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Advice: Possible Fugabella product issue?

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Home owner here based in Surrey with a new Porcelain tiled patio. I need some advice about some grout discolouration.

I had a new patio installed several months ago, and we have been struggling ever since the tiles were first laid down, with a recurring discolouration issue regarding the Fugabella grout that's been used. In short, the grout looks patchy, dark and wet even when the rest of the patio is clear/dry. This has not changed even across a series of baking hot days. Most of patio grout is fine so it isn't an issue across the entire space.

Our contractor is of the opinion that this is product issue. When this issue first arose we did actually have someone from the distributor (manufacturer) come over, who stated that it was an installation/mixing issue by our contractor. The affected grout was carefully cut out, the new installation guidelines were adopted, and replacement grout was installed. Within less than a week the same areas of discolouration returned. The contractor is now adamant that this has never happened to them in over 100 jobs and it must be a product issue.

We are just seeking some independent advice/thoughts about what could be causing this, and if anyone has ever seen anything similar before.


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The contractor broke up the original (thick) concrete base and used it to create the majority of the new sub-base. A new layer of concrete was put down on top of the broken-up original base, which the tiles were then sat upon.
You do not say how large an area it is. Cut out the grout in an area of about 5 sq mts and regrout with Fugalite B10. This is a two part grout which resists staining.
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