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  1. H

    Mapei primer G skinned over

    Hi, I've previously posted in this forum about my first failed tiling attempt. I was able to take up the tiles easily after they'd set and someone suggested my primer may have skinned over. Since then I've taken up all the adhesive and primer and have primed again with mapei primer g 1:1 and...
  2. R

    Nomoreply primer when tanking

    Hi there, I’ve seen the thread about backer boards water proof vs water resistant etc. We were going to use aquapanel and tank with ever build aqua seal tanking kit which comes with primer etc. However, the merchant had nomoreply instead. I’ve checked this and they seem to require us to prime...
  3. Mapei UK Marketing

    Tilers Forum Members Only - Mapei Ceramic Training Course

    Our ceramic products training course, held at the brand new Mapei Academy training facility and run by our award winning training team, will give you an overview of the products and services offered by Mapei UK. It will also give you the opportunity to see behind the scenes taking you on a...
  4. E

    Mapei Mapei renovation screed primer

    Hey guys I've got a new, tampered concrete floor. Not sure if I need primer before applying Mapei Renovation Screed If yes, I've got a ton of SBR. Will this work? The screed will be containing UFH pipes. Thanks ES
  5. N

    Rocatex acrylic primer with Rapid Level 30?

    Hi Has anyone got any experience of using Rocatex acrylic primer with Rapid Level 30? I’ve got a load of primer left as well as some RL30. Thanks Andy
  6. D

    Length of time between applying primer and fixing tiles

    I'm having some tiles taken up and redone as they were previously fixed incorrectly (mainly lack of adhesive coverage). The contractors are asking to return on two separate days first to take up the tiles and prime the screed, and the second day to fix the the tiles. My question is, should they...
  7. K

    Primer now or just before tiling

    Hi all Hopefully have a tiler comming this Wednesday to make a start on kitchen tiling Was going to prime today onto a gypsum screed with Bal APD but not sure if I should wait to just before tiling or not Was going to do a 50:50 first coat today then maybe wait until the day before starting...
  8. K

    What primer and adhesive - underfloor calcium sulphate

    Hi all Just wondering if there are any recommendations for correct primer and adhesive for a kitchen with underfloor (piped) heating on a calcium sulphate screed Ive was planning on using Bal APD primer and BAL adhesive but Ive just read that BAL stuff is cement based so perhaps no good...
  9. D


    Sorry if this thread has been posted but i really can not find the answer. I want to know which primer to use on sand/cement render prior to tiling, i have mapei adhesive, so maybe primer g? or SBR (as its on sand/cement render)? Do i need to dilute? I have also use Mapegum WPS tanking to the...
  10. J

    Mapei Mapei Primer G. Question

    How soon after painting plaster with Mapei primer G can you begin tiling? I can't find an answer in their blurb TA
  11. S

    Primer & P5 moisture resistant T&G chipboard before I laying Aquapanel?

    Hello, please can someone advise me before I mess up and waste loads of time and money! Do I need to prime P5 moisture resistant T&G chipboard before I lay Aquapanel? Also, do I have to then prime the Aquapanel before I lay the ceramic floor tiles? I will be using Mapei flexi quick set tile...
  12. Callum barker

    Applying primer methods

    Hi guys How does everyone apply primer do you use a old sponge and sponge it on or do you use a large paint brush? Cheers in advance
  13. A

    Bostik bostik primer coming off when scrapping feet on

    Have used bostik primer yesterday and it took some hours(4) to dry to walk on without anything coming off. I was going to put my self leveler on top however when i twist my feet on it firmly, some comes off. Would this be the norm or has this not bonded properly. I was of the thinking that this...
  14. M

    My 1st Job Levelled with addy - Is primer needed?

    I've boarded my bathroom with moisture resistant plasterboards and hardie tilebacker for the shower area. I've then primed the boards with weber pr360. Then used scrim cloth to cover the joints and used weber.set SPF addy to skim over the joints and level the plasterboard tapers and any other...
  15. G

    BAL Can I use BAL ADP primer with Mapei Kereflex on plaster board?

    Shortly I hope to tile a wall ( skimed plaster board ) that has previously been painted with matt emulsion. The plan is to sand / grind off the paint, then prime and tile. The tile wt.is within the loading capacity. Questions. Is the wall prep ok? Can I use BAL ADP primer with Mapei adhesive...
  16. Mapei UK Marketing

    The Flooring Show, Harrogate

    Mapei UK are delighted to announce their attendance at the annual Flooring Show, taking place in Harrogate over 17th – 19th September 2017. Mapei specialists and Product Managers will be on hand to offer expert advice, showcasing innovative ceramic product ranges at stand M15. Product Managers...
  17. L

    Which primer do you like for concrete floors before S/L?

    I have 3-4 choices from the "builders depot " . wondering if most are roughly the same or one stands out as been really "better " want to level up with self levelling after
  18. S

    Any primer required?

    Just about to start tiling an older concrete floor (20 ish years old) that has previously had self levelling applied with carpet on top. Is in sound condition with a few minor hollows, - nothing major. Going to lay 9mm porcelain tiles (600 x 600) and wondering if any form of primer required...
  19. M

    Tiling on fresh plaster

    Had the bathroom skimmed over 2 weeks ago and is now dry. Some chases in the wall had to be bonded and skimmed and its still a little wet but I want to get started on the walls that are dry. Bal adhesive pack im using says to prime with bal prime APD before, is there an alternative brand people...
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