Cracked was an American humor magazine. Founded in 1958, Cracked proved to be the most durable of the many publications to be launched in the wake of Mad magazine.In print, Cracked conspicuously copied Mad's layouts and style, and even featured a simpleminded, wide-cheeked mascot, a janitor named Sylvester P. Smythe on its covers, in a manner similar to Mad's Alfred E. Neuman. Unlike Neuman, who appears primarily on covers, Smythe sometimes spoke and was frequently seen inside the magazine, interacting with parody subjects and other regular characters. A 1998 reader contest led to Smythe finally getting a full middle name: "Phooey." An article on, the website which adopted Cracked's name after the magazine ceased publication, joked that the magazine was "created as a knock-off of Mad magazine just over 50 years ago", and it "spent nearly half a century with a fan base primarily comprised of people who got to the store after Mad sold out."Cracked's publication frequency was reduced in the 1990s, and was erratic in the 2000s. In 2006, the magazine was revived with a new editorial formula that represented a significant departure from its prior Mad style. The new format was more akin to "lad" magazines like Maxim and FHM. The new formula, however, was unsuccessful and Cracked again canceled its print magazine in February 2007 after three issues. Later that year, the brand was carried over to a website,, now owned by Literally Media.

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  1. C

    Cracked tile help please

    Hi could anyone help me a porcelain tile I kitchen has cracked and has a small hole the cracks around it are getting worse. Does anyone know if there is anything I can fill it with rather than removing the tile
  2. I

    Grout cracked few weeks after installation

    In about 2-3 weeks after we got our bathroom fitted we noticed that the grout cracked along one of the walls over its entire length. The floor and other walls were done with the same tiles and grout but this joint is the only one that developed a crack. Attaching the pictures. We had to replace...
  3. A

    Cracking tiles when cutting 600mm Cheap cutter??

    Hi everyone. Tiling my bathroom first time and going well so far! 600x300 ceramics on walls and plan 600x600 porc on floor. I’ve borrowed a QEP Big Clinker and it’s cut 300mm fine so far, no failed cuts out of about 8-9 I’ve done. HOWEVER I tried to cut long ways 600mm and tiles kept cracking...
  4. J

    Thin Porcelain Twelve cracked thin porcelain tiles 1500x1500

    Hello! We have an issue with 12 cracked large format thin porcelain tiles (1500x1500x6mm). They all have cracked in L cuts. The floor is made of concrete (they call it dry concrete or estrich over here). The tiles were laid 6 months after pouring the concrete in. It has underfloor heating that...
  5. T

    Advice on porcelain cracked tiles please

    Had wet system UFH installed on a concrete subfloor to the whole ground floor ie living room, kitchen and hallway (40 sqm). UFH Panels were laid down that contain grooves for the UFH pipes to sit in. The plumber used an adhesive to fix down. It was then latexed over using around 3 mm thickness...
  6. T

    Help me with repeatedly floor cracked tiles PLEASE

    Hello! Please I need your help. I'm living in a 3yo department on a 5th floor (the entire building is 14floors). 3 months after moving in I noticed hairline cracks on more than 10 floor tiles, some of them linear and comprising 3/4 adjacents tiles. Others, just randomly on one isolated tile. I...
  7. D

    Cracked tile! Need advice!!

    I had ceramic tile installed and 6 months later I noticed cracks in about a dozen tiles. The cracks form 2 straight parallel lines 3 ft apart. The contracter says it is a high traffic area and the tile I chose was poor quality. The store says the tile is good quality and that it wasn't...
  8. S

    Porcelain Cracked Wall Tiles

    Hi had bathroom refurbished 4/5 years ago. A few years ago I noticed a vertical crack on tiles from ceiling down through 2.5 tiles. Looking today it’s actually through the rest of the third tile and there is a crack going off at an angle from original crack on top tile. Also on the top tile it’s...
  9. D

    I have a cracked bathroom floor tile. The tiles could have been laid years ago. Is there a way to find one? Thank you.

    What's your tiling question? Pictures can be added.
  10. JA Tiling

    Help with cracked grout on new tiled floor

    Hi everyone, I tiled a kitchen and living room floor last week and the grout has started to crack in both areas. The customer laid 6mm plywood on top of chipboard subfloor and was screwed down. The tiles were a ceramic floor tile 45cm x 45cm with 8mm notched trowel Mapei ProFlex adhesive was...
  11. S

    Cement tiles cracked right after laying and no idea why

    Hello! Totally new here and in need of some advice: I had cement tiles ("encaustic" tiles) installed yesterday by a professional tiler. Tiles are 20x20 cm, 1.2cm thick. They used Mapei Keraflex maxi s1 adhesive. Maybe 15 minutes after laying the last tile we heard loud crack and then another and...
  12. S

    Replacing cracked tile - slope on subfloor

    Hi All. I am replacing a cracked tile (porcelain 60x60). However I have noticed the subfloor is sloped slightly, the adhesive that was on before was a lot thicker at the bottom of the tile then the top so I don't think its recent movement. What is the best way of dealing with this? Should i...
  13. C

    Cracked Porcelain floor tile potential stress fracture

    I purchased porcelain floor tiles 900×900mm while setting out the tiler and noticed a slight line in the edge of a tile. Laying it on a flat surface he tapped the tile gently on the line and it cracked. The tiler believes this to be a stress fracture from the manufacturing process. Which is due...
  14. G

    Cracked floor tiles on edges

    Hi, I'm a diyer, have floor tiles that have cracked in the kitchen area of a flat on outer edges where it meets carpet, must have been down some time. I chipped the old ones off to replace, they are on a sheet of ply, which stops at the tiling area causing a height difference to carpet and if...
  15. T

    Cracked floor tiles

    I had the bathroom refurbed several months ago and about a month or two after the job a large fine crack started to show. It has since got worse and grown. Another hd appeared by the door too. At the time the floor had to be levelled and thick ply put down as a surface. The tiles are from Topps...
  16. T

    Cracked bathroom floor tiles

    I had our bathroom floor tiled several months ago and about a month or two after the job a couple of fine cracks appeared through some tiles. They since got worse. The floor had to be levelled, with thick ply bei used. The tiles are Topps Tiles Checker tiles. Rapid set adhesive was used. I’m...
  17. X

    Why have the tiles cracked?

    Hi all, I posted on here about a year ago as we had a lot of problems with newly fitted bathrooms. We hoped our troubles were (mostly) behind us however a year on and the floor tiles have cracked. Could anyone offer any thoughts as to why they are cracking? I will attach photos....the crack runs...
  18. G

    2 cracked tiles on a new bathroom refurb - advice please

    I had my bathroom refurbished 5 weeks ago and I’ve just noticed that there’s a hairline crack going through 2 tiles and the grout line in-between. I don’t think this was there when it was completed but I’ve noticed it now as I’ve just had my first bath so it could have been like this for weeks...
  19. TileBoom!

    Fired Earth, Hearth tiles ... cracked! ...

    Dear TilersForum Thank you so much for the outstanding advice and expert information over time. I have been tiling for some years part-time … however I kneel at this alter of greater Tiling experience and knowledge. I took on what I thought was a very simple quick job. A few tiles in a hearth...
  20. J

    Cracked Tile New Floor UFH

    Hi Just looking for a bit of advice - new tiled floor installed in kitchen & Conservatory a few months ago, 90 X 90 Porcelain tiles. I waited 2 months before turning on the UFH and went up a degree a day, I followed all the precautions. However I noticed a hairline crack on one of my tiles at...