A tank or meat shield is a character class commonly seen in co-op video games such as real-time strategy games, role-playing games, fighting games, multiplayer online battle arenas and MUDs.
Tank characters deliberately attract enemy attention and attacks (potentially by using game mechanic that force them to be targeted) to act as a decoy for teammates. Since this requires them to endure concentrated enemy attacks, they typically rely on a high health pool or support by friendly healers to survive while sacrificing their own damage output.
Since they keep other members of a team alive, tanks often take on an unofficial leadership role:The tank acts as the de facto leader of the group by pulling and holding monsters' attention. It's up to me to set the pace as we clear the dungeon. But more than knowing how much the party can handle at once, I need to know where those monsters need to be positioned, what direction they should face, and what abilities they can use that might threaten the group. I'm also expected to stay on top of all the current meta strategies for beating a dungeon. When shortcuts are found that let players skip monsters, I need to know them.The term was used as early as 1992 on Usenet to describe the warrior class on BatMUD.

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  1. K

    Tanking systems for skimmed plasterboard

    Hi guys. New to the forum here. So basically I have just had my bathroom plasterboarded using dot and dab method and it's now been skimmed. I will be getting a shower enclosure being installed so It needs to be tanked. I have just realised I could have used a hardie backer board. My questions...
  2. S

    'retro-tanking' shower?

    I've a shower to repair where on one wall the lower half of the existing tiles are loose and the plasterboard behind deteriorated. When I remove the tiles and damaged board, what is the best approach? Cement backer board I guess, but how to waterproof effectively where 2 sides of the existing...
  3. N

    Which tile backing board, tanking and adhesive for large format tile

    Hi Peeps, about to rip out my bath and put a new one in with a shower. I've done a few bathrooms already but because I'm using 60x60 tiles (28.5kg per m2 Polished ) I just need some advice on what board and adhesive I can use. The tap wall is stud and the side is block. The block is currently...
  4. R

    Tiling on top of shower tray with tanking

    I’ve tanked a the bathroom walls with Mapei showerproofing kit and I’ve installed a shower tray. The walls are all tiled now and I am going to do the last row in on top of the shower tray. My question is because Mapei recommend putting the tape along the shower tray and wall and tanking over...
  5. D

    I forgot to use primer before tanking

    Hi. I have a new build house which i am fitting out 2 shower areas. I started putting on the tanking kit and membrane but i forgot to prime the walls first. Is this a problem? One shower area is a hard coat of plaster on concrete block and the other area is plaster and cement board. Am I OK...
  6. S

    Tanking shower walls and sealing around the existing shower tray

    I have just joined the forum and I'm hoping for some advice. I had a leak in my shower which now needs retiling. I have replaced the area of water damaged plasterboard with a sheet of aquapanel. The shower tray is remaining in place and I am now planning to tank/waterproof the three walls that...
  7. C

    Tanking shower area on new plasterboard and skim

    Hi, trying to find my way around this question. We had a new bathroom built, it was plasterboarded and skimmed in September. We're now ready to install the bathroom suite and tile. I understand that I should drank the area around the shower/bath before tiling. Can I apply the liquid waterproof...
  8. M

    Should I tank this area in my wetroom?

    Hi, all I have just finished my wetroom and tanked all areas, to my understanding because this is a wetroom, therefore, all areas should be tanked. However, I have created a large concrete step that is spirit levelled and my worry is if I tank this area then should any water ingress via...
  9. M

    Do i tank this area of my wetroom?

    Hi, all I have just finished my wetroom and tanked all areas, to my understanding because this is a wetroom, therefore, all areas should be tanked. However, I have created a large concrete step that is spirit levelled and my worry is if I tank this area then should any water ingress via...
  10. A

    Actual regulations on tanking walk-in shower?

    Hi, So I've looked about and read a few things regarding the building regs (BS 5385-1:2018 clause I'm just a bit unsure as to how high the tanking has to be up the walls for it to be legit? I'm looking at getting an Impey Linear 4 shower tray and I know they have their own Waterguard...
  11. B

    Tanking past tiles and shower tray

    Hi, I’m tiling wall first then fitting enclosure but tanking before the tiling. My question is if I’m tiling behind the frame but only the width of the frame What will stop the water if it gets behind the tiles, running down the wall to the outside of the shower tray? Hope you can help Ben
  12. nick9one1

    tanking a shower/bath, which way round?

    I'm about to start retiling my bathroom and have bought a Mapei tanking kit from screwfix. The bath is decent quality Ideal Standard IFP+. Its has wall mounts for the corner and sides + legs and supports. Is this the correct order.. 1. tank the walls to below the level of the bath 2. fit the...
  13. Winkers


    I am tiling a shower enclosure. Having read advice about tanking the walls before tiling I just don't understand the logic. The tanking is presumably to prevent water getting through the grouting and the adhesive and into the wall. Having tanked the wall and water has penetrated through the...
  14. A

    How to use a trowel on top of a tanking membrane

    Hi everyone, I'm a DIYer with a week's training how to tile. I am about to tile my shower. I plan to use a tanking kit first such as the MAPEI one. My question however is, would the trowel scratch the surface of the cured membrane, causing a breach and negating any waterproofing done?
  15. L

    Tiling onto plaster for shower/bath

    Hello, I’m doing a DIY bathroom job and would be very grateful for some advice. The bathroom is in a 2nd floor flat in a converted Victorian house. The bathroom walls for the corner into which the bathtub and shower will sit appear to be dry walls with wool insulation, foil backed...
  16. Kilo

    Question about tanking

    Sorry if this has been asked before. I am trying to find out if my bathroom was tanked properly. Having taken down the tiles and drywall back to the stud, should I have seen evidence that it had been applied? + I didn't rip up any tape from the shower pan plasterboard that was put up. So I am...
  17. S

    Is it OK to tank over rapid setting render shortly after it sets?

    The rationale behind the rapid setting mortar is to speed up the work. At the same time, a tanking system essentially traps any moisture inside. It seems to me that tanking shortly after the mortar sets (in, say, one or two hours) is a leap of faith. What do you think?
  18. M

    DIY Filler/adhesive for plasterboard holes and when to tank

    I have some damaged plasterboard in a bathroom that needs repairing prior to being tiled. I have decided not to replace the plasterboard (due to the wall being Paramount partition board) and I don't plan to overboard it either (due to the bathroom being very tight on space). Photos are attached...
  19. M

    Tanking over Wedi board

    Good evening, I’m hoping someone can assist with a question I have regarding tanking over Wedi board. I’m currently renovating my bathroom and turning it into a wet room. I’ve laid an Impey Aqua Dec-4 former and for the immediate shower area walls I’ve removed the old plasterboard and replaced...
  20. S

    Tanking with warmup dcm pro

    What's your tiling question? Pictures can be Hi I'm about to start a wetroom next week. I'll be using warmup dcm pro for the first time and I'm a little confused how I go about tanking it around the tray. I know there is a self adhesive waterproof tape available for it but I can't get my...
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