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  1. O

    Debonding membrane needed?

    Hi all, I’ve got an outdoor patio that has a concrete slab, onto which I’ll be laying 20mm porcelain (900x600) tiles. I was wondering if a decoupling membrane is necessary given the thickness of the tiles - seems like it might be overkill. I see conflicting advice online. perhaps a s2 adhesive...
  2. faceman

    Floor tiles debonding after UFH turned on

    Hi I've got a problem on a building site with a floor. The UFH was turned on last week and now the floor tiles have debonded. In my opinion the floor was to hot but was assured the manifold was set to low. However the wall stat read 22 degrees. I was told if the doors were kept shut the heating...
  3. B

    UFH screed showing few cracks, is Ditra Mat essential ??

    Hi need advice. We had the wet UFH done topped with screed. Been a month since the screed was done. Cracks have appeared at a few places. Is putting Ditra Mat absolutely essential ?? Will it affect the heat coming up from the UFH ?? Do the cracks need to be fixed ?? Thanks
  4. S

    Sub Floor cracks with UFH

    Hi everyone, I had my floor ripped up after a leak two years ago and wanted to get UFH heating system in my kitchen. The kitchen units were not removed but the floor around was back to original concrete base (house circa 1880). see pictures I wanted to maintain the original height of the floor...
  5. M

    Tiling and debonding on anhydrate screed

    Hello I have a gupsum based anhydrate screed it’s been laid for 7 months and The latienced removed. It has wet UFH already commissioned a few months ago. First question Do I have to install a debonding mat? Secondly. I will use the anhyfix adhesive but will need to do a wet room is there a...
  6. M

    Cracked tiles on suspended floor

    Hi Our first floor bathroom floor is constructed of floor boards over joists over which I have laid an electric heat mat and covered with ceramic tiles. The floor has settled and cracks are beginning to appear in some of the tiles. Could I put a self levelling compound over the floor and...
  7. R

    Ditra matting and tiles cracking a year later

    We had tile installed in January of 2018. The installer put Ditra down. The grout stated to crack and come out a few months after installation. Other tiles move. Is this caused by the Ditra? Or some other reason?
  8. M

    Cracking grout along tub workaround?

    I tiled my sister's shower with subway tile but due to movement in the floor underneath the grout all crumbles were the tile meets the tub. I spent quite a bit of time trying to brace up the floor and walls and she's had people in there before to Jack up the house and brace everything. At...
  9. T

    Tiling on a small subsidence crack

    I have been to quote a job today, 35m2 in a kitchen, but they have a slight diagonal crack in the floor which I believe to be a subsidence crack, is there anyway to get around this or stay away from the job? Cheera
  10. Adrian mcc

    Adhesive for anticrack matting

    hi all, I have never used an anti crack matting before but hav asked the customer to use one as I’m tiling over underfloor heating overlay boards, I have primed in prim grip from tile master. He has bought this orange matting looks like schluter but think it’s a copy I was just wondering what’s...
  11. S

    Cracked Tiles

    Hi looking for advise regarding cracked wall tiles on an internal wall. I had a new bathroom installed with the bathroom being fully tiled. A few months after work finished I noticed cracked tiles at the window. The company came out to inspect the tiles and said they had never saw anything...
  12. M

    Help with cracked crumbling grouting

    Hi there, I wonder if you can help. I have some porcelain tiles and I believe there is a little movement which means that the grout is cracked and has come out - see pics. (I've tried three tilers and always had bad outcomes). So now the floor always looks dirty and I'm also extremely worried...
  13. E

    Cracked Tiles over Bonding Plaster

    Hi all, We had our bathroom fully re-done approx 2 months ago. 1880's property, the previous tiles around the shower area had failed, due to water ingress. All tiles, old plasterboard etc were removed. The two brick walls were then bonding plastered. The side of the chimney breast was built out...
  14. B

    Wall tiles cracking in a line

    Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post but I'm hoping for some advice. About 2 months ago we had our bathroom redone and all was fine until last night when a line of 4 tiles spontaneously cracked over a period of 20 minutes while my son was having a bath. The line runs from the...
  15. W

    Commissioning UFH, cracked screed, large tiles, help

    Hello. I'd appreciate it if you guys could help me out here; I've been reading as many threads as I could on the matter over the last few days here and while I think I have a fair understanding of things, I'd like to provide the specifics of my situation. I have a 68 sqm apartment in which UFH...
  16. P

    Help please, tiles cracked/moving

    Hi everyone, I’m looking for a bit of help please. My house was a new build 18 months ago and we paid the builder extra to tile the first and second floors with polished 600x600 porcelain tiles as our previous house had these on the full ground floor with no issues whatsoever. All was okay for...
  17. J

    Tiles cracking On conservatory floor

    i have a conservatory floor which is 33 sq mts in a L shape It had a level screed over the pipes and was. very flat as laid with a laser, backed up by tiler who said it was within 1mm all over. I used a proffesional tiler and was laid with mapei? Both tile and grout cement. The floor was laid...
  18. S

    New tiles lifting up

    Hi all. I've recently just tiled bathroom floor using porcelain wood effect plank tiles down on aquapanel using mapei rapid adhesive from Screwfix. I'll admit I didn't backbutter and used self levelling wedges. Now my issue is I've noticed some of the tiles 24hr later I can lift up that...
  19. K

    Badly cracked limestone - can I replace individually with decoupling

    self build completed 10 years ago, large kitchen diner on 65mm hand mixed screed, with no stress relief joints & wet UFH! Tiled with limestone, found that the tilers switched to cheaper adhesive not suitable for UFH approx a third of the way through the job, they then added flex fluid to the...
  20. D

    How to prevent tiles cracking

    Hi guys, I'm just after a bit of advice please. Basically we are splitting a bedroom into a ensuite and bathroom. We will be taking existing plaster off and going back to brick and either half or fully tiling. At a later date we will be having an extension directly below the room and having a...
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