1. C

    Adhesive help please - which grout should i use

    hi, i've tiled my bathroom and now nervous about grouting it. is there a type of grout that's easier / better to use for a novice ? i've been reading some reviews and weber or grout 3000 seem to be what i'm leaning towards ? or BAL seem to have good selection of colours. i'm a bit concerned...
  2. M

    Adhesive Adhesive + grout recommendations for bathroom tiling

    Hi Which adhesive + grout brand/color is best recomendeded for bathroom Walls- light beige ceramic 250x500mm Border - glass mosiac - dark brown/steel Floor - dark brown ceramics 450x450mm Thanks
  3. R

    Grout Is Ultracolour Plus Grout Flexible?

    Hi all, I'm laying 150mm x 900mm tiles staggered on the kitchen floor and looking for a cement grey grout. I've seen that Mapei do the Ultracolour Plus, and some bags state flexible and some don't. I've checked on the Mapei website and it says that Ultracolour is flexible, but just making sure...
  4. Mapei UK Marketing

    Mapei Ceramic Training Course

    Due to a late cancellation we now have places available for our ceramic products training course this Thursday (11th July). We are also offering a 'Forum members only' day for you guys on 15th August, but if you can't make that day and are free on Thursday, you're more than welcome. The course...
  5. russ1

    Patchy grout

    Has anyone used Larsen grey grout ,put it on last week noticed it after a hour before clean up and it has gone patchy some lines are light and dark looks awful nothing to do with to much water or from clean up, I've racked it out today to redo tomorrow customer had another bag which I refused to...
  6. A

    Grout Two issues with Mapei Ultracolour Plus grey grout

    Hi, I have recently grouted a bathroom with mapei ultracolour plus manhatten grey grout and have a couple of issues in places. It's the first time I've grouted. Firstly, after roughly a week of use a few grout lines very near the shower appear to have lost small pieces of grout from the...
  7. M

    Cracking grout along tub workaround?

    I tiled my sister's shower with subway tile but due to movement in the floor underneath the grout all crumbles were the tile meets the tub. I spent quite a bit of time trying to brace up the floor and walls and she's had people in there before to Jack up the house and brace everything. At...
  8. Balloo

    Ardex grout nightmare to clean off

    Ardex is not as good as it used to be . I find it very difficult to clean off the tile. And efflorescence is shocking
  9. J

    First wash grout cleaner

    I'm wondering if first wash products are worth a buy? Does it make grouting quicker?
  10. E

    Off White shower grout with black spots !

    Hello, any ideas what maybe causing this stains in a shower grout and how to get rid of them. The grout was Sealed about 3years ago. Thanks.
  11. Mapei UK Marketing

    Tilers Forum Members Only - Mapei Ceramic Training Course

    Our ceramic products training course, held at the brand new Mapei Academy training facility and run by our award winning training team, will give you an overview of the products and services offered by Mapei UK. It will also give you the opportunity to see behind the scenes taking you on a...
  12. P

    Grout Coloured grout issues

    Good evening all, I’m a fairly proficient DIY’er and have done a couple of bathroom projects but have only ever used white grout. I’m tearing my hair out at Mapei Ultracolour at the moment. I’ve got 299 Limestone, and I literally have applied to the exact manufacturer specifications and using...
  13. Z

    My 1st Job Do I grout the pre-cuts

    Laid a tile in my bathroom that has been precut to make the tile appear like 4 smaller tiles. Do i grout in the precut line too? Friend suggested it isnt deep enough for the grout to hold. I reckon its about 2mm deep. Surely its designed to be grouted? Thanks
  14. Z

    Do I grout the cuts in my pre-cut tile?

    Ive laid this tile in my bathroom It’s been pre-cur to give the illusion of being 4 smaller tiles. Do I grout in the pre-cut lines? Someone told me to avoid that as it didnt look deep enough but surely the tile is designed to be...
  15. L

    Broken tiles, grout broken, no adhesive stuck to tiles? Floor problem ?

    Hello Had extension built and huge floor area laid in Porcelain tiles, and water/pipe underfloor heating. All grout come out and tiles cracked. Lifted tiles and was shocked no adhesive stuck to tiles. Looks like like laid on chipboard. Am v concerned. No one will retile as said floor problem ...
  16. jcrtiling

    Epoxy grout and grout floats .

    I haven't done epoxy grout for a number of years and the last time I did I used one of those heavy solid grout floats. Now My question is with the improvements in epoxy grout is it still necessary to use this sort of float or can a standard grout float be used .
  17. L

    White Grout - Please Help!

    Hi Guys, Newbie posting for the first time here, but have enjoyed reading all your helpful posts and find this forum invaluable! I am not a tiler by trade but very competent and only complete work on my own house. To give you some background I have just laid 85sqm of 600x600 polished...
  18. A

    Uneven Grout Lines - How Easy Is This To Rectify?

    Please could someone advice if it’s possible to easily rectify the uneven grout lines shown in the attached pictures please?
  19. Pauly tiler

    Anthracite Grout, what a bummer.

    Just a quickie for fun here, A contractor that I work for on a regular basis has just sent over a finishing schedule for 30 bathrooms, 60 x 30 rectified White, textured, lappato wall and floor tile, broken bond, floors aligned, with BLACK grout. put a price to that if you dare. Almost forgot, 2...
  20. Beyond the blue

    Adhesive Grout 3000 leaching dye.

    I've just used Tilemaster grout 3000 (natural grey) on the walls and floor of my own wetroom install. I left it for 3 days before sealing it and another 2 days before using it. After use it is leaching black dye quite badly, is this normal and will it eventually stop? I have asked Tilemaster for...
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