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  1. F

    Timber to screed with limestone

    I’ve got a timber to concrete floor to do. I haven’t done one for ages and when I did it was on the request of the builder so the responsibility was on him. This one though is for an old couple who have picked a 20mm limestone to be laid random bond across the joint so I don’t have the luxury of...
  2. J

    Natural Stone Limestone tiles colour change

    Hi, I have recently had Jerusalem Light Limestone tiles installed over a brand new wet underfloor heating system laid on the original floor (concrete over 10 years old). A decoupling mat was put down first. The appearance has significantly changed during the process of laying including severe...
  3. M

    MSI limestone Pavers - brown stains after washing

    Hi guys, I’m new to anything building and construction related. I paved my backyard with MSI’s Freska Limestone pavers about 11 months back and noticed that it had started to discolour/stain in some parts. I read that a dilute bleach solution could help to clean stains on limestone and so I set...
  4. L

    Limestone tiles water marks days after being laid

    Hi I’m looking for some advice regarding some limestone floor tiles we are laying. They are coming up with water marks that don’t seem to be drying after around 5 days. They were laid on a bed of white adhesive which is fully across the tiles not just the corners. The floor was coated with pva...
  5. goz

    Limestone floor - colour issues around edges after grouting

    Hey guys, spoken to Harry about this and as usual is a great help wondered if anyone has any input on this? Artisans limestone floor , very porous, wanted to go with rapid all in one but they sent hydro seal instead, water based, so went with it, floor was cleaned and left for 24 hours, then...
  6. detroitMi

    Natural Stone Limestone, custom job

    Just finished this limestone job for a customer of mine . It's a wet-room, concrete shower pan, vertical Schluter kerdi drain, Schluter kerdi coll, waterproof membrane etc. See pictures
  7. B

    Kilkenny Honed Limestone Sealer question

    Hi Guys Newbie here, hope you can help. I’m helping my son on his building project. He is getting his builder to install 45sqm of Kilkenny Stone Washed Light limestone tiles ( 600 x 400 x 20). The builder has laid lots of stone before and has recommended Lithofin Stain Stop MN as the sealer...
  8. R

    Limestone Patio Pricing

    Hi Guys. Customer has one of those townhouses where the bottom floor is dug into the ground so the patio at the rear has steps leading up to the garden which is on the same level as the first floor. The existing patio is 10m2and there are 9 steps to the garden and they add another 8m2. The patio...
  9. B

    Natural Stone Smears

    I have laid s limestone floor and have ended up with residue from the grout. The floor was sealed before grouting but obviously didn’t do it’s job! What should I use to strip it right back and start again? I used LTP Mattestone seal 2 before grouting and then again after grouting. Obviously the...
  10. C

    Limestone floor help - adding sheen

    Hi everyone, Stumbled across this wonderful forum when Googling about the dilemma I have with my Limestone floor and it looked like THE place to ask! I had my floor tiled about seven months ago. My tiler used Fila unpolished protector from Topps, however we're not happy with the lack of any...
  11. Stu Brard

    Salum gold opus limestone

    Afternoon gents. I’m laying a limestone opus floor, it’s Salum gold opus. Is there a specific technique when spacing them? It seems almost impossible to get an even grout joint consistently. Any help appreciated!
  12. S

    Fitting Limestone to new concrete flow screed 80mm, wet UFH and main room is 11m x 5m!

    Hi all, Ive been asked to lay limestone to a new extension, it has a main room 11 x 5m with smaller rooms off. At present no expansion joints in slab and they say they are going to grind 8mm deep joint in middle of room and in doorways! In my mind 8mm won't achieve anything ? I am proposing...
  13. O

    Limestone tile sealing

    Good morning all Just to introduce myself, my name is Oli and I am in the process of finishing an extension at home. Was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to offer some advice on sealing limestone floor tiles. They are chalky white colour which we want to retain as best possible. I...
  14. K

    Badly cracked limestone - can I replace individually with decoupling

    self build completed 10 years ago, large kitchen diner on 65mm hand mixed screed, with no stress relief joints & wet UFH! Tiled with limestone, found that the tilers switched to cheaper adhesive not suitable for UFH approx a third of the way through the job, they then added flex fluid to the...
  15. S

    Any fix for this limestone?

    Builder on the job I'm on has blobbed these limestone on two window cills, not sure what adhesive was used but he was using grey rapidest on a bathroom so presume it would be that.. They were fitted six months ago and never been sealed, they have no tiles left so any ideas to sort besides...
  16. Andy Allen

    Dressing beswick limestone slab....

    Got some beswick tumbled limestone slabs to do in the new year, I have to cut a curve in some of them and dress the edge, was going to use a polishing pad from ATS what grit would you recommend for limestone. Or anything else that I could attach to a grinder and use...
  17. N

    Advice needed for limestone tile install

    Hi Everyone I really would like some advice on installing limestone tiles on my kitchen floor. After doing some research (i.e. google and talking to a few tilers) the order of install seems to be: ply, UFH, levelling compound/adhesive, white tile adhesive, limestone tile. Is this the right way...
  18. Localtiler

    Pictures Heated opus pattern limestone floor.

    It's been a while since I've laid an opus layout, probably 3 years, they don't seem as popular as they once were, I think it's a timeless layout, anyway I have just completed this one in Derbyshire and thought I would share it. 185w underfloor heating fitted first, then the stone, which took on...
  19. A

    I'm Looking For This Tile Sant Agostino GP Limestone Perla tiles

    Hi I am looking for Sant Agostino Green Power Limestone 60x60cm tiles smooth finish can anyone help [email protected]
  20. S

    Limestone disaster! Chalky pinky white gone yellow

    It's all gone wrong... we were trying to do a Chanel style soft white limestone with real limestone tiles on the wall and the sealant has turned it yellow and with a nasty sheen. Looks even yellower against the slate effect floor. Can we get it looking chalky matt finish off-white again? Is...
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