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Hi everyone, I'm currently an A-Level DT student. My project involves me making a product for my dad, who is a tiler, and to help him with lifting tiles. Before I go ahead with making this product, I want to research this issue a bit more and see if it affects others in this industry too. I am aware that suction cups are the best current solution to this problem and my dad agrees too. I think I want to design something which also incorporates the use of a suction cup to help lift and transport the heavy tiles. If you have a spare few moments, I'd love if you could answer some of these questions :

1. What existing products do you use to solve this or a similar problem?
2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these products?
3. How often are you experiencing this issue on a daily basis? - is it one of your biggest problems?
4. What size tiles are you most commonly lifting which you find hard to transport around a job?
5. have you got any other solutions (except from products you have bought) that you find useful? eg// DIY methods?

Thanks so much in advance, and any extra advice or comments relevant to this will be much appreciated!

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