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  1. Dan

    Photos of your work! - Professional Wall and Floor Tiling Pictures (2019 Public Thread)

    There's a thread in the arms that I thought should have some of the pics shared publicly. So here's the thread. Feel free to post away! :)
  2. L

    Kitchen Floor tiling on Latex Self Levelling Compound

    Hi all, needed some advice. Can you fit kitchen floor tiles on a surface made level using a latex self levelling compound. Can you tile straight onto the latex levelled surface or would you need to do something else before laying the tiles. I hope i have been clear and if not apologies as this...
  3. GrayD

    East Midlands 55-60sqm floor tiling job - private home.

    Hi, We have had a new flow screed floor put down (8 weeks ago) and are now looking for someone to prep the floor, prime the floor, lay Durabase C1 and then tile on top. We have a wet UFH system in the floor so experience with preparing and tiling over this sort of floor is needed. The room is...
  4. JP Tiling

    West Midlands West and East Mids Wall and floor tiling

    JP Tiling are looking to increase their workforce operating in and around the Midlands, with loads of active scheme's, and lots of new scheme's about to commence. We pay well and on time, organise the works as best as possible given the nature of the Construction Industry!! And are a friendly...
  5. M

    instalay self adhesive floor tiling mat.

    we have an architect building a number of apartments that we are pricing for. he would like this used on the bathroom floors. has anyone on here used this product and is it any good. cheers.
  6. E

    Floor Tiling On Concrete - Several Questions About Floor Prep and Laying

    Hi We've knocked through our kitchen and dining room and taken up old stone/porcelain tiles in the kitchen and carpet in the dining room. There are several questions I have before I start tiling. Here is a share link to a Google Drive folder with images: Tiling - Google Drive -...
  7. P

    Shower Room Floor Tiling Query

    Hello, I am fitting an offset quadrant shower cubicle (which has a large rounded corner) and would like to have a fully tiled floor (as in a wet room) rather than the usual surface stone tray. The problem is that all of the wet room preformed trays are oblong and I can see there will be a...
  8. S

    Cracked and debonded floor tiling

    hi I am new to this forum. Wanted to get some advise if possible. I had a new tiled floor laid a couple of years ago. The tiles have started to crack soon after completion and are now a complete mess. The floor build up is a timber hoist floor spaced at 300mm centres with 18mm ply board...
  9. K

    New Member, from Ayrshire.

    Thanks for the add to this group. I have some floor and wall tiling jobs coming up, so will be looking for some advice. Seems to be a lot of help going around - a good sign on any forum!
  10. F

    Water UFH UFH floor Tiling Problem

    Hi all, i have got wet UFH in my newly laid kitchen floor(laid in early August and UFH not commisined yet) and also have a adjoining utility area and pantry which doesnt have UFH ( RADS) which i intend to finish all in the same tile. The utility is a concrete floor with 20mm marmox boards on...
  11. T

    Replacing chipboard floor for tiling advise

    Im about to rip up a chipboard floor which is falling apart, I was going to lay ply and overboard with NMP or Hardie, Ive seen that there is 22mm backing board can this be used directly on to joists or does am i better laying ply and then a 6mm backing board? Any adivise appreciated also one of...
  12. Lakey

    Preparation Garage Floor Tiling Do's & Dont's

    Hi Have a garage floor to price up. The customer wants 600mm x 600mm porcelain. Want to price it right but haven't done a garage before. It it a case of SLC & ditra? Also are there particular Adhesives/Grouts recommended? Finally would I need a particular grade of porcelain bearing in mind...
  13. Mapei UK Marketing

    Introducing Mapei Flexcolor with MapeGlitter.

    Mapei Flexcolor products - http://bit.ly/2HcJKqu is a flexible ready to use acrylic resin grout, waterrepellent with DropEffect® and anti-mould with BioBlock® technologies. Suitable for joints in ceramic tiles and mosaics from 2-10mm in width on either walls or floors. Ideal for bathrooms and...
  14. Mapei UK Marketing

    Grout Introducing Flexcolor with MapeGlitter

    Mapei Flexcolor is a flexible ready to use acrylic resin grout, water repellent with DropEffect® and anti-mould with BioBlock® technologies. Suitable for joints in ceramic tiles and mosaics from 2-10mm in width, on either walls or floors. Ideal for bathrooms and kitchens. Suitable for use on...
  15. Middlesex Tiles

    First floor tiling over wet underfloor heating.

    I have a customer who wishes to tile their entire first floor over wet underfloor heating. The ufh is between joists, with a biscuit screed on top. How would you guys then prepare this to be tiled? Whole area is approx 80m - 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and landing. Tile will be a porcelain plank -...
  16. G

    East Midlands Utility room floor tiling

    Hi I’m looking for my utility area floor being tiled, roughly 8m2 Looking for a good job. I’ll supply tiles if you could supply grout and adhesive. It’s Nottingham ng15 area
  17. Granty

    Floor Tiling advice and are additives necessary?

    Hi, I am due to tile our Kitchen floor at the weekend, we went all out for the Black Star light tiles at 600mm, the area is around 10M2. This was a fair outlay to us price wise but I am confident I can do a good enough job so long as I have the right information. I have done the Kitchen walls...
  18. J

    Floor tiling!! Please help!!!

    hi all I have been tiling for over a year but seem to always struggle and have difficulty with floor tiling. (I don’t have this problem with wall tiling?!?!) Whether it’s laying tiles without lipage or getting floor tiles completely level - both are causing me a lot of grief. I have tried...
  19. schakal

    Kitchen Floor Tiling / Preparation

    I have a project of tiling my kitchen floor in my hands and i want to do it right at once rather than going back to it in years to come. The sub base is made up of sand with DPM on top then 50mm cellotex and around 80-100mm "screed"/concrete Now i am not sure i am using the right word for this...
  20. A

    How to fill a tiling gap in an already tiled floor

    Hi all I have a room with a 230x50cm area where a raised concrete base used to be. Kitchen counters used to be on it. This has now been removed and concrete subfloor is exposed. I want to fill this gap with the same type surrounding marble tile. The subfloor is 6cm below the top of the tiles...
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