Grout is a dense fluid which is used to fill gaps or used as reinforcement in existing structures. Grout is generally a mixture of water, cement, and sand and is employed in pressure grouting, embedding rebar in masonry walls, connecting sections of pre-cast concrete, filling voids, and sealing joints such as those between tiles. Common uses for grout in the household include filling in tiles of shower floors and kitchen tiles. It is often color tinted when it has to be kept visible and sometimes includes fine gravel when being used to fill large spaces (such as the cores of concrete blocks). Unlike other structural pastes such as plaster or joint compound, correctly mixed and applied grout forms a water resistant seal.Although both grout and its close relative mortar are applied as a thick emulsion and harden over time, grout is distinguished by its low viscosity and lack of lime (added to mortar for pliability); grout is thin so it flows readily into gaps, while mortar is thick enough to support not only its own weight, but also that of masonry placed above it.

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  1. P

    My 1st Job Which ultra fine grout for use on metallic wall tiles please?

    Your recommendations please guys for an ultra fine grout suitable for use on metallic wall tiles. Only got 4 30x30cm tiles to stick up on a cloackroom WC but have been told they will scratch easily if the wrong grout is used. Just after something suitable that can be purchased easily enough from...
  2. T

    Pebble Shower - Grout Selection

    Hi, I've installed a flat pebble shower floor over a Schluter foam pan. It looks nice. I need help with grout selection since these flat rocks don't drain as well as some flat tiles. It seems that Mapei Ultra Pro FA grout can handle joints up to 3/4". There are many grouts that can't and I...
  3. E

    Adhesive Mid grey grout gone white at someparts?

    Hi So first time grouting Iv got mapei ultacolor mid grey I got the paste to a toothpaste texture so seemed ok Once dried this morning it itsnt really mid grey I think maybe when i went over it with a sponge maybe i wet the grout too much? Iv now taken one line out and dabbed a new grout...
  4. korkowa135

    exterior grout colourant

    Hi Has anyone used a grout colourant that is suitable for outdoors? If so which one would they recommend? I have a porcelaine patio and the grout is patchy am wondering if a grout colourant would help even out the colour? Thanks for any advice.
  5. C

    Grout Sandy/gritty grout recommendation wanted

    In the past I have used Granfix Limestone grout which had a slightly sandy/gritty textured finish that suits natural stone tiles - but I don't think its made any more? Anyone got a recommendation for an alternative? Think it's called "sanded grout" ?
  6. G

    Refurb Grout and Sealant

    Evening all! We recently had our bathroom renovated, the Plumber/Tiler we hired to do it was a fantastic bloke, but we did notice how the finish on the grout and sealant for the tiles was not to a high standard. He assured us that after a few showers the steam would get the messy edges to drop...
  7. AP tiler

    Grout problems.

    Hi guys. Recently had a problem with grout having to rake out 3 bathrooms worth today. The grout has dried hard with but when wet can be scrubbed and the pigments come off on the cloth. Has anyone ever had similar problems. Don’t want to Name and shame the grout. Probably used it over 100 times...
  8. korkowa135

    Issues with Grout - Patio

    I had a new porcelain patio installed several months ago, and we have been struggling ever since the tiles were first laid down, with a recurring discolouration issue regarding the grout that's been used. The grout is Fugabella. In short, the grout looks patchy, dark and wet even when the rest...
  9. korkowa135

    Advice: Possible Fugabella product issue?

    Home owner here based in Surrey with a new Porcelain tiled patio. I need some advice about some grout discolouration. I had a new patio installed several months ago, and we have been struggling ever since the tiles were first laid down, with a recurring discolouration issue regarding the...
  10. H

    Silicone over Flexible Grout in Internal Corners?

    Hi all, As per the title, my tiler has grouted the internal corners of our new shower enclosure with a flexible tile grout. I found this out when visiting him at the end of the job, when he said it just needs siliconing on top, asking if I was happy to do it myself. At the time I thought...
  11. T

    Holes forming in grout on water exposure

    Grout failing 5 days after job completed. What is the cause, poor mix, ,application or something else? The business who carried out the work are coming to assess in a couple of days and I'd like to know what level of poor workmanship I've been exposed to
  12. T

    Lithofin cleaner on new grout

    Hi My tiler didn’t clean the grout haze from my new porcelain tiled floor. It’s not a glazed or polished porcelain. I have used lithofin cement residue remover on the whole floor but I didn’t saturate the grout joints with water first. I lightly sprayed the floor with water before applying...
  13. S

    Grout paint. Any experience?

    Customer has changed her mind about grout colour. These are glazed ceramic metro style tiles . I am reluctant to re-grout because of the risk damaging the edges. Have you tried painting grout? Which way would you recommend, re-grouting or painting?
  14. D

    150x900mm floor tiles - 2mm grout and 50:50 pattern

    Builders have installed 15x 900mm tiles with a 2mm pattern and 50:50 brick effect. They suggested 2mm (I previously suggested 4mm), I probably suggested 50:50, but did not know that grout / pattern effected anything but aesthetics. There is now widespread lippage due to what I am told is...
  15. A

    Missing grout + Hollow patio tiles

    My patio is laid with travertine tiles. The grout under the tiles around the 3 sides( appx 15 tiles) is missing, the tiles are sounding hollow and some are cracking. Is there anywaterproof grout I could inject into them - I can't afford to have the patio relaid.
  16. M

    Adhesive Adhesive & Grout Recommendations for Bathroom

    Hi Everyone, I’m a new DIY tiler looking to do my bathroom and downstairs toilet. The amount of adhesives and grouts out there is a little overwhelming and confusing for us newbies so was hoping for someone to shed some light on which ones would be best for me… Substrates: The bathroom has new...
  17. S

    Internal shower and niche corners..Grout or sealant?

    What would you guys recommend to finish the internal corners on this niche? Grout or sealant? The niche is inside of a shower cubicle Already grouted the corner of the cubicle then thought maybe it should have been sealant instead. That can be corrected if need be but wanted to double before...
  18. M

    Lithofin grout sealer not living up to expectations

    I've just painstakingly scrubbed/cleaned my kitchen tiles (& grout) with Lithofin Power Clean MN, which did a great job. Bought some Lithofin grout sealer to finish off the job, which is proving to be really disappointing &, in all honesty, a waste of £20. After 2 coats (& sore knees), and...
  19. A

    Advice for grout and edges please

    Hi, I’m tiling my kitchen (first attempt at tiling) and have a couple of questions. 1) what can I do to sort this edge where it meets the splash back? I thought I could grout it but the tiles aren’t all the same length and I think it’ll look rubbish. 2) my wife wants to use a light grey...
  20. I

    Grout cracked few weeks after installation

    In about 2-3 weeks after we got our bathroom fitted we noticed that the grout cracked along one of the walls over its entire length. The floor and other walls were done with the same tiles and grout but this joint is the only one that developed a crack. Attaching the pictures. We had to replace...
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