The How Big Tour, How Blue Tour and the How Beautiful Tour were a series of three concert tours by British indie band Florence and the Machine, in support of their third studio album, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful. The tour began on 9 September 2015 in Belfast, Northern Ireland and concluded on 3 July 2016 in Werchter, Belgium at Rock Werchter.

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  1. Arelia

    How to cut water and energy bills at home - Acqua Tempus

    An electronic device to restrict the maximum shower time and thus save lots of water and gas in the shower. Easy to install and program. Water leak detector: if we leave the tap open, once Acqua Tempus returns to shower mode, it will detect it is open and will cut off again the tap. For sales...
  2. S

    How to do this job ?

    Hi All , I am trying to build a shower cubicle using the tray in the picture (super heavy ) at the corner here. There are a couple of things i wanted to get some advice on before doing something wrong. There will be a stud wall (orange ) and a glass shower door (blue) What do I line the shower...
  3. FreddieGardiner

    How do I know that I got the right electrician?

    I want the wiring that powers my house to be appropriately buried under tiles. So, I am considering hiring this emergency electrician Bristol wide. It’s my first time hiring one. How do I know that I got the right expert for my needs? Emergency Electrician Bristol - Hire The Experts -...
  4. S

    Levelling clips how many per tile

    How many leveling clips and wedges would you recommend per tile and what sort of gap would you leave between clips if you have 1200x600 12mm think porcelain tiles?
  5. S

    How much grout for metro tiles

    I have approx 14sqm of 200 x 100 ceramic metro tiles to grout, tiles are 6mm thick with 2mm spacers. Would a 5kg bag of grout (Mapei Keracolor) cover it? I've used a couple of grout calculators online which say I need less than 5kg but this just doesn't look enough to me? Have to order this...
  6. D

    Adhesive How to get a good grout line finish on slightly rounded edges

    Hi everyone, The floor tiles I have are 600x600 white gloss which have a slight rounded edge to them so how do I get a purfect grout lines? will the normal wash with sponge achieve this just like the flat edge tiles or do I need a tool to do this? Thanks in advance, Gary.
  7. S

    How did the Tiles break

    Hi Help me please, I am currently in a care home as a Result of a Head Injury in 2001.The 2 Images are of my Shower Room within my room and in both Images that section of the Shower Room I have no reason to go there in my Power Chair and I can tell you something for nothing if I hit that wall in...
  8. C

    Kitchen floor and how to save if possible

    Hi everyone! we have this beautiful porcelain floor down - there's 25 square metres of it. It was fitted after we moved in (new build - 7 years ago). This means it goes around the current kitchen - the particular challenge is this; the builders of said kitchen have worktops that finish the ends...
  9. Ignatius

    Skilled and Unskilled Tilers - How to improve?

    Good morning from this side of the world I have a little concern I will like to share with you all. I know most of the group members have a company of the own others to are working individually and doing really good but there’re a lot of members in the group ( both skilled n unskilled tilers )...
  10. A

    Sand and cement screed down. How long

    I have a newly laid screed 75mm thick sand and cement laid 2 weeks ago. I'm stuck for time and need the ensuite floor tiles asap. Is there any products you can recommend for me so I can start laying now rather than wait another few weeks before it's fully dry.
  11. R

    Setting Out How does this modular pattern work?

    On the diagram the width of tiles equates to 2m for both the rows marked 1 & 2. Row 1 has 6 grout lines Row 2 has 4 So total width of the rows is different, meaning grout spaces would have to be smaller on the row with more grout lines? What am I missing? Thanks
  12. A

    How to stop cracking if even

    I don't even know if this is correct forum for this. On a new extension, the client has asked my opinion on this. Originally there was one ensuite on the exterior side of the extension. It's now been boarded out in half so the client can get another toilet/wash room on the opposite side of the...
  13. P

    How to lay a heated penny tile in basement bathroom?

    Trying to figure out the best approach to laying a heated penny floor (1” tile) in my basement bathroom. The space is ~50sqft with a shower insert. The concrete floor is level. I need to raise the floor to better align with the hallway which is 1” subfloor (Dricor) with 3/16” LVP. My plan is...
  14. A

    How thick should the adhesive be?

    Hi everyone, I am planning to perform my first tile DIY project and I have few questions regarding adhesive thickness, three to be exact: 1. I will attach 6mm backboards to a masonry wall, how thick should the adhesive be? 2. The tiles that will be attached to the backboards will be...
  15. S

    How to waterproof floor

    Hi - Im in the middle of refurbing my daughters ensuite (Jack and Jill), I don't plan to fit a wet room, but when you have teenage daughters im as well making it as waterproof as I can. I have removed all the plasterboard on the walls and replacing with Kerdi board, and I will seal appropriately...
  16. S

    Strange shadow marks appearing all over the tiles in my house. How do I clean them?

    Hi, I had my house tiled almost two years ago. The tiles themselves were not the best quality, just an affordable option, but my tiler did a good job. Now almost two years later some strange shadow looking stains have started appearing all over the tiles all over the house. It started with one...
  17. M

    Need advice. How do I raise the level of just one tile? See picture.

    I didn't tile this old bathroom but I'm cleaning it up, one tile is missing and needs to be almost half an inch forward to match the tiles around it. Can I use extra adhesive? Or extra cement? Or something else like mortar? I really need to get this fixed. Any tips would be appreciated. ed.
  18. W

    Porcelain Hi a customer has put HG 14 on her patio porcelain Slabs and it has tuned white and horrible any ideas on how to remove this please.

    What's your tiling question? Pictures can be added.hi a customer has put a Hg 14 sealer on Porcelain Slabs outside and they have now got terrible white patches on them we used Hg 20 to try to remove . No joy any suggestions please.
  19. F

    Approximately how thick should adhesive be for floor tiles? Tiler only using 2mm thick

    We needed a tiler to lay 46m2 of 800mm tiles to a concrete floor in our new shop. Everyone we tried was not available for a month+, but then through an acquaintance, my partner was told of someone who was available. I had my misgivings as I was wondering why he was available while everyone else...
  20. A

    I have just had my shower room fitted and not happy with tiling. Do you think this is a goid job. How can it be rectified

    What's your tiling question? Pictures can be this acceptable tiling?