1. Lou

    Trades Training School (formally Tiler Training School) in Edinburgh Feedback Thread

    Please leave some feedback on this thread if you have been on a Training Course with Trades Training School (formally known as Tiler Trading School) in Edinburgh.
  2. N

    UK Tiler wanted Suffolk and Essex areas and tiling apprentice

    Hi All, We are looking for a tiler for potential tiling work in the Suffolk and Essex area. We are also looking for anyone who is interested to do a tiling apprenticeship with us. Anyone interested please contact me for more details. Many thanks
  3. R

    Tiler says my plan is impossible becasue of cut edges

    Tilers turned up this morning, I explained the plan, and they said it's impossible. Something about cut edges. I have a combination of quartz and terrazzo tiles which I understand have to be cut using something called "wet saw" (whereas porcelain tiles can simply be snapped)? I said: suppose...
  4. R

    Wall & Floor Tiler Queensland Australia Tile Right

    Wall & Floor Tiler Queensland Australia Tile Right About the role Seeking a Wall & Floor Tiler to join our down to earth team. Mainly domestic insurance work around Brisbane Australia metro suburbs. This position can lead to permanent residency. Why should you join us? Yes, a total of 8...
  5. A

    Advice for neating up tile edges left by professional tiler.

    Hi there Homeowner here who recently had my kitchen tiled by a professional tiler. We’ve been left with some untidy edges to tiles and I’m looking for an easy solution to fix and improve the appearance myself. The tile had to be cut and the edge that has been left is not neat. The tiles are...
  6. K

    Tiler required London

    I wanted to know if there are any tilers in London that are experienced in tiling over water-based underfloor heating. I wanted the kitchen and dinner tiled. The area is 70m2. The area is completely empty at the moment as we are getting a kitchen fitted. If so I wanted to get a quote for...
  7. sashagorgov

    Poor job by tiler, anything I can do to fix?

    These are kitkats on a mesh backing. Not entirely sure how the tiler has managed to do this. Are you meant to put one tile to the wall leaving a gap and then you overlap the next tile on the other wall? Anything I can do to fix it or at least make it less annoying to look at?
  8. V

    Wall and floor tiler

    Hi all, I'm Charlie, a wall and floor tiler and brick slip fitter from Staffordshire covering all of West Midlands and North West, currently working in shopfitting for projects in London but looking to start working closer to home, if anyone knows anyone looking for cscs tilers, would really...
  9. L

    Tiler mistakes - Advice required

    I would like some advise. We booked a tiler for a new build with quite a lot of work to be done. I asked him for a price and I remember I asked in square metres. Now the jobs done he said that price is in yards. Can anyone tell me if that’s common or if he’s trying to squeeze more out of us. He...
  10. F

    Broken tile. Could a tiler replace it without breaking others?

    Hello, we have recently had some carpet fitters in who have done a great job but have accidentally broken a kitchen tile. The carpet fitters have contacted a builder who thinks it's too risky to remove the cracked tile due to the risk of breaking others and so he has proposed that he could fit...
  11. craig89

    Pro tiler registration

    How do I register as a pro tiler please?
  12. B

    Looking for tiler in East Devon - small regrouting job (2m by 2m)

    Hi there I am looking for a tiler to help me regrout a fairly small area (about 2m by 2m) in a shower room. After about 2/3 years the existing grout is now beginning to fail - the tiles were not laid by an experienced tiler and that is now beginning to show!
  13. O

    looking for a large format tiler comfortable with bevel cuts

    Looking for a large format tiler, comfortable with bevel cuts for outside corners. Job is in west London
  14. korkowa135

    Tiler required for re-grout of porcelain patio

    Hi I’m looking for a tiler to come and give me a quote for a re-grout of a large approx 75m2 patio tiled in large 600x1200mm porcelain tiles. The grout used originally was Kerakoll Fugabella color. I’m happy for the same grout to be used or if an alternative one would do a better job then that’s...
  15. Tiler Bristol

    Tiling in Bristol 20m

    Are you a tiler? I'm looking for an extra pair of hands to assist with various tiling jobs in Bristol. Some trade experience desired but length of experience not important as you'll be trained on the job. You must have the right attitude, be enthusiastic, and hard working.
  16. G

    What will a tiler do and not do!

    Hi, I'm wondering what, as a tiler, you would expect to do when you go to a job. Do you prepare the walls for tiling? remove toilets? Take out sockets? I'm sure its different for everyone but I was wondering what is ok to say no to and what to expect.
  17. N

    Tiler looking for work/ apprenticeship

    Hi, I’m a young 18 tiler fresh out of college and rearing to jump into work. I live in the south side of Glasgow. I’m enthusiastic, hardworking, reliable and very confident in myself. Looking for someone to take a punt on me and give me an opportunity. Any help would be appreciated thanks.
  18. A

    Tiler needed- Hampton TW12. Kitchen floor tiles cracked

    The tiles are 60x60 and sat one a Wunda floor UFH system (Water). The builder who installed them didn’t use the right adhesive or any primer. I have the tiles. We are in Hampton TW12 Thanks Alan
  19. J

    Hands on Experience working alongside an experienced tiler

    Hi, not sure if this is the correct area to post this: I'm new to this forum and Tiling as a whole, I have recently taken the decision to complete a tile training course with a view to run my own business. I have completed a training course with UK Pro tiling and have the certs, I am booked on...
  20. K

    Essex based quality tiler looking for work

    Hi guys old school tiler looking for work essex based can travel or work away,very reliable over 25years experience please get in touch Kenny B
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