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Fonthill, Mercer Museum and Moravian Pottery and Tile Works is a National Historic Landmark District located at Doylestown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania. It consists of three properties built by Henry Chapman Mercer (1856-1930) in a distinctive application of the principles of the Arts and Crafts movement, which are also notable for the early use of poured concrete: Fonthill, the Mercer Museum, and the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works. All three are now museum properties of the Bucks County Historical Society. The landmark designation for the group was made in 1985; each property is also individually listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

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  1. D

    North West based Tiler available toward end of September (for now)

    Available for any site work toward end of September or domestic & commercial projects covering the North West Fully Insured Wet room specialist Large format wall & floor Give us a shout if anyone needs!
  2. J

    Seeing if professional would take me on

    Hi people iv done a 4 week course at the stc group in Essex area now doing a course at able skills for 6 weeks course would get nvq on few assessments after doing few jobs and was seeing if someone professional or a company would take someone on like me iv just started the able skills course I...
  3. stone tiler

    Anyone near Jct 8 of the M25 want a job?

    TILER WANTED JOIN OUR BUSY TEAM FULL TIME POSITION COMPETITIVE SALARY ON OFFER Private Message me for email and / or phone number. Thanks. As the title says, we are looking for a tiler to join the team. Must be capable to a very high standard on domestic projects, have all own tools etc...
  4. R

    My 1st Job Kitchen Floor 12 x 12 job

    I'm doing a second floor condo kitchen, 6' by 9' of tile area. The surface is gypsumite (poured) over plywood. I'm going to use 12" x 12" porcelain tiles. I've put down the tiles (loose- not set) and walked on them. Floor seems level. Questions: 1. I was told to seal the gypsumite, one source...
  5. M

    How to cover/work round copper pipes?

    Hi All, Installing Marmox boards in a shower area and want to avoid a stud wall to keep as much space as poss. Will carry on with dot and dab (uneven old walls) for the boards but what advice could you give for where the shower pipes are? If i was to cover them then the boards would sit out...
  6. A

    Is this a bad tiling job this is my first tiling work done on my house

    Hello i never had tiles done im not sure if this job is done correctly or not. So far from some post i have read i think there are some issues here. The grout at some places is thicker and some places smaller there is grout discoloration on some edges and some of the tiles are not even,i have...
  7. D

    3 months off work

    last year I was told I had adhesive capsulitis, got a second opinion and it wasn't that, it was shoulder impingement, ie a bone spur growing and trapping a tendon. Went in for a "straightforward" op and then got told post op that it was a little bit more than MRI had picked up. Had the spur...
  8. Z

    Fitting Shower panels.. can they work with wedi?

    I have a new loft conversion, it has green moisture resitant plasterboard in bathroom. i want to fit shower panels bought from bathstore in shower cubicle it has a MDF core with some waterproof coating. Would there be any benefit to installing wedi board on top of the green moisture plasterboard...
  9. Muff Tiler

    Rip up job????????

    Hi guys I was just wondering if anyone had a solution for moving tiles...? Basically I've got a client who's floor has started to move and grout crack (not laid by myself) there is ufh which I have said could possibly be damaged as tiles have been laid straight into this so they obviously want...
  10. Lou

    This is my job this month (JOTM Testing)

    waffle waffle test test test
  11. Dan

    This is Dans job this month (JOTM Testing)

    (This is a pretend test thread) This is my job this month. It's yada yada yada. And has big balls. Yada yada yada. Loads of pictures of before, during and after *pretend Look at my awesome job. Isn't it ace. Waffle waffle waffle.
  12. A

    Looking for a tiler wanting regular work on and around Cardiff/Newport

    I run a rapidly expanding bathroom business and have a vacancy for a full time tiler to join our team. Working with a team of plumbers and tilers trading for over ten years. If this is for you or someone you know please get in touch.
  13. D

    How much to do this job, all wetroom done with classi fleece

    How much to do this Tiling job, the wetroom is done with classi fleece
  14. A

    Need some advice to fix bad tiling job

    Hi everyone. Just need some quick advice about my kitchen wall tiling which was done by 2 tilers and they are thinking they have done a decent job and there might be just few things which can be easily fixed when I feel that it should all be stripped down. I’m going to attach some pictures. All...
  15. PC Tile

    Tiler looking for work

    Am looking for about 2 weeks time,,,,,cheers Paul C
  16. PC Tile

    Tiler looking for work

    anyone know of decent site in Essex area
  17. detroitMi

    Natural Stone Limestone, custom job

    Just finished this limestone job for a customer of mine . It's a wet-room, concrete shower pan, vertical Schluter kerdi drain, Schluter kerdi coll, waterproof membrane etc. See pictures
  18. W

    Bad tiling job?

    Hi Can I get some advise on whether this tiling is a bad job. If its not up to scratch can it be saved or does it need replacing?
  19. P

    Tiler looking for work

    Hi.. I'm actively looking for work I'm based in the South West,have transport and tools.and cscs card for site work
  20. macten

    Pictures My big plank job - cement based screed

    It's been a couple of weeks of hard graft and I'm glad it's over. Forget the name but it was a Tarmac cement based screed. Nice and flat, first big pour that I've encountered that actually had movement joints built in. When I first went to look they had been back to repair one crack. There was...
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