1. L

    Herringbone issue

    Hi, we are having a herringbone pattern in our bathroom and the tiler has done one wall but then when he’s gone onto the next wall and the lines don’t match. Is that right? It looks funny to me but I’m no expert! Your help would be appreciated before we waste too many tiles and time!!
  2. C

    Preparation Please help fix my wetroom floor issue

    First off, thank you to everyone that posts on this forum, although this is only my second post, the advice I have picked up from reading others has been invaluable. On to my error. I have discovered rather late in the build process that my floor is not perfectly level, I did check it but...
  3. D

    Butech colorstuk issue

    Hi all , Used a new bag of colorstuk today and it was pretty much like a wide joint grout and a complete pain to put on the walls. Spoke to Pnosa and apparently I'm not the only one whose noticed a difference. Anyone else feel it's change since going to the new bag? Diggy
  4. A

    Tiling job issue question

    Morning all, Have a question for the professionals out there Just had my bathroom refurbished and everything was taken back down to brick etc , however whilst inspecting the work some of the tiling just looks really badly done Now the question is am I being to picky or is this a bad job ...
  5. J

    Self Levelling Compound issue (pictures)

    So this is my first time using SLC, it's Mapei ULTRAPLAN 3240. Once I was coming to the end of the mix I notice a sludge at the bottom, I assume because I've mixed too fast *Facepalm. I mixed half a 25kg bag. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm worried the mixed might be too wet now...
  6. Cranbrook

    Ats porcelain blade issue

    This has happened to my blade today... Never had this happen before :confused2:
  7. bluesky

    ford transit custom engine code issue advice !

    code reader on transit custom says mass air flow sensor fault . new one fitted by me - does the engine management light need clearing before i can find out if fault has gone ? any help appreciated !( or it goes into the expensive dealer !!!).
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