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  1. S

    Your professional thoughts please.

    Hello, we have just had some tiling done. The tiles look ok in the daylight, but when you turn the lights on they don’t look very straight/ flush. When you run your hands over them you can tell where some of the tiles aren’t quite flush. The wall is new and was freshly plastered before tiling...
  2. justynp

    New to the forum Professional sealant / mastic applicator West Yorkshire

    Hi Im new to the forum ive been running my own Professional sealant / mastic detailed application business with a team of sealant applicators in the UK construction industry for over 20 yrs, following many late payments and financial hits from large contractors I am now back working as a sole...
  3. A

    Advice on Professional tiling tools

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I need some general advice on tools I would require for a tiling job which I would be having some tilers do for me. I need a list of equipment for them. The work involves basically supervising them and would be working on quality Italian tiles 10/20 mm thick...
  4. Dan

    Pictures Photos of your work! - Professional Wall and Floor Tiling Pictures (2019 Public Thread)

    There's a thread in the arms that I thought should have some of the pics shared publicly. So here's the thread. Feel free to post away! :)
  5. A

    Looking to gain some experience and confidence for a professional tiler anywhere Farnborough Hampshire

    Hello all I’m looking for any help I can get I really want to start a new career in tiling I put myself through an intensive course nearly a year ago but after the course I still felt as tho I didt have the experience or confidence to go at it as a full time career. I am looking for a...
  6. Gerardo Santonastaso

    Hi everyone..new member in the forum!

    Hi everyone.. My name is Gerardo.. I'm looking for a job as a tiler and I though this website could be helpfull.. I've been worked in this sector for about 15 years ,started in Italy with my own company working all over the country. I've been in Uk for more than 6 years now delivering...
  7. B

    Wetroom dilemma's - want to pick on your professional opinon on this

    All professional opinon appreciated - Had a wetroom done and the tiles are falling off in the wetroom, the tiler used the dot and dab method in a wetroom. I have up loaded the images to see what your opinon should we take the tiles off and start again.
  8. C

    Opinions on this appalling "professional" tiling job?

    Hi all, We've just had our bathroom refit, and seem to have some of the worst tiling I've seen. We know it's terrible but he is in complete denial about it and thinks he's done a brilliant job, refusing to acknowledge any of the glaring errors as anything other than "snagging". Not only has...
  9. V

    Team of 10 skilled and professional tilers available for work.

    We are a team of 10 tilers/stone fitters and 3 floor layers looking to expand our work load. We are based in Heathrow area and willing to travel if needed. Full battery tools, wet cutters, CSCS and PPE + transport. A valid SMSTS and First Aid certificates in place that allows us manage our...
  10. P

    Rubi Professional Tile cutter - 1200mm Rubi

    Hi folks - My brother was a professional tiler but sadly passed away in December. We have some tools to sell including a RUBI TX 1200 time cutter with Scoring Wheel of 22mm . It is powerful breaker of 1000kg to cut hard materials. To cut Porcelain Tiles. Currently listed on eBay for £435 -...
  11. S

    Professional wall and floor tiling

    Would under take any tiling projects,
  12. Gareth Raines

    how do i change from active member to professional tiler

    can anyone help changing where it says active member to professional Tiled
  13. Dan

    London Find Professional Plumbers - Plumbers Jobsite

    If you're looking for professional plumbers or heating engineers, then checkout our plumbers jobsite. Find Professional Plumbers - http://www.ukplumbersforums.co.uk/categories/find-professional-plumbers.47/
  14. mr.tile

    Proknee 0714

    Anyone reccomending? Quite expensive, but knees are valuable..
  15. mr.tile

    Square Lasers

  16. Ben Scholefield

    Just A Hello

    Hi Guys haven't been active for a while and just to say hello to all my fellow tilers! Found it hard to log in, not very computer literate. Cheers
  17. Dan

    DIY Tilers Forum Categories Including Tiling Forum And Diy Tiling Forum

    The following are the main tiling forum categories:- Tiling Forum: General Tiling Forums Stone Tiling Forum | Tiling with Stone Tiles Tilers Forums Arms | Professional Tilers Forum DIY Tiling Forum | Do-It-Yourself DIY Tiling Tanking and Wetroom Installation Advice Forum Tile Adhesive and...
  18. Dan

    Tiling Standards - British Standards In Wall And Floor Tiling Bs 5385 For Free

    British Standards in Wall and Floor Tiling BS 5385 for Free Okay, so if you've been following the forum over the last few days you'll see we've firstly moaned about the price of British Standards in Wall and Floor Tiling, then figured out by a poll that nearly nobody has a copy of the British...
  19. Dan

    How do I gain entry to the TilersForums Arms?

    The TilersForums Arms is the business advice area of the forum that is out of the view of the public. We generally share advice related to business aspects of the trade in there. Any NEW additions to the TilersForums Arms (our pub / watering hole) will need to have 50+ posts and to prove...
  20. Dan

    Where's the door to the Tilers Forums Arms?

    NEW THREAD HERE: http://www.tilersforums.com/43-tiling-forum-general-tiling-forums/75548-how-do-i-gain-entry-tilersforums.html Revised on 16th December 2013 Any NEW additions to the TilersForums Arms (our pub / watering hole) will need to have 50+ posts and to prove they're an active...
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