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  1. Bil Man

    Electric UFH UFH - Porcelein tile & Schluter Ditra

    Dear all, First time poster here and would like you r kind suggetion. I am getting a builder installing porcelein tile for me in the kitchen with underfloor heating. Unfortunately the tiler is out of country and not able to discuss with him the details. My electrician recommended that i need to...
  2. U

    help with 6mm floor tiles

    Hi guys, newbie here and after advice/opinion So we have 210sqm of 120x120x6mm porcelain floor tiles to go down onto UFH with a Chemfloor cement floor. I have been told I need decoupling mat due to the size and been told not to use the membrane due to potential air pockets that could cause...
  3. T

    Which screed would you recommend for wet UFH ?

    Hi folks, Just looked at a conservatory tiling job. Wet UFH system, set into sand and cement approx 50mm thick. Fitted 2 months ago so should be cured. Heating yet to be commissioned. The sand and cement is dog rough, going to need prepping to level the floor ready to receive 500mm x 500mm...
  4. C

    Electric UFH Hot glue for sticking down electric UFH cable

    Hi everyone, good to be here. I'm a DIYer putting down a loose UFH cable in my kitchen. I've laid it out and used a glue gun to fix the cable to the Wedi board. It occurred to me though.. once the cable is encased in SLC, those glue globules are going to be liquified each time the cable heats...
  5. S

    Can you tile on routed water UFH?

    Morning all, I have been given the opportunity to quote for a 110m floor in a chevron pattern. Around 80m of it is screed and the remaining 30m will be on a 12mm cement board, bringing an existing floor together with a new one. The cement board will be going down over 22mm floorboards in 3...
  6. J

    Thin Porcelain Twelve cracked thin porcelain tiles 1500x1500

    Hello! We have an issue with 12 cracked large format thin porcelain tiles (1500x1500x6mm). They all have cracked in L cuts. The floor is made of concrete (they call it dry concrete or estrich over here). The tiles were laid 6 months after pouring the concrete in. It has underfloor heating that...
  7. J

    Porcelain tiles wet room Ufh heating

    Hi guys A little advice if possible I have a bathroom 2.6 x1.9 on joists 18” gaps New weyroc floor Ufh is on spreader plates in between and a wet board flush into the area So my question is decoupling mat or not ? For this size area is it needed Will there be that much flex? There have been...
  8. E

    Water UFH Unipipe UFH system advice

    Unipipe underfloor heating Hi guys, anyone tiled over this product? It’s polystyrene grooved product that heating pipes run through over laid with a metal fibred strong board. New product to me and would like any advice or procedures req prior to tiling. Can’t seem to find any info on it.
  9. A

    Water UFH Anyone had experience with pre-routed 22mm chipboard for wet UFH

    So Ive seen this ProWarm ProFloor pre-routed chip and was wondering if anyone had has any experience with it? I'm giving the bathroom a total revamp and the existing floor boards will be getting replaced anyway. The plan is, take up the old chip, insulate between the joists with celotex or...
  10. S

    Floor Build Up with UFH

    I'm thinking of including an electric heating mat under the floor tiles in the upstairs WC. Could you provide advice on thickness and build up? Currently there are floor board fixed to joists. I was going to fix down the joists, lay over a cement board, lay an UFH mat and then tile over the top...
  11. S

    Removing Damaged Tile with UFH

    Hi Tile Gods! I've been asked to remove a damaged tile that is bedded on an UFH Electric Mat. Tiles are small not large format. Any advice (apart from walking away) would be helpful. TIA
  12. L

    Very large format porcelain, partial anhydrate screed UFH

    Forgive me for I am noob... I have a 9m x 9m floor area that is one space, but half is a new build extension and half is 1920's old house Situation: The new build half has a Anhydrite screed floor with UFH. The old half is concrete floor WITHOUT UFH. The tiles are 1200mm x 600mm porcelain. The...
  13. J

    Electric UFH Layer/prep for tiling with UFH on wooden floorboards

    Hi, So I can’t find any solid information on this topic. For context, I am wanting tiles floor with underfloor heating from the kitchen into the living/dining room (joining rooms via a door) so basically the whole downstairs. While having a new kitchen installed prior to tiling I was advised to...
  14. J

    Tiling on suspended floor with UFH

    Hi everyone. I’ve just taken on a large refurbishment of a property. Ive taken the job on from a previous developer who fell out with the customer. The costumer wants the downstairs of the house tiled but I have concerns about the floor as it is. The floor areas are suspended timber floors, 175...
  15. H

    Electric UFH Staplegunning UFH Stickymat to prevent it rising/floating into SLC?

    In two minds as to whether to go for UFH stickymat (followed by decoupling membrane on top) or more expensive UFH decoupler 2 in 1 system If the former, has anyone had luck preventing the stickymat from floating up into the levelling compound by staple gunning the mat itself onto the tile...
  16. N

    Tile over uneven terracota/brick tile (??) over wet UFH

    Hello! I’m hoping I can get some advice on what to do in my kitchen RE wanting to replace the existing tiles that are over wet underfloor heating. The Kitchen is in an extension that was built 5 or so years ago. The floor is concrete, 100mm cellotex, wet underfloor pipes, 50 or 60mm screed on...
  17. D

    Best floor and UFH

    I have 15mm - 18mm between my FFL and the top of my bifold base. 1. What’s the best floor to use with wet UFH? We have about 75mm of screed on top of the UFH. 2. Am I forced into a thinner tile? Ideally we will need about 1mm non fracture mat, and a 1.5mm of adhesive. Is this correct? 3...
  18. R

    Electric UFH and Quartz Tiles Advise needed

    We are in a process of re-decorating our kitchen - approx 25m2. For the new kitchen decided to fit Quartz worktops and thinking of putting Quartz tiles 60x60 on the floor to match. The floor is concrete and has been tiled before with Porcelain tiles 45x45, which we removed. Can we use Electric...
  19. P

    Water UFH Hairline cracks on multiple tiles in a small kitchen floor with ufh

    Hi everyone.....im new to the forum and I'm looking for some help and advice please. I tiled a small (14 sq meter) kitchen floor with UFH (water pipe type and approx 75mm below concrete surface) approx 1 year ago. Perimeter is allowed to expand, quality flexible self levelling compound and...
  20. S

    insulation board help please (no UFH)

    1950s ex council house, solid concrete floors, about to have the ground floor tiled - hall, kitchen, utility and bathroom in 10mm porcelain tiles. Hopefully it's not too silly of a decision, but to keep installation and running costs down, we've decided not to install UFH in most of it (but...