Over-the-Rhine (often abbreviated as OTR) is a neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. Historically, Over-the-Rhine has been a working-class neighborhood. It is among the largest, most intact urban historic districts in the United States.

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  1. T

    Adhesive SLC over Durabase CI++. Have you?

    I'm interested to know if anyone has used SLC over Durabase CI++. I know that Schulter advise against using SLC over Ditra but is it the same with Durabase CI++? Having had a look at the technical data sheets etc there is no mention unlike Schulter who state not too. I also note from comments on...
  2. H

    Natural Stone Tile over Limestone or remove and start again

    My bathroom currently has Limestone which was laid on marmox, we are now thinking of replacing with ceramic tiles. Tile shop says ok just to tile over it. This would save loads of work and it all seems secure. So, crack on and tile over or remove back to wall and apply new backer board? Cheers
  3. kazzos

    Aquadefense over Joint Compound?

    Hi folks. I hired a guy to hang and prep backerboard around my tub surround, so that I can start tiling it. However, when I came home I discovered that he’d used drywall mud/joint compound not only to connect the drywall to the backboard, but used it to feather down several inches to flatten...
  4. M

    Laying the new tiles over old tiles

    Hi. I would like to have new tiles over the old tiles in the bathroom. The old tiles are of glossy type. The first thing I did is I removed the gloss from them. I used an angle grinder with a diamond disc. You can see the results on the pictures. The new tiles are going to be 30 cm by 60 cm...
  5. T

    Tiling over quarry tiles.

    Hi everyone. I have a 1940's semi and i have been redecorating my front room, no its my own stupid fault for not checking what was under the carpet before starting ! After doing the decorating i lifted the carpet to find a quarry tile floor and now im stumped as to what to put over the top. The...
  6. G

    Granolithic finish over bitumen sheet membrane?

    Hi All, I have a job that requires me to cover up a pedestrian walkway in granolithic finish. However, the owner has already gotten his waterproofing contractor to install a bitumen sheet waterproofing membrane. I have read some disadvantages of tiling over bitumen, not sure if the same issues...
  7. H

    Hardiebacker over floorboards

    Hi all, Tiling my bathroom (wet room) floor, which will have an Impey tray. I have wooden floorboards and planned to make sure they’re movement free then overboard them with 6mm hardiebacker, screwed 9 per board. Is this right? Do I need to put flexible adhesive underneath the hardie? Thanks!
  8. CJ

    Bloody Adverts taking over

    Getting harder & harder to actually read posts on here, due to constant ads popping over everything. The bloody things just won’t stay still, and I end up clicking on what I’m not interested in.
  9. C

    Tiling over shiny ceramnic tiles..

    Hi folks... Had a call out a couple of weeks ago to a leaking from an enquire shower. Turns out they have tiled 600 x 300 porcelain tiles over nice shiny white ceramic tiles! The owners want a simple fix and don't want it all taking out, so I've managed to get the bottom row of tiles off and...
  10. C

    tiling over wood and concrete

    Hi I'm not sure about the best preparation to tile over an area that has both wooden floor and concrete (with underfloor heating in). I'm thinking about tiling with porcelain planks. should the prep be plywood with staggered joins (perhaps made of 2 layers glued with staggered joins) nailed to...
  11. andyp143

    Thin Porcelain Tiling over existing sheet Vinyl

    Hi there, I want to tile my small kitchen floor, it is around 7-8 square metres and has an existing sheet vinyl flooring that has been glued directly onto the concrete sub-floor. I have purchased porcelain tiles (600mm X 600mm) from Topps Tiles, and they advised that with a specific adhesive...
  12. J

    Using brick slips as a bathroom floor over old bitumen

    Hi there everyone. What a fantastic forum. I have taken out the bathroom in our 1930s bungalow. The floor was tiled, and well stuck down. Removing the tiles has revealed a layer of bitumen painted onto concrete. The floor is solid and isn't likely to move. My question is this...what kind of...
  13. R

    Natural Stone Do I need to SBR over SLC?

    Hi, Do I SBR over such before laying ditra then tiling? Have some bostik cementone so was going to prime it? How essential is getting the ration of the primer if I do need to prime it? Thanks
  14. halate

    Tiling Over DITRA, need to clean excess out of little square cutouts?

    Hey There, I'm tiling 3' by 6" ceramic tiles over DITRA in a herringbone pattern. I can only do several tiles at a time, because of time constraints. So I do a little area and place the tiles, but of course there's all the excess thin set from either spillage or just going a little too far...
  15. N

    Got to tile over OSB3, help!

    Hi, got to tile the floor of a small ( 12 ms ) new kitchen extension. The builders put down 18mm OSB3, glued and screwed, it ain’t coming up! Obviously would have liked plywood. What do you recommend as my best option, overboard with hardibacker, 6mm ply, or use a decoupler like Ditra? Any...
  16. P

    Preparation Tiling over tiles with lippage.

    Hi all. Advice would be appreciated on whether I should use some sort of levelling compound to even out irregular lippage on the existing tiles before I start, or whether I should be okay with back buttering or otherwise increasing/ decreasing the height of adhesive whenever I encounter a...
  17. nick9one1

    Tiling over bathroom paint

    I'm about to start tiling my bathroom and was wondering if is there some sort of self etching primer available for priming glossy bathroom paint before tiling? The bathroom was previously tiled 1/2 way up
  18. D

    Rip out and start over?

    Hi guys, brand new member so I'll hope not to be a pain in the rear. Had to lift the tiles in part of our bathroom. Turns out the underfloor heating wasn't buried under a screed and was in with the tile adhesive. That's been binned, but the bigger problem is the adhesive is ripping up chunks of...
  19. M

    LVT rise every few years over CH pipe in sub floor. Martin. C

    Tiles laid over SLC . First time it happened put down to Xmas disaster, causing turkey fat to soak into concrete. Detergented, but repeat. It appeared that SLC expands locally, loses bond, breaks and arches up. As only two tiles are affected, I can lift, clear broken corners of SLC and pack gap...
  20. R

    Stone veneer over travertine?

    I have a fireplace that is covered with travertine which my wife is not a fan of, she would like to replace it with a stone veneer. Is it possible to lay the stone on top of the travertine? My concern is that the stone will not adhere to the travertine because it's smooth. What would you...