1. E

    Hello. Spanish tiler new in scotland.

    Hello I'm starting my business in Scotland, I'm from Spain, here things are a bit diferent, differents materials and way to do . I'm hopping I can learn a lot here to have the best results in my job. I love tiling and Scotland!
  2. Dan

    What makes a good van insurance firm these days - considering most vans never get stolen but broken into?

    New Tilers Van Insurance Provider - But what makes a good van insurance firm these days - considering most vans never get stolen but broken into? Note that this is a public thread so perhaps don't be too open about leaving tools in vans - generalise about leaving tools in vans instead...
  3. M

    Newbie tiler

    Hello all just thought id introduce myself on here for my 1st post. Looking to gain as much knowledge from all you pros. Been on the site when looking for information and have learned alot just from previous posts so a big thank you to the site and all its members. Hopefuly more to come. Still...
  4. A

    Hi everyone

    Im a commercial tiler. Getting a bit fed up of shopwork and looking for smaller jobs now. 30yrs experience. Gonna spend some time exploring this site.
  5. T

    New to the tiling game

    Hi guys. I’m new to the tiling industry. Just setting up a new business and looking forward to the change in career ! I’ll be looking for advice from you all in the future. It looks like there is lots of good guys on here. I tiled my first floor on Wednesday. Any comments would be much...
  6. Terry bowker

    South East Floor tiler wanted Coventry - Coventry Tilers Required for Floor Tiling Jobs

    Floor tiler wanted Coventry - Coventry Tilers Required for Floor Tiling Jobs 60 sq m of floor to cover - Please get in touch. Thanks.
  7. D

    Told by tiler to remove boards

    Hi all - I've got a wetroom that I've started myself due to no-shows from trades people. The room is to be completely tiled and a sliding-door shower to be used on one side of the room (no tray, just tiles). The walls were rough when I removed the old tiles so I added plasterboard with adhesive...
  8. L

    South East Tiler wanted. shower area to be tiled. Tiles roughly 400mm x 200mm with bal adhesives and grouts

    Hi. I have a shower area to be tiled. Tiles roughly 400mm x 200mm with bal adhesives and grouts. Walls prepped with moisture board and tanked. It is approximately 6.5m2. The job is in Ealing. If anyone is keen please contact me. Regards Lee
  9. A

    Looking to gain some experience and confidence for a professional tiler anywhere Farnborough Hampshire

    Hello all I’m looking for any help I can get I really want to start a new career in tiling I put myself through an intensive course nearly a year ago but after the course I still felt as tho I didt have the experience or confidence to go at it as a full time career. I am looking for a...
  10. roybarber

    South East Tiler wanted Retford - Nottinghamshire

    Looking for a tiler for 80sqm downstairs and three bathrooms. Downstairs is to tile over a wunda water underfloor system. Upstairs is direct to primed tile backer board, one wetroom, one family bathroom and one downstairs toilet. Thanks
  11. D

    London Tiler needed to replace badly fixed tiles in Greenwich/blackheath

    I made a post earlier this year regarding poorly fixed tiles and after much to and fro the contractors agreed to start replacing the tiles. They have since redone the hallway and front room and whilst they now have a nice solid bed under them, they are all at different heights to each other...
  12. C

    South East Tiler wanted for wet room in Milton Keynes (MK6)

    Hello, I am looking for a tiler to tile my wetroom in Milton Keynes. It is approx 23m2, to be tiled in 600x300 porcelain. The shower area is a linear slope to an infinity drain so no envelope cutting required. I do have a shower niche, window and external corner that I would like mitred. The...
  13. A

    First time tiler

    Hi im trying to tile for the first time with large porcelain tiles. Ive tiles before but not a whole bathroom. The tiles are porcelain 600-300. I wanted to ask one of the walls is 1000 wide. Would you centre the tile or is it better to us 2 Tiles across.
  14. Nicobond

    Everyday tiling essentials for less

    Get your everyday tiling essentials for less with our unbeatable trade deals – including Contract Whites from only £3.99+VAT per m²! Don’t miss out, contact your local Sales Representative or N&C branch today. You won’t find them cheaper anywhere else! Branch locator: Nicholls & Clarke Group...
  15. A

    Ayrshire tiler, new to the forum, saying hello.

    hello, Ayrshire tiler for about 11 years. Found the website while trying to find some information and thought I would join. Hopefully I can learn some new things and I can help others that may be new to tiling. For any experienced tilers, any advice on how to price Victorian tiles or a rough...
  16. L

    South East Tiler needed for 2 small bathrooms with large format tiles.

    Hi, i hope you are all well. Just wondering if anyone is keen for a bit of work in Thame? Thanks all
  17. P

    South West tiler looking for work

    Hi I have 6 years experience in tiling.. Cscs card, tools, van..im currently looking for work ASAP. I'm from the South West.. Devon. Any help will do cheers people
  18. C

    What will I earn as a tiler in Surrey?

    Sorry if it's taboo to ask this. I'm currently working as a structural engineer and feeling like a change. I think I would be a good tiler but it would need it to pay. So.... what can a tiler expect to earn in an average year.
  19. JulianSidney

    pro tiler tools you have bought

    Think we have lost a sponsor. anyone used them and what have you bought? Me, I've used them a few times and found them excellent and great service.
  20. S

    Looking for a tile, but if not, a tiler. :)

    Hi All, I'm sure this is a duplicate post from many who sign up but, I'm faced with a cost I can't cover currently and I'm desperate for help. I live in a Bovis home built circa 2002. Two showers have broken, I cannot get a replacement cartridge for them as Triton have discontinued support and...
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