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Hi all , just wondering what is the average time scale for tiling a full average sized bathroom walls & floor. I am new to the tiling game & have only tiled 4 bathrooms so far which have taken roughly 4 - 5 full days to do.
I am currently only doing this on a part time bases but hope to be full time by the end of the year ( waiting on redundancy from current job ).
My worry is that I am to slow all be it that I do a good job, what do you guys think ?


Hi mate, i tile part time now and then and i would say 4 - 5 days sounds about what i would do. Depends alot i guess on the substrates and what you have to tile round. If you`re doing a good job which i`m sure you are then that`s all that matters at the end of the day, speed i`m sure will come with practice as someone with more experience will confirm



Hard to say without knowing what tiles and M2 etc.
Speed comes with experience. As long as you and the client are happy then you are onto a winner.


I aint the quickest tiler about but i have tiled loads of bathrooms now and an average one takes me around 2-3 days doing it really well.


As mentioned many times on the forums mate...quality over speed all the time, you will get quicker at certain aspects of tiling which will speed you up as a tiler but turning out a good job out weighs not doing a good job..........


In my first month of full time tiling I barely covered my household bills due to lack of speed, in my fourth month now and my income has slightly increased and I am booked up for the next two months. If I had rushed the jobs in the first few months to try and earn more money I would not be booked up now so quality over speed for longevity of the business and the strength of your reputation.:thumbsup:


I fully agree with Jimbob. I was not earning a great deal when I first started, but took the time to ensure that I did a great job and now have a nice full diary - even earned a grand for a weeks work last week!

I've been fortunate that I have had a steady flow of work since I started, and my speed has improved just by virtue of tiling every day. You will be surprised how quickly you get fast!

Just remember, it takes years to build a good reputation, and minutes to ruin it!


Thanks guys for the advice, will do as you advise and build my reputation on good workmanship and hope the speed builds up in time.

cheers Ian


Depends on sqm and wall condition and what have you, but generally for walls and floor 3 to 4 days, as I said depending on alot of factors.


Stick with the qualioty route and speed and more wedge will come along - and all your customers will of course reccomend you for a quality job, plenty out there who go the speedy shoody route.


i agree with all the above comments, quality comes first, as you progress you will know where you are going to start, you will see areas that will be more intricate and know how to get around them, its all down to experience and know how, you may be using battons for your tiles, one day you will wonder why you needed them. I think if you use powder adheshive instead of the ready mixed diy versions you will speed up rapidly, I myself would never use a ready mixed tub of adheshive, its too slow and does not have the drying and bonding capacity of a powder adheshive, thats my choice and I realise that other tilers like the buckets, good luck anyway

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