Induction sealing is the process of bonding thermoplastic materials by induction heating. This involves controlled heating an electrically conducting object (usually aluminum foil) by electromagnetic induction, through heat generated in the object by eddy currents.
Induction sealing is used in many types of manufacturing. In packaging it is used for package fabrication such as forming tubes from flexible materials, attaching plastic closures to package forms, etc. Probably the most common use of induction sealing is cap sealing, a non-contact method of heating an inner seal
to hermetically seal the top of plastic and glass containers. This sealing process takes place after the container has been filled and capped.

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  1. P

    Sealing a newly tiled shower area

    This is a rather novice question I admit, but I would appreciate some advise. My tiler has grouted the corner of the shower wall, and between the shower tray and the tiles. He also grouted into the ceiling. Is this ok from a waterproofing point of view? I feel uneasy as I thought that grout...
  2. markgannon

    Sealing Shower Enclosure

    Hello. I've received conflicting advice on whether the bottom horizontal piece of a shower enclosure should be sealed with silicone on the outside only OR both on the inside and outside. See images. The original installer sealed both inside and outside when the home was built. It lasted 15...
  3. P

    Shower sealing strips

    Hi is it better to use an under tip sealing strip on shower tray or just silicone it. Has anyone used a sealing stop if so which would be recommend? Thanks
  4. B

    Limestone sealing advice

    Hi, Hoping someone can advise please. Recently had some limestone floor tiles laid and as instructed this morning I cleaned them with a stone cleaner and this evening was going to seal before it’s grouted. Tiles still look damp and wondering if I should leave the sealing? Eager to get the seal...
  5. G

    New terracotta tiles - discolouration, sealing

    Hi there First time poster - have had a tiler come and do our kitchen floor in terracotta tiles. He’s just finished this afternoon and they look great except there some white streaky discolouration on some of the tiles. They’re sealed with linseed oil, I suspect this is excess oil that hasn’t...
  6. T

    Limestone sealing and cutting

    Hello. Have just taken delivery of our pale limestone tiles (tumbled, cream/beige) and am fitting them myself (have tiled a full travertine bathroom and slate kitchen floor before) so have some experience, however, would you recommend sealing the tiles before they are laid? Also, what would you...
  7. S

    Tanking shower walls and sealing around the existing shower tray

    I have just joined the forum and I'm hoping for some advice. I had a leak in my shower which now needs retiling. I have replaced the area of water damaged plasterboard with a sheet of aquapanel. The shower tray is remaining in place and I am now planning to tank/waterproof the three walls that...
  8. F

    Regrouping and sealing horror

    Good afternoon all, I’m new to this forum and hope someone can help me. I’m generally trying to do as much repairs in my home as possible and not simply because I’m strapped for cash or a woman. I’ve recently had to have someone do a trace and access because my boiler pressure was dropping...
  9. S

    Jackoboard sealing tape which way round?

    Might seem like a silly question but i cant find anything in the instructions or online to suggest anything so here goes. When applying jacko joint sealing tape with the tanking solution does the tape need to be fitted in a certain direction? On one side of the tape, the rubber strip that...
  10. R

    Natural Stone Sealing limestone Modular Floor tiles

    Hi, Going to be laying a modular floor with limestone tiles. Floor is a kitchen. What sealer would you recommend? And what is the usual coverage? Also how many coats needed? Thanks in advance
  11. S

    Sealing before installation: practical tips

    Manufacturer recommends sealing tiles before installation. I am not sure about logistics of such operation: about 300 tiles / over 50 sq.m., each tile should be covered with Lithofin for 15 minutes before wiping out. How do you do it in practice?
  12. A

    Terrazzo tiles not sealing properly

    Hey there, Sealed my terrazzo tiles a couple of times with 'aqua mix professional sealer's choice gold' Still seams to be water penetrating and leaving the tile a different colour until it drys out. Whats the best way to dry out to tiles and is there a trick to getting the sealing correct...
  13. A

    My 1st Job Sealing shower tray with Classi-Seal

    About to use Classi-Seal during a shower tray install for the first time. The instructions cover only up to adding the strip to the tray, and I have some questions for next steps: When installing the tray, should I put something behind the blue strip which is in contact with the wall? I've...
  14. M

    Sealing plasterboard/moisture resistant board

    I once worked with a tiler. Who when tiling straight to plasterboard he would seal it as he said if any moisture got behind the tiles the paper could come off the front of the boards obviously effecting the tiles. Is this true? He used to seal it with I'm sure PVA, though I've heard this...
  15. S

    Backer board joint sealing

    Looking at using a backer board like jacko, wedi, kerdi, etc and im not sure on whats the most suitable way to seal the banding tape for the joints, washers etc. Some posts ive read people just use a SPF addy to bed the tape onto. Then theres full on sealing kits like this...
  16. G

    Sealing Moisture resistant plasterboard

    Sealing Moisture resistant plasterboard Hi I am new here, I have been reading through many of the threads here and see that there a lots of knowledgeable people here and hopefully I can get some answers to a problem I find myself in. I am a retired builder and recently have refurbished a...
  17. 1

    What order - Tile Colour Intensifier / Protector?

    I'm not having much luck in getting a straight answer out of Topps Tiles so wonder if someone on here could once and for all give definitive answer in what order tiles should be treated.. Bathroom wall tiles, unpolished travertine white mosaic from Topps tiles. Originally told to grout, then...
  18. bluesky

    Sealing stone tile issue

    Advice with poor finish with fila fob extreme . After stone tiles had been laid and cleaned - fila fob extreme used to seal tiles before grouting . After grouting completed and cleaned off it has left a very patchy finish (see pic ) no more sealer will be absorbed .mandarin stone now say that...
  19. T

    Sealing tiled wall to painted wall

    Hopefully a very easy quesion(s) for someone who knows ? Tiles and one wall and painted, white wall on the other. Where they meet, should I use sealant or caulk and what colour (tile colour or white ?) Similar question where tiled wall meets sealing. I made I think a mistake of using silicone...
  20. Y

    Sealing porcelain tiles

    Hi, I am fairly new to the tiling trade but have a question that i carnt seem to find the answer to ? Should you seal porcelain tiles before grouting (floor tiles) especially white high gloss finish with grey grout ?? Any advise would be appreciated, Thanks.
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