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  1. Dan

    Revamp Your Space on a Budget: Where to Find Affordable and Quality Cheap Floor Tiles | from the Tile Blog

    Revamp Your Space on a Budget: Where to Find Affordable and Quality Cheap Floor Tiles When it comes to transforming your living space, few changes can make as dramatic an impact as new flooring. Whether you’re renovating your home or giving a room a fresh look, floor tiles offer a fantastic...
  2. A

    Where do I find free tile visualizer for design purposes?

    Hi Folks! I'm a retailer from India and looking for tile visualizer for design requirements. Please help me find one so that my customers can visualize things before actual purchase. Thanks a ton!
  3. J

    Trying to find these tiles

    Trying to match these brown stone effect bathroom wall tiles. They are size 30 x 45cms -which seems to be a very hard size to find. Does anyone recognise them, please?
  4. C

    looking for help to find a tile

    HI, I,m looking for a tile which is not in stock anywhere anymore. It was made by British ceramics. (who have gone out of business) The tile is a Laura Ashley tile, it's a ceramic, (250mm x 500mm) white and called "cottonwood" the tile code is = LA51454, i have tried all sites and have had no...
  5. M

    I'm Looking For This Tile Trying to find Nast Blanco tiles 31.6x59.2cm

    I need to know where to purchase Nast Blanco tiles 31.6x59.2cm - any ideas. They are Porcelanosa tiles which are discontinued
  6. B

    I'm Looking For This Tile Mosaic Tile - Find or Make from Scratch?

    Re: the attached photo of a strip of mosaic tiles (15mm x 15mm) - I'd like if I can to either buy some more of this or, if I can't find it, to work out how to find some individual white/blue/green tiles to make something that closely resembles it. It's for a repair to a damaged area. The tiles...
  7. Q

    Do you find these slivers on the sides acceptable?

    I know there's a "rule" that the tiles next to the wall shouldn't be cut shorter than half the tile size. My marble slabs were supposed to be 30x30 cm and by my calculations the wall tiles would come out to be 14-15 cm which was totally fine for me. But the tiles turned out to be something...
  8. Georgeo

    I'm Looking For This Tile Where to find B&Q Discontinued Tiles

  9. R

    Tiler needed for Project in Fulham SW6

    Hi Guys Im looking for a tiler who specialises in laying large format tiles ( 1.2m x 1.2m ) for Approx 70m2 of tiles onto screed in a kitchen area. All flat surfaces and simple layout. Photo below Start in the next 1-2 weeks I also have 6 bathrooms to be done in smaller tiles similar to...
  10. J

    I'm Looking For This Tile Trying to find

    Looking for Manufacturer= Fanal tiles, size= 45 x45, name= Iridium (light grey with some sparkle) . Bought about 9 years ago and not stocked anymore in tile retailer.
  11. W

    Does anyone know of any tiling courses around Nottinghamshire

    Does anyone know of any tiling courses around Nottingham (shire). Can not find any with driving up north or down south thanks
  12. C

    Setting Out Struggle to find a local tiling course (Brighton)

    Are there any recommended tiling courses in the East Sussex area that still exist? I have been searching and all the courses appear to be far away? Any advice appreciated?
  13. T

    Can anyone help me find this tile?

    Hi all, can anyone help me find these tiles! I recently bought a house and unbeknown to me the previous plumber had 1st fixed the house in speedfit with joints everywhere buried in the concrete. Ive sinced took up quite a few tiles to cut a Jew chase in the floor and redo the pipework...
  14. D

    How to find replacement cracked bathroom floor tile

    What's your tiling question? Pictures can be added.
  15. M

    Trying to find two Ted Baker Stepped Up Tiles in Pastel!

    Desperately trying to locate two of these tiles to replace a couple of cracked ones in our wet room... it's the Ted Baker Stepped Up Tile in Pastel. Any help much appreciated!
  16. F

    Help trying to find discontinued Johnson tiles

    Trying to find some Johnson Urbanique URBN3A tiles as they have been discontinued in uk. Grateful for any help!!
  17. L

    removed kitchen backsplash to find crumbled plaster

    I removed a few tiles from the kitchen backsplash with a grout rake and a chisle and hammer to find half the plaster is fine and solid and the other half had a layer of yellow plaster that was very soft. Under the layer of yellow was pink plaster that was very rough and crumbly. It doesn't sound...
  18. E

    Quarry tile 343mm square, need to find a match

    Hi All, I'm trying to find a match for these tiles which are 343mm square and came from Wickes about 20 years ago. Anybody got any ideas? Bit of a long shot I know Thanks Edd
  19. K

    Red-brown floor tiles, can't find any! Please help me

    300 mm square, 8 needed, I walked into Cessnock (NSW) tiling shop- disbelief at seeing only grey or beige coloured tiles, at a loss now. Please can someone help me? Thank you very much indeed Kait
  20. R

    Any idea where to find these tiles?

    I just recently bought a new how and I plan on doing a little work in the kitchen. I don't think the floor is tiled underneath the kitchen island I want to take out. Any idea where I can find matching tiles? I don't have any spares that I've found. They are 13" x 13"
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