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  1. J

    A Crack in shower pan

    Hello all, I am renovating an old shower and was hoping to reuse the concrete shower pan. It is poured on a slab basement and was poured around shower drain and plumbing pipe. Once I removed the old tile and mortar I noticed a crack in the pan roughly along where the plumbing runs. Should I be...
  2. Tiler trainee

    Verticle crack in wall

    Looking for advise how to approach tiling a kitchen backsplash about 18 square feet. The wall is a prengineered wall, a Warsaw home type. Interior wall is a rigid paper based board. Issue is there is a verticle crack in the wall 10 inches from where the right side of tile backsplash is to...
  3. N

    Intentional crack left on wet room floor!

    I've had a wet room fitted. The tiler has left a crack in a tile near the drain of shower. He tells us it's intentional to help water drain down. Can anyone confirm if this is true?
  4. R

    Grout starting to crack around floor tiles

    Not long ago I had the existing water damaged downstairs bathroom floor replaced with a whole new chipboard floating floor – this was before considering tiling, so I realise it would have been better to fix the floor but too late now. Having later decided to tile, the tile supplier suggested...
  5. T

    Advice on repairing 3 tiles

    Hello. I need your help again please. I'm due to remove this 3 cracked tiles which have cracked for the third time after having replaced them 3 times (picture). I'm not planning to re-tile the entire floor but just the 3 always-cracking-tiles. What would you recommend to do? What should I...
  6. T

    Help me with repeatedly floor cracked tiles PLEASE

    Hello! Please I need your help. I'm living in a 3yo department on a 5th floor (the entire building is 14floors). 3 months after moving in I noticed hairline cracks on more than 10 floor tiles, some of them linear and comprising 3/4 adjacents tiles. Others, just randomly on one isolated tile. I...
  7. N

    Is this true? - hairline crack in one of the newly placed floor tiles

    We recently had an en suite fitted by a local company that appears to be generally reputable. We've had a few issues with the work, one of which was that we noticed a hairline crack in one of the newly placed floor tiles. The company sent someone out to replace the tile and although I didn't...
  8. H

    How to fix crack in mirrored tiles in shower

    I have a strip of mirrored tiles in my shower and two have hairline cracks which seem to be getting bigger. I have looked at resin however all the ones I have come across advise to leave in sunlight to cure as they are generally for windscreens. Has anybody used a resin on mirrored tiles and...
  9. D

    hairline crack, slight flex in 2 tiles - to foam or not to foam?

    In short: would using some expanding foam behind 2 tiles that have a small amount of flex, where I presume adhesive has partially de-bonded help fill the void and re-glue the to tile to breeze block? Or inject some kind of adhesive/silicone to where i can get to with grout removal? The long...
  10. S

    Vertical Crack in Tiles

    I would like some advice from experienced tilers on this forum. Had a vertical crack across a a number of bathroom floor tiles, in January a tradesman removed the damaged tiles and found the join in subfloor (chipboard over waterproof membrane) had not been screwed down by the original builder...
  11. Muff Tiler

    floor crack..

    Evening all, Been to look at a job last week where they have a crack in a sand and cement floor that runs directly over the top of where the gas pipe runs, the tiles that were there before had also cracked along the same line. I've suggested ditra up to the crack then a genesis movement strip...
  12. T

    Hairline crack in grout!!

    Hi, I don't know if I'm been a little over the top here but I have a very small haircrack within my grout which is located on the wall in Bath/shower area!! See picture! The Area was only tiled/grouted about 2 months ago. The substrate is tanked plasterboard. They used powered adhesive (don't...
  13. M

    Bathroom Tile Crack

    Hi All, I'm very new here and a complete housing novice so I am hoping someone may be able to help. A crack appeared in my bathroom a few months ago. This is a new build apartment at the time when I noticed the crack I had been living there for around 1.5 years and I moved in the day the...
  14. P

    Natural Stone UFH / Anti crack matting or liquid fibre flow floor?

    Hi - we're renovating a house in Norfolk at the mo. I am getting conflicting advice from the stone supplier and our builder about what should be under the 22mm limestone flagstones. There is wet underfloor heating (or rather there will be soon!). Builder says it is sufficient to "lay a liquid...
  15. D

    Should I be concerned about the hairline fractures in my tile?

    Hello all. I removed an old shower rail recently and placed a new one on. A couple of days after removing the old rawplugs I noticed some hairline fractures stemming from the holes which hosted the rawplugs. I obviously sealed the holes up with silicone sealant immediately after removing the...
  16. B

    UFH screed showing few cracks, is Ditra Mat essential ??

    Hi need advice. We had the wet UFH done topped with screed. Been a month since the screed was done. Cracks have appeared at a few places. Is putting Ditra Mat absolutely essential ?? Will it affect the heat coming up from the UFH ?? Do the cracks need to be fixed ?? Thanks
  17. S

    Sub Floor cracks with UFH

    Hi everyone, I had my floor ripped up after a leak two years ago and wanted to get UFH heating system in my kitchen. The kitchen units were not removed but the floor around was back to original concrete base (house circa 1880). see pictures I wanted to maintain the original height of the floor...
  18. M

    Cracked tiles on suspended floor

    Hi Our first floor bathroom floor is constructed of floor boards over joists over which I have laid an electric heat mat and covered with ceramic tiles. The floor has settled and cracks are beginning to appear in some of the tiles. Could I put a self levelling compound over the floor and...
  19. R

    Ditra matting and tiles cracking a year later

    We had tile installed in January of 2018. The installer put Ditra down. The grout stated to crack and come out a few months after installation. Other tiles move. Is this caused by the Ditra? Or some other reason?
  20. M

    Cracking grout along tub workaround?

    I tiled my sister's shower with subway tile but due to movement in the floor underneath the grout all crumbles were the tile meets the tub. I spent quite a bit of time trying to brace up the floor and walls and she's had people in there before to Jack up the house and brace everything. At...
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