1. Dave

    Time off over Christmas

    When are you breaking up for Christmas, how long are you taking. Maybe your off on hols to a warmer climate. Im finishing around the 18th and going back on the 6th. A nice break 😁
  2. J

    Build shower pan over old wall tile?

    Hello, First time posting. I'm helping a friend of a friend who recently had a basement shower installed, and unfortunately the contractor who did it was completely incompetent. The floor of the shower is tile, and there is no slope to the drain (in fact if anything, there is a hump drawing...
  3. H

    Mapei primer G skinned over

    Hi, I've previously posted in this forum about my first failed tiling attempt. I was able to take up the tiles easily after they'd set and someone suggested my primer may have skinned over. Since then I've taken up all the adhesive and primer and have primed again with mapei primer g 1:1 and...
  4. Toby

    How To Tile Over Spray Foam That Has Not Set Hard

    My plumber has just finished the pipework into a drain in a new utility. He said he would put down some board but instead has half-filled a cavity with foam. But the foam has not dried hard it has dried soft. Originally I envisaged using self leveling compound but I can't lay this on soft foam...
  5. B

    Tiling over quarry tiles

    Hi I'm looking for some advice on tiling over quarry tiles in my porch with some new ceramic tiles. The existing tiles are sound and generally level, so my plan is to apply self levelling compound over the top to get a nice smooth surface, and then tile on top. My only concern though is that my...
  6. Steve_Bcs

    Fixing jackoboard over existing dot & dab plasterboard - what thickness should I use.

    I’ve not been on for a while since completing a new fully tiled ensuite last year. Help on here was superb! Thank you. I’m onto the main bathroom now which has been gutted and then plaster-boarded. This was done 6 months ago. I’m thinking of creating a new shower cubicle which will have a...
  7. I

    Tiling over a join between plastered wall and plasterboard

    The previous tiles on my kitchen wall were removed by cutting out the entirety of the tiled area and replacing plasterboard (image displays one section of this). To avoid the need for any skimming, I'd like to tile straight onto the plasterboard and add a row over and above the join. The...
  8. C

    Tiling over old terrazzo porch floor

    Hi guys, Literally just lifted the floor tiles of my porch floor (only about 2sqm 1920’s house) underneath is a kind of marble looking resin. Google tells me this could be terrazzo!? Anyway I need to level this and then tile. Can anyone give me some advice here. Is it possible to level with...
  9. P

    epoxy resin over old tiles in shower room floor??

    hi guys. i . have a showroom floor to put some epoxy on thats currently tiled..old orange quarry looking tiles.im hoping some 1 can point me in the right direction regarding getting the epoxy to bond to the tiles..apparently tiles are a pain in the bum to lay this on to...some 1 advised this...
  10. M

    Tiling over hole in plasterboard and around taps

    I have had new taps and plumbing installed on an existing tiled wall for a freestanding bath. The plumber removed 2 wall tiles to install tapware and water outlets. This has left a hole in the plasterboard where the 2 tiles were. Can anyone advise the best way to replace the 2 tiles, given...
  11. L

    Tiling over existing tiles in bathroom.

    Hi there, I just wanted the opinion of some pro tilers. I live in a rented house and the bathrooms are really tired. I got the Landlord to agree on having them updated. They are both medium/ large sized with floors & walls completely tiled. She'll pay for it and I'll arrange it for her at the...
  12. S

    Tile over Tile??

    Hi, just wondering which is better for tiling over existing tiles... 1. Mapei prim grip 2. Feb Gypbond Any advice would be greatly appreciated :0) Steve
  13. P

    Tiling over Dissimilar Materials

    I'm laying tiles over existing tiles, an additional space to the left will be tiled over as well (photo attached), I've fixed 12mm hardboard to the wall to level off the difference. Gaps have been filled with foam. Do I need to fix scrim tape with compound over the joints between the hardboard...
  14. T

    Tiling over ply ??

    Morning guys. I’ve got my second job to start on Tuesday. It’s to tile a bathroom. Walls and floor. The walls are plastered but the joiner who has been working on the renovation has laid ply wood on the bathroom floor. He told the customer this will be fine to tile onto. I’m not so sure. I’ve...
  15. K

    Tiling over existing ceramic tiles

    Hi, So i have a bathroom floor to tile the house is around 8 months old and they want the floor tiles changing but adamant dont want the mess of ripping up old ones, Whats a good adhesive to use i was going use mapei flexible and some kind of primer after i have cleaned old tiles with sugar...
  16. JP Tiling

    West Midlands work all over the midlands for decent tilers with CSCS cards

    We have got boat loads of work all over the midlands for decent tilers with CSCS cards!! Get in touch!
  17. Nic_P74

    New subfloor over wet UFH

    Hi all, Been a while. Need to quote for complete bath room. The exisiting tiles finish pretty much level with the carpet in the bedroom. So not sure what the subfloor is under the tiles. I know it is chipboars on battens in other areas of the upstairs. (Guessing not chipboard in bathroom or...
  18. T

    Minimum tile adhesive depth for over tiling

    I posted previously about a tiling job that has gone a bit wrong. One wall either needs to come off or ideally be tiled over. The problem with tiling over is a concern that the quadrant shower cubicle may not fit. The shower cubicle has 20mm of adjustment, but 5mm already used, so 15mm left...
  19. E

    Cracked Tiles over Bonding Plaster

    Hi all, We had our bathroom fully re-done approx 2 months ago. 1880's property, the previous tiles around the shower area had failed, due to water ingress. All tiles, old plasterboard etc were removed. The two brick walls were then bonding plastered. The side of the chimney breast was built out...
  20. 1

    Tiling over exterior tiles

    I never tile over tiles. However, in this case I have a small area that is a shop front and I'm told there is a void behind. I know I could remove the old tiles and assess the substrate, reboarding it if removal of old tiles causes damage, but the existing tiles are sound and I'm tempted to go...
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