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I have just had a bathroom re done and the bathroom done. Job took 4 weeks instead of the agreed 2 weeks.

I’m not happy with the tiling and wanted to get an expert opinion.

Firstly the tiles are not straight on lots of them. (Edges sticking with shadows at night) and the grout is flaky, patchy, different depths and different shades of white throughout.

Would you accept this quality and release payment? If not what would your recommendation be?


1CE84C5D-4CC5-4029-8395-BB7BCC32AF88.jpeg B0EB4ADA-3A5C-43C8-97BB-B9EAA8D90C3C.jpeg F528003E-E459-4162-8D07-0CBE6974C211.jpeg 120CCC10-9C3B-47C4-9790-8597125D4F5F.jpeg 4795463E-E44A-4969-9AF5-CECA9D1EDB8E.jpeg 63369C7D-72DB-49A7-87EE-A109CB34E06D.jpeg 5B88EC6A-5A75-458C-AB50-2BD50CAD0BBA.jpeg

Andy Rhodes

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The tiling looks shocking and you can see those lipped tiles your on about,but what's not helping matter is the shadow that is been cast by the downlight above your shower head.Yes I would definitely hold on to your cash until the tiling has been sorted out whilst also have that downlight moved somewhere other than above the showerhead.


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Tiles look fine . See pic.


They came back today to do more grouting. Is it just me or is this a poor job?

image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg


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If it were the tiles everyone would be lipped, there are areas that look ok..granted they are far and few between. Would more suspect it to be crap walls, no prep and maybe a blob or two on the back of each tile.. Any pictures of the prep?