week, so will hopefully do a mini blog as well.


Hi guys! Just popping my nose in! I hope everyone is well.

The work never stops.. a leaking coil in the hot water cylinder is getting my attention this Friday so i'll grab a few final pics of the bathroom then.

All is still good. Only niggle is the shower pump sometimes doesnt switch off after a shower. Rectified by turning off and on again though

Oh and the TV's speakers are rubbish! I wish I had wired them to the ceiling ones!



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