Underfloor heating and cooling is a form of central heating and cooling that achieves indoor climate control for thermal comfort using hydronic or electrical heating elements embedded in a floor. Heating is achieved by conduction, radiation and convection. Use of underfloor heating dates back to the Neoglacial and Neolithic periods.

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  1. A

    Insulation boards, which to use?

    I need to fit some insulate boards to a room before self leveling over the top of the boards to level the floor to the same height as adjoining floor. Both floors will then have a piped hot water underfloor heating system fitted which will be screeded again before laying either tiles or...
  2. E

    Unipipe underfloor heating

    Hi guys, anyone tiled over this product? It’s polystyrene grooved product that heating pipes run through over laid with a metal fibred strong board. New product to me and would like any advice or procedures req prior to tiling. Can’t seem to find any info on it.
  3. Viv Subra

    Turkish Tiles vs Indian Tiles for underfloor heating

    Hi, I was advised by my builder to get spanish or turkish tiles for my 100 sq floor. I bought thinking I am getting Turkish porcelain tiles, however I received Indian porcelain tiles instead. My builder is not sure about the Indian tiles for underfloor heating. The Tiles company claims that...
  4. Dan

    uHeat Sponsorship of Forums Gets Renewed Once Again

    uHeat and TilersForums.com go Way Back - And Continue to Partner-up to Bring You Savings on Electric and Water Underfloor Heating Quite some time ago the founder of TilersForums.com ran a tiling training centre in Staffordshire, and sold electric underfloor heating there, mainly to the course...
  5. MarbleArt

    Foil backed underfloor heating board. Can I tile?

    Does anyone know of a foil backed board for underfloor heating, (with the inserts for white hot water pipes) that's suitable for tiling? I've said no but they (contractor) insist it's ok providing the primer is allowed to dry for 24hours, so against my better judgement I have primed Saturday...
  6. E

    underfloor heating.

    Isn't it about time we stop installing wired underfloor heating? Despite best practise, it always fails. It always does. It might last 10 years. The likelihood it lasts about three. Seems like a complete waste of time.
  7. R

    South East Looking for Tiler in South Buckinghamshire to Tile a Kitchen Floor and Fit Electrical Underfloor Heating

    Looking for a tiler to lay a Kitchen Floor with 60x60 porcelain tiles. Floor is a screed concrete. Floor area is aprox. 22m2. We would like to have electrical underfloor heating installed at the same time. Any recommendations are very welcome. Job can start at any time. The sooner the better...
  8. L

    Floor tiles on EPS underfloor boards - some questions

    Hi All I'm planning the tiling of our kitchen floor with 600x600 rectified 9mm thick porcelain tiles onto retrofit underfloor boards made of high density EPS/polystyrene with an aluminium foil top surface (Wundatherm Premium+). According to the manufacturer, tiles can be laid directly on these...
  9. E

    Underfloor heating

    Travertine tiling on a screed that has piped underfloor heating. Im using an s2 adhesive but should I overlay with Ditra 25 as a precaution?
  10. M

    Marble with underfloor heating on suspended floor

    Hello, I am looking for advice. I am intended to lay Marble stone with wet underfloor heating in my living room and hallway. I have suspended floor with 100mm joist. What could be the best possible and cost-effective way to get the right solution. I have planned to put the 50mm PIR between the...
  11. N

    Porcelain New build underfloor heating and tile installation

    Hi I am want to get my new build kitchen floor, hallway and utility tilled. I am plaining on having Underfloor heating installed in my kitchen an have bought a mat based underfloor heating system with insulation boards(Xp pro insulation board by prowarm) . I got quotations form several tilers...
  12. G

    Wunda underfloor heating

    Hi anybody tiled directly onto the aluminium Wunda boards . I searched and googled for ages before doing this job and done everything by the book . Primer ,s2 adhesive ,, butter the tiles ect ect . Finished phase one and it just doesn’t feel right under foot . I’m an old school 53 year old and...
  13. paulmccormack

    London The Underfloor Heating Company London - Repair, Servicing Engineers

    We are underfloor heating and gas engineers and are experts in the installation and maintenance and repair of these systems in London and nearby locations. There are lots of heating engineers who offer underfloor heating as one option of many other heating solutions. However, we are experts and...
  14. R

    Electric Underfloor Heating

    Hi We have a small cloakroom that we want to put electric underfloor heating in, Was going for Prowire from Topps. The floor is concrete I take it its best to put insulation boards down are the warmup ones that they do as good as any? Also should these just be stuck down with tile adhesive or...
  15. P

    Underfloor heating

    Hi peeps quick question... Can I tile on to under floor heating?straight on the floor? Or do I need some sort of matting?
  16. C

    Pecilastic on electric underfloor heating

    Hi, Anyone know if you can fix Pecilastic (or similar) to electric underfloor heating mat that has been covered in levelling compound? Have a situation where the join in two insulation boards coincides with a join in timber floorboards below it. It’s a plank tile floor and the planks will be...
  17. J

    Tiling on underfloor heating warm panel

    Hi all, I've put water underfloor heating down in our bathroom using "ProWarm Warm panel" which are panels with premade tracks for the pipes in wet rooms. The panels are glued together but not glued down (consistent with manufacturers instruction) and with plastic end panels which enables the...
  18. D

    Water UFH Advice required please, Multi floor level and underfloor heating...

    Hi, i am new to this forum but after some advice if possible please. I am building a new extension and as part of the work i am knocking through between the new extension and an existing room. Ideally i would like Underfloor heating throughout. My plan for the new extension was pipe connected...
  19. R

    Laying travertine on electric underfloor heating.

    Hi all, I can't seem to find a thread with the info I need so hopefully someone can help 🤞 I have a 25 sqm extension which I have just built for a customer which he now wants tiled with honed and filled travertine tiles 600x300 from Topps tiles layed in brick bond format, I have had a tiler...
  20. N

    Natural Stone Natural stone on wooden floor with electric UFH

    Hi Guys, I'm 6 months in being a tiler, I've done lots all my life and sold the dam things for 10 years so I'm after a little advice on a upcoming job please. 10 Sqm of natural stone (they have not chose which stone yet) on a upstair wooden floor and they want electric under floor heating too...
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