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Hi everyone, good to be here.

I'm a DIYer putting down a loose UFH cable in my kitchen. I've laid it out and used a glue gun to fix the cable to the Wedi board. It occurred to me though.. once the cable is encased in SLC, those glue globules are going to be liquified each time the cable heats up, and of course rehardening as the cable cools down. I've read that air trapped under tape used to hold down cable can cause issues over time... what about these little caverns of glue? What will happen to that them over time? Will they dry out / degrade over the years and potentially leave air pockets (OK air shouldn't be able to get in but I still wonder).

Maybe I'm overthinking it but would appreciate any viewpoints. Thanks!


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Not sure where you heard that air pocets cause issues over time but it sounds like something that would be said by an unrelated and unqualified tradesperson in the pub on POETS day when starting his story with the words "I heard from a builder mate that apparently".

Also why will the glue liquify. Most hand operated hot melt guns use glue sticks which melt at around 60C to 180C. Your floor shoudl never get much hotter than about 35C (max surface temprerature of 27C). If your floor gets hot enough to liquify the hot melt glue then you have much bigger problems.

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