Tanking systems for wetrooms and bathrooms.
  1. M

    Preparation Foam boad vs cement board

    What do you pros on here use most then? Ragrdless of customers budget and you choose msterials Xps foam.boards like jackoboard,marmox weidi etc Or Cement boards lile hardie, no.more ply etc with tanking where applicable Or Plasterboard just to throw it in there.tanking where needs be. Dont...
  2. R

    Nomoreply primer when tanking

    Hi there, I’ve seen the thread about backer boards water proof vs water resistant etc. We were going to use aquapanel and tank with ever build aqua seal tanking kit which comes with primer etc. However, the merchant had nomoreply instead. I’ve checked this and they seem to require us to prime...
  3. D

    tanking hardibacker joints in shower area

    Hi all, Just seeking advice on wet area joints in hardibacker. In a "dry" area I would normally fibatape then skim with addy. Should i still do this and then tanking tape and then tank membrane over all? Will this be a bit thick at the joints? Or is it OK to just use tanking tape over joints in...
  4. J

    Mapecoat I24 - Tanking to shower walls

    I'm thinking of using this to tank walls prior to tiling for a shower (tray going below). Walls have been bonded level and skimmed with multi. MAPECOAT I 24 - https://www.mapei.com/za/en/products-and-solutions/lines/products/detail/mapecoat-i-24 Has anyone used this and can confirm it can be...
  5. Nicobond

    Wet Room Collection 2019-04-02

    A comprehensive range of wet room products
  6. wrighty

    Ardex WPC tanking kit

    Has anyone tried the white version of the Ardex WPC tanking kit ,that was brought out last year? kithttps://ardex.co.uk/product/ardex-wpc/
  7. Lakey

    Help I can't decide!!!!

    Guys Have a wet room coming up which I have been given complete control of so can choose all products. It's a 1st floor wet room and I really can't decide which system to use. I haven't had much experience outside of Impey/Waterguard but am wiling to try different products. Cost is potentially...
  8. Tile Fix Direct Marketing

    Orbry Wet Room Installation Guide 2019-01-23

    Complete guide to installing an Orbry Wet Room including waterproofing and level access shower trays.
  9. W

    Sticking Pvc to tanking

    Hi I have tanked my shower with mapei waterproofing,now I need to stick pvc panels to the ceiling.can anyone recommend something I can use please.
  10. S

    Advice needed on tanking wall-to-ceiling and wall-to-shower tray joints

    Planning to tank my en-suite tomorrow, using the BAL WP1 waterproofing kit. The ceiling is existing painted plasterboard. Do I need to tape and treat the joints between wall and ceiling like I do for the corners? My gut says no, as the WP1 can't be painted on etc after. Presumably if I don't...
  11. Plan Tec Tiling

    Impey Waterguard test

    Ok, so in this thread a concern was raised that the @Impey Showers tanking membrane was affected by silicone so I decided to do a little test. An offcut of Impey Waterguard was used and laid on the bed of my Dewalt tile saw. Areas were marked out on the membrane where the following were...
  12. W

    Do you put tanking kit straight onto Aquapanel?

    Read in some other forum that some people skim the Aquapanel with tile adhesive then paint the tanking paste on. I've ot one of the Mapei tanking kits to tank a shower area. Thought you could just paint it onto the Aquapanel initially.
  13. 3_fall

    C’mon then, show us your tanking.

    What’s your preference, how did you tank your last wet area? Wedi board with Butyl tape applied.
  14. J

    Neutral cure silicone & Mapei tanking

    I'm installing some acrylic shower panels onto Aquapanel. Ideally I'd like to seal the shower tray to the wall with Classi seal or similar then tank over before installing panels, for the best possible seal. The glossy acrylic panels I'm putting in (lustrolite) need a neutral cure silicone...
  15. S

    New member hi- from a bespoke wetroom fabricator and fitter

    Hi All Just a quick hello and introduction. I have an approach to wetroom floors and walls that doesn’t require tanking or tiling. We make floors and shower trays in sections that can be joined seamlessly on site, to appear as 1 piece, and can be installed on plywood or concrete bases. The...
  16. M

    Exterior wall tanking question...

    First time post to ask all you experts on here-thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide. I have built a pizza oven (imagine an igloo shape) which I intend to tile with a glass mosaic type of tile which will need to be frost proof but not heat proof as I have loads of insulation in...
  17. W

    Tilemaster Tanking Kit- Review

    Excellent Tanking Product! The kit comprises of :- - Gloves - Tanking coating (2.5kg) - 10M of tape - 2 x Internal corner pieces. The system works really well and IMHO one of the best paint on membranes on the market. Arguably the best I have used. No primer is required, you simply paint on...
  18. P

    For Sale Tanking kits for Sale

    £400 (half price) Price is for both kits. (Mirfield, West Yorkshire) Shower trays, Waterproofing kits, wetroom boards, fixing washers X 20 and wetroom drains. - WATERPROOF THERMAL WETROOM BOARDS (1200MM X 600MM X 20MM) - WETROOM DRAINS (HORIZONTAL OUTLET) - WATERPROOF THERMAL WETROOM...
  19. K

    Bathstore Tanking kit for wetrooms

    I've just bought a wet room tanking system from Bathstore. Has anyone had any experience with these? Is there one that someone could recommend?
  20. Julian 'Farmer' Bonsall

    MR board shower tanking

    Just to split out from the thread origin. Using 12.5mm MR board in a shower with a liquid tanking membrane. Or use a cement board such as Hardi and tank? Thoughts ? What are the differences between a cement board from hardibacker and say aqua panel ? Between the cement board and a shower tray...
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