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Tanking systems for wetrooms and bathrooms.
  1. C

    Is it worth applying a liquid dpm or tanking bathroom floor before tiling?

    I have a ground floor bathroom with a concrete floor with no DPM sheet (was an old coal outhouse that's been bolted onto the Victorian house via a short walkway). Two external walls approximately 3m x 1.2m I've dug the outside ground level deeper than the inside level, sorted new guttering and...
  2. 1

    DIY Cement Board Jointing and Tanking ?

    Please help. I’m about to tile a small two-sided shower area, 2.5m high and width 1.2m one way and 2m the other. Tiles are conventional ceramic Substrate is 6mm Hardie Board glued and screwed onto original plywood to one side and plasterboard to the other. Hardie recommend using their fibatape...
  3. T

    Preparation Tanked plywood and need to Marmox

    Please help - I put down plywood and tanked it with a Mapi tanking kit, I painted the liquid all over the floor. We then decided we'd put down a heat mat so we need to put down Marmox insulation tiles. I have the insulation all cut out and have started to screw it down - the screws (with large...
  4. jcrtiling

    Polythene tanking membrane .

    I'm thinking about this more and more lately, I can get codex hydrostop at a stupid price ( which is like ditra Kerdi membrane ) now when tanking a shower area rather than messing about with liquids why not just put this sheet up . Even if you use Jackoboard rather than mess about with sealing...
  5. A

    Setting Out Wetroom tray setting out

    Hello people. Been up to the eyes with life, but finally managed to progress my (now 6m long!) wetroom project. All tanked ready to go, but wondering which way you pro’s would set out this tray. 315 square tiles, and with one sitting dead centre on the tray, hard against the front edge of the...
  6. T

    Subfloor in wetroom

    HI There, im about to layout Jackoboard panels and wetroom shower tray on my bathroom floor, whilst the floor is up im going to take up the uneven and gappy 100yr old floor boards and lay a new subfloor new. Question is, should i use standard flooring chip board, standard 18mm Ply or 18mm...
  7. D

    How much to do this job, all wetroom done with classi fleece

    How much to do this Tiling job, the wetroom is done with classi fleece
  8. B

    Im ripping up a wetroom floor which is sheet vinyl

    Im wondering if you can tile onto existing shower tray once vinyl has been lifted, has any body ever done that? will the drainage top lid fit back on ? thanks Pete
  9. TheMixMonkey

    DIY virgin seeks advice fitting new shower/tiles

    Hey all, first post, first time tiler... Throwing myself into the deep end, I'm about to rip out my old bath and replace it with a shower to fit the alcove (1800x800) I've currently got horrible white contractor's tiles from the ceiling to the bath edge, so first question: Do i tile or go...
  10. M

    Preparation Foam boad vs cement board

    What do you pros on here use most then? Ragrdless of customers budget and you choose msterials Xps foam.boards like jackoboard,marmox weidi etc Or Cement boards lile hardie, no.more ply etc with tanking where applicable Or Plasterboard just to throw it in there.tanking where needs be. Dont...
  11. G

    Confusion of which tanking product to use!

    I'm a DIY'er refitting a bathroom and en-suite and with 2 showers to tank/waterproof. One I plan to line with 12mm hardiebacker, and it also includes a preformed Schluter niche. The second will be lined with MR plasterboard dot and dabbed to brick walls, so I don't believe concrete board is an...
  12. R

    Nomoreply primer when tanking

    Hi there, I’ve seen the thread about backer boards water proof vs water resistant etc. We were going to use aquapanel and tank with ever build aqua seal tanking kit which comes with primer etc. However, the merchant had nomoreply instead. I’ve checked this and they seem to require us to prime...
  13. Wayne Brown

    Wetroom Vinyl floor replacement

    Guy on the plumbing forum needs a wetroom floor sorting out a new drain, making good, SLC and tiling any tilers in the Swansea area ? Please pm me i will pass on their details to you . Regards kop
  14. B

    Schluter Wetroom Choices

    Hi folks. DIY job here. Trying to decide on the makeup of materials for my wetroom before buying any stuff. Tiles are bought but nothing else. Would appreciate any comments on my choices below particularly in relation to waterproofing. I started out looking at the Schluter linear drains which...
  15. Y

    AKW Wetroom disaster

    We had our bathroom completely re-done last November. We hadn’t even started to use the shower before the grout (Mapei) had started to crack in the shower area. The tiles in the dry area have also cracked and move now. This is an AKW tough form (fitted straight into the joists with extra...
  16. D

    tanking hardibacker joints in shower area

    Hi all, Just seeking advice on wet area joints in hardibacker. In a "dry" area I would normally fibatape then skim with addy. Should i still do this and then tanking tape and then tank membrane over all? Will this be a bit thick at the joints? Or is it OK to just use tanking tape over joints in...
  17. K

    Norcros Norcros Wet Seal Bathroom Tanking Kit

    Hi, I am going to be using norcros wet seal tanking kit i havent used this brand before how long after applying before i can tile on it, I have seen mentioned from touch dry to 24 hours anyone use this can give me a idea thanks
  18. A

    DIY 1st floor wetroom adhesive

    Hi, i've done some searching and cant really find the specific answer. Im currently in the process of renovating my 1st floor shower room, and looking to create a bit of a wetroom. I've researched this to death, and pretty clear on what i need to do, but looking for advice on the correct...
  19. C

    Preparation Please help fix my wetroom floor issue

    First off, thank you to everyone that posts on this forum, although this is only my second post, the advice I have picked up from reading others has been invaluable. On to my error. I have discovered rather late in the build process that my floor is not perfectly level, I did check it but...
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