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Hello, I'm not a tiler, I'm a customer. Just had a job done, a little bit to finish off tomorrow. In general an ok quality except I cannot stand the corners and it is poor/scabby around the window. Is this acceptable, yes or no, what if anything could/should be done to improve.

Is there a trim that could go in corners or around the window.

Not happy.

Any advice appreciated.


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The plumber said that the tiler should have offset the center line and have a small tile at each side or one side. You know what tiling is a very special skill.


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Easiest bodge is to simply rake out the grout on the slithers and next to the trim on the window and re-grout with a colour best matching the tile.
That would disguise the chips a little and take your eye away from the slithers.
Stupid mistake on the set out and poor quality cutting.