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    Hello I'm new to tiling my first flooring job it's 42sqm in 600x 200 floor tiles (wood effect) My room starts at front door where I'm hoping to start"?" To then go right through door into living room then left into dining room ans left to the kitchen! It's like a big u shape I do have a floor...
  2. D

    New Build - Wet Rooms - Advice

    Hi All, Appreciate the wealth of knowledge on here, so i would like to ask for some input on the below new build currently underway. 3 Wetrooms - 1 Ground Floor - 2 on 1st floor. Both very similar setup's. GroundFloor Floor - Basse struture is concrete Raft foundation with 180mm PIR...
  3. D

    Large Format - 2 Rooms Meeting At 22Deg Angle At Doorway

    Hi there, I am looking for advice on tile layout for a new build. We are putting 600mm x 600mm large format in the kitchen and running it out the hallway. The kitchen is at a 22Deg to the hallway. The edges of the tiles will not aligned at this angle and so i am looking for advice how best to...
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    Hi I have done hundreds of wet rooms. But not in quartz I have the big rubi table saw. I have tried plenty of water a new blade

    Hi I have done hundreds of wet rooms. But not in quartz I have the big rubi table saw. I have tried plenty of water a new blade and an old blade and tried a marcrist ultra thin blade to and can’t stop it chipping the eges . The saw cuts all other tiles marble granite no problems Can any body...
  5. A

    Leicester Square, London - 300 rooms - £46m2

    Ladies and gents, I am looking for quick & clean working fixers to join the project under the company I work for. We have the contract for 350 rooms in the hotel and around 50 have been completed. These bathrooms have circa 20m2 on the walls and 4m2 of 900x450mm on the floor/shower tray, in a...
  6. Hidden rooms youtube video (turn your volume down - annoying music!)

    Hidden rooms youtube video (turn your volume down - annoying music!)

    Some tiled hidden rooms and areas. Some wood and stuff too so don't just expect tiling. :) Very clever ideas here.
  7. T

    Late rooms . Com and Valentines

    Lunchtime today decided to have a drive over to the Lakes. Staying just outside Ullswater in a 16th century Olde English Pub - £55 inc breakfast! My kind of deal. Early Valentines for the wife! Anyone planning anything for their better half?
  8. G

    Male and Female Changing rooms

    Male and Female changing rooms in Hammersmith. 75m2 600x600x15mm. Adhesive and cementitious grout will be free issued to you. Please provide your most competitive price. In addition to this there are 2 more projects of similar size to follow. Best Regards Paul
  9. B

    Had to fix a few wet rooms like this

    fixed a few wet rooms like this
  10. C

    Mozaic tiles - wet rooms

    Hello. I am looking to fit mozaic tiles onto a wall as a feature within a shower area and also onto a wetroom tray (all the same tiles) During the choosing stage I come across tiles which do not look suitable from anow Engineering perspective (such as the split tiles, or small mosaics and the...
  11. T

    Wet rooms

    Default Wet room Hi guys went to take a look at a wet room today it's 20m2 in porc tiles 300x600 for walls and 5m2 in same tiles for floor ive worked out a price but don't no if it's too steep inc grout and adhesive £1290 also looking to use bal rapid set flex bagged addy will this be decent...
  12. T

    Wet rooms

    Just been to look at a job and I'm come across my first wet room i get the whole idea etc but when ruling the floor around the plug hole I see the tiles are cut in sections is this to help drain the water away !??
  13. 2

    Stress fracture concrete 2 joining rooms ditra?

    Have a kitchen / dinning room floor job, concrete floor. Where archway meets in the middle of the room there is a crack along the whole length from side to side, it's a very faint crack so would I need to ditra over the whole concrete floor as the customer insists on not having a movement joint...
  14. L

    from high to low rooms

    another newbie question,if i ply wood a bathroom floor to tile on and have a lip of 10-15mm at door for example into a landing/bedroom with laminate floor/carpet after tiling, what way do i make this look good and professional?whats the easiest and cheapest solution for me and customer??
  15. K

    Expansion joints between rooms

    Hi all, just a quick one - am planning to tile four rooms on the ground floor with the same tiles and hopefully create a nice flow between the rooms of tiles. am using flexible adhesive and grout and have planned to leave a 0.6mm expansion gap around the edges of the rooms. I've seen various...
  16. T

    Tiling adjoining rooms - mortar in kitchen room raises height

    Hi all we are about to start tiling adjoining rooms, the kitchen and dining room. We have taken down the wall that separated these rooms so the rooms now effectively are one. We have ripped up the wooden flooring that was down in the dining room and the tiles that was down in the kitchen...
  17. Dan

    Wet Rooms & Swimming Pool Surrounds – Clean, Seal & Maintain

    Cleaning, Sealing and Maintaining*Natural Stone*- Part Four Natural stone*has been a popular choice of cladding material in*wet rooms*and around swimming pools for centuries. As with all natural materials, it does need a certain level of care. This is the fourth … Continue reading → More...
  18. widler

    Wet rooms

  19. I

    Adjoining Rooms

    Hi guys, I have a question regarding something that's driving me nuts! We have just had a friend (he being a tiler by trade) lay 60 X 60 porcelain floor tiles in the kitchen and hall - these being adjoining rooms. The guy laid the first tiles in the kitchen along the longest straight wall...
  20. A

    Finnish wet rooms

    Hi Yall Im an Englishman in Finland, and install wetrooms for a living. Is anyone interested in comparing techniqes and products and any other info? I tend to always lay on concrete floors, and use Kerafibre waterproofing system, which is guarnteed for at least 30yrs, tho 50yrs is the norm...
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