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  1. B

    Tile Trim Grout thickess

    Just at the final stage of having a complete bathroom installed but I think some of the tilling is below standard and want a professional tillers opinion. What's an acceptable thickness in grout between the tile and tile trim? Looks to me like the hes cut the tiles too short and has left at...
  2. Y

    How's My Tiling? I think my tiler has used floor grout on my walls?

    Hi I had my kitchen wall tiled last week. I'm not overly happy with the job at all, but the grout is terrible. It's really gritty. When I questioned him he said he'd used course grout because the tiles had uneven edges. I suspect he had some left over from a previous flooring job he'd been...
  3. J

    Tiling walls and floor, which adhesive and grout?

    We've got as far as stripping out the bathroom in our new (to us) bungalow dug up floor, laid new pipework and electrics etc. now about to start the job of putting it back together! I'd really appreciate some recommendation for adhesive and grout and any other suggestions. Floor is concrete...
  4. D

    How's My Tiling? Is this bad and is a 2nd coat of grout feasible?

    Is this a bad grouting job due to; too much water in the grout mix? not enough grout pushed in? Is this bad tiling due to; not measuring before setting? Is the answer to; grout over the existing grout (72 hours later)? pull it down and start again? Do tilers as a matter of course, grout...
  5. S

    Grout versus silicone outdoor tiling

    Hi Forum I am new on here. I was hoping someone could help me with advice on our outdoor tiling job. Our tilers have put grout between the walls and the floor tiles. I was led to believe you should have a flexible material between 2 different to stop cracking of tiles or them popping off? They...
  6. N

    How's My Tiling? Big gaps in shower wall grout

    I’ve just had a tile shower installed and went to clean it for the first time after it’s been installed. Haven’t used it yet. When I was cleaning I’ve seen a few big gaps in the grout in a couple of the lines. Also around the window the grout is all cracked and completely missing in most cases...
  7. C

    Which Grout should I use???

    Hello, I need to figure out the best grout for my ceramic textured floor which has some kind of slight Matt glaze on it… I want to use a stain protection, high traffic, no discoloration grout… wasn’t sure if I should use MAEPAI flex color CQ? or Fusion PRO? or any of the other single component...
  8. S

    Metro tiles grout size for a London Underground look

    Hi guys, I want to do put metro tiles on a wall in my office to emulate a London Underground station look. I'm using regular metro tiles 10cmx20cm, and I'm wondering what size the grout should be. Everybody on the forum recommends 2mm, but I'm wondering if 3mm would more closely emulate the look...
  9. D

    DIY Grout Choice

    Found this forum very late in my process but better late than never. Long story condensed: Previous owners had a professional tiler remodel bathroom and ensuite with 800x450 porcelain but quadrant shower and tray in ensuite was failing slowing. Only noticed when I was replacing carpet in...
  10. Dave

    Weber Joint premium grout setting times.

    Bet whoever thought hey lets make the grout set super fast is giggling like a ****. Sets like the clappers now doesn't it. :sweat: , anyone else a regular with weber grout. ?
  11. Joshjupp

    August & September Tiled shower in grey patterned 200 x 200 tiles with grey grout

    Shower finished off today customer wanted a grey patchwork quilt effect look to the shower so that’s what I gave them 5 different tiles from topps tiles and finished off with ultra grey grout and brushed trims and overboarded with wedi board before tiling
  12. R

    Help- grout nightmare

    Grouted 30m bathroom on Friday - very hot! Microban 2- whit on white Topps Nuriko tiles. Sealed tiles first as they textured. Washed off a couple of times. Came back today to find stains around some and loads of residue. No problem- Topps First Wash strong and tile & stone cleaner would sort...
  13. Lou

    BAL Global Ceramic Tiling Ltd - Tilers in Hampshire

    Lou submitted a new resource: Global Ceramic Tiling Ltd - Tilers in Hampshire - Hampshire Tilers - Global Ceramic Tiling Ltd Read more about this resource...
  14. G

    Grout changing colours

    Have few small issues with grout. Using mapei ultra colour plus which is light grey when white but turns to a dirty brown when wet . It's in a wet area. Is there any alternatives to keep the grout a light grey by using a sealer or is that a stupid question? Or any other grouts out there...
  15. M

    Slate floor tiles. Grouting problem

    I have just grouted the Brazilian slate tiles and it was a disaster. The grout dried instantly on the tile surface and I had to scrub it off (way before the grout joint was dry I washed the slates 3 times and let dry for a day before applying matstone tile sealer,2 costs applied with clean...
  16. Phatmatt

    Best adhesive and grout for glass mosaic tiles

    Hi all, just had a new bath fitted. Took out the old one and had to remove one course of tiles around the bath as the new bath was taller. (see picture attached). I am going to tile the 150mm gap with these glass mosaic tiles Botella Indian Peacock Mosaic Tile | Topps Tiles -...
  17. C

    Mapei Mapei Keraquick S1 Adheasive (20kg) - free if you meet me in Letchworth

    Got one, unopened bag of Mapei Keraquick S1 Grey Tile Adheasive going spare in my garage. Happy to let it go for free. Will have to collect or meet up somewhere to hand it over as shipping on 20kg will be loads! Stored in dry, garage since buying new a few months ago. Based near Letchworth...
  18. C

    Ardex Ardex Flex-FS Grout Silver Shimmer (2x2.5kg)

    Got two, unopened 2.5kg bags of Ardex Flex-FS Silver Shimmer grout that I didn't use in my bathroom. Happy to let them go for £10 or £5 each. Stored in dry garage since purchasing a few months ago. Based near Letchworth!
  19. M

    Grouting half height kitchen splashback

    Hi everyone, I'm attempting to tile a new kitchen splashback using cube shape mosaic sheets and all going well, except I'm not sure how best to finish the grouting. The splashback will not go to the ceiling and there are no wall cupboards. There's several examples of the same style on this...
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