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floor tiling

  1. G

    North West Wall and Floor Tiling -Wall and Floor Tiler’s required for ongoing new build housing contracts across the northwest

    Wall and Floor Tiler’s required for ongoing new build housing contracts across the northwest CSCS card required Own tools and transport required Weekly pay CIS basis Please contact for more details immediate starts available
  2. R

    Laying travertine on electric underfloor heating.

    Hi all, I can't seem to find a thread with the info I need so hopefully someone can help 🤞 I have a 25 sqm extension which I have just built for a customer which he now wants tiled with honed and filled travertine tiles 600x300 from Topps tiles layed in brick bond format, I have had a tiler...
  3. Floor and Wall Tiling Apprenticeship

    Floor and Wall Tiling Apprenticeship

    Floor and Wall Tiling Apprenticeship
  4. G

    Single suitable adhesive for wall & floor with nomoreply, jackoboard & new plaster?

    I'm about to tile my bathroom with 60x60 9mm porcelain on the floor and 30x60 9mm porcelain on the walls:- Floor is 22mm NoMorePly to be primed with NMP primer. Shower area is Jackoboard with joints taped with Jackoboard sealing tape and to be waterproofed with Mapei Aquadefense Walls are...
  5. W

    Desperate for information re: pesticide impregnated terra cotta floor

    My Mexican terra cotta floor about forty years old and sealed in only a few small areas, was sprayed with FICHA TÉCNICA TERMIDEL 48 CE : clorpirifos (originally Dow) manufactured by Delta by a very unprofessional exterminator. The product, banned in the US for over twenty years, has an odor...
  6. Lou

    Cedar Ceramics - Professional Wall and Floor Tilers in Hertfordshire

    Lou submitted a new resource: Cedar Ceramics - Hertfordshire Tilers - Tilers in Hertfordshire - Cedar Ceramics Read more about this resource...
  7. Lou

    GB Walsh Tiling - Hertfordshire Wall and Floor Tiling Services

    Lou submitted a new resource: GB Walsh Tiling - Hertfordshire Tilers - Tilers in Herfordshire - GB Walsh Tiling Read more about this resource...
  8. Lou

    APS Tile and Design are Professional Wall and Floor Tilers in Herefordshire

    Lou submitted a new resource: APS Tile and Design - Tilers in Herefordshire - Herefordshire Tilers - APS Tile and Design Read more about this resource...
  9. M

    Slate floor tiles. Grouting problem

    I have just grouted the Brazilian slate tiles and it was a disaster. The grout dried instantly on the tile surface and I had to scrub it off (way before the grout joint was dry I washed the slates 3 times and let dry for a day before applying matstone tile sealer,2 costs applied with clean...
  10. J

    13m² wooden subfloor prep advice

    By far the biggest floor I've done and it's herringbone. The floors been over boarded with chipboard or something simlar and it feels very sturdy. There's a small dip in the middle of the room (few mm of a meter) My thinking is to used an S2 adhesive and Hardie, but it's this right? Do I need...
  11. T

    Subfloor in wetroom

    HI There, im about to layout Jackoboard panels and wetroom shower tray on my bathroom floor, whilst the floor is up im going to take up the uneven and gappy 100yr old floor boards and lay a new subfloor new. Question is, should i use standard flooring chip board, standard 18mm Ply or 18mm...
  12. Steve_Bcs

    Preparation Which slc for levelling a plywood floor

    I have for my sins purchased a lightweight ABS shower tray ( podium from plumbword). It needs a dead level surface to be bonded into place onto. My 18mm ply base is out by 5mm at one side so I need to level it from 0- 5mm across a metre in one direction. Which slc would be appropriate? Thanks
  13. R

    My 1st Job Damage Control - advice needed

    Hi First time on here, new to DIY and have my first challenge: Decided to floor tile our first property and having done so with hardie backer boards and Lauara Ashley Dove tiles. The floor had slight movement in certain areas, so we nailed down floorboards as secure as possible without me...
  14. R

    My 1st Job Kitchen Floor 12 x 12 job

    I'm doing a second floor condo kitchen, 6' by 9' of tile area. The surface is gypsumite (poured) over plywood. I'm going to use 12" x 12" porcelain tiles. I've put down the tiles (loose- not set) and walked on them. Floor seems level. Questions: 1. I was told to seal the gypsumite, one source...
  15. I

    DIY Trowel size for wall and floor

    I have a 9mm x300mmx600mm porcelain tile to fit on the bathroom walls with Norcros standard set porcelain adhesive. I have purchased a trowel with round notches which I think/hope is the right one. Please let me know if I will be ok or should I get one with square notches? I will also be using...
  16. P

    East Midlands Wall and Floor tilers required for New build housing projects all over Midlands, CSCS Cards required. Message for further details

    Contractors for New House Builders small to large sites, Possibility to have long term contracts for suitable individuals. Must have own tools and transport.
  17. S

    Sealing a Slc garage floor prior to painting

    Need some advice please on sealing Slc. Not sure if I'm in the right place for this but worth a try. I have recently Slc a garage floor and want to paint over it as the finish but I'm not sure what to seal it with prior to painting as it has a very porous/dusty finish, any advice would be...
  18. R

    Trowel size for mosaic on floor

    Looking for a bit of advice on what size of trowel to use for a mosaic laid on the floor. The individual tiles are 50mm square, and porcelain (if that has any bearing on it). The floor is perfectly flat, although it is plywood. I lifted the original floorboards, braced all the joists (450mm...
  19. hmtiling

    H M Tiling - Wall and floor tiling Isle of Wight

    hmtiling submitted a new resource: Wall and floor tiling Isle of Wight - Professional tiling services Isle of Wight Read more about this resource...
  20. J

    Preparation Preping a lino floor for tiling

    I'm not sure the best way to approach this. What's the best way to remove the lino?
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