1. W

    Introduction and “issue”

    Hello everyone, Im a plumber who also fits bathrooms and kitchens, thats the tiling part! Based in SE London. Been trading for nearly 30 years, still learning… So, i am building a wetroom using a jackoboard former (like Wedi) the floor tiles are 150x150 9mm porcelain. They are cut ‘back of an...
  2. I

    Floor Tile Edge Profile Height Issue

    We recently completed the (rectified porcelain) floor tile installation in the bathroom and finished the edge with the trim extrusion we were given when we bought the tiles. At the time i thought the edging profile was a little too high but since i couldn’t find any alternatives available that...
  3. F

    Finishing tile against bathtub issue

    Hi - I am a homeowner trying to resolve an issue and get to the best finished professional looking result/outcome for this area. I have an alcove bathtub installation that leaves 2 13/16th from the bathtub face to the outside wall edge. I see two options - Option 1 use the available 2x6...
  4. Dan

    Working on the forum again; 'ads showing over the top of posts' issue is priority!

    Working on the forum again; ads showing over posts issue is priority! Those with the issue (it wasn't everybody) now, could you please let me know which thread it happens on, and what device you're using along with which browser. I'll use this thread as I work through issues, so keep coming...
  5. PaulDtiler

    Anyone else having rubi nipper issues?

    Hi All Has anyone had issues with Rubi nippers recently, just gone through 2 pairs in 2 weeks. I’ve been tiling over 40years now so I know how to use new nippers.The rubi rep called in to CTD, didn’t bother taking faulty ones!! Trying the genesis for now see how they perform 👍🏻
  6. korkowa135

    Advice: Possible Fugabella product issue?

    Home owner here based in Surrey with a new Porcelain tiled patio. I need some advice about some grout discolouration. I had a new patio installed several months ago, and we have been struggling ever since the tiles were first laid down, with a recurring discolouration issue regarding the...
  7. W

    Is this spot bonding and if not will it be an issue?

    Hello, I'm a member of the public and would really appreciate your opinion on a tiling job that is being done right now. My landscaper is tiling my patio with large ceramic tiles 75x75cm. I got home and noticed that the tiles sound very hollow when knocked. On looking at CCTV I noticed that he...
  8. M

    Issue picking grout for my polished san dona marble hex shower floor

    Hello everyone I have a question I have installed hex polished marble san dona tile in my shower floor and 3x6 on the walls. I'm not sure what to use on the floor for grout sanded or un sanded.... I have ~1/8 joints. Thanks for the input
  9. A

    issue with measurement of shower enclosure area! With PICS

    I have a minor issue with where my shower tray is going. The ensuite is an L shape and the shower area fits into the corner of the L. The block layer has made an error with his measurements. His measurements he built are from one side to the other at the front is 1210mm. And at the back...
  10. L

    Issue cutting tile with sigma max

    Evening all. I hope you are all well. I am having an issue where I cannot cut a tile straight. The start and end of the cuts breaks off diagonally. Please see image attached. I am cutting 10mm porcelain tiles. Could someone also tell me how to set the height of the wheel for the thickness of...
  11. S

    Forum display issue

    ive been having a display issue recently where the forum threads and the posts are all shifted over to the rich hand side of the screen making it not possible to read a post easily. heres an example getting this on my laptop running windows 10 when my browser window is maximised and zoom...
  12. bluesky

    Sealing stone tile issue

    Advice with poor finish with fila fob extreme . After stone tiles had been laid and cleaned - fila fob extreme used to seal tiles before grouting . After grouting completed and cleaned off it has left a very patchy finish (see pic ) no more sealer will be absorbed .mandarin stone now say that...
  13. S

    Cement Tile Installation Issue

    Hi All, Any advice would be much appreciated as to how I can remedy the attached green cement tiles. They have changed colour. Have been sealed with Topps Fila Sealer and not grouted as yet. Ive attached an image of them as laid, with the other picture the unsealed/unfitted out of the box...
  14. S

    Coloured Cement Tile Installation Issue - Advice Wanted

    Hi all, I am hoping for some professional insight to a recent installation. We laid client supplied matt coloured cement tiles on a exterior terrace. The tiles being laid on a Schluter Dita drain terrace build up. After a week or so the terrace is still to be fully grouted but the tiles after...
  15. D

    Issue with shower enclosure fitting

    Hi all Having a nightmare with a new quadrant shower that was been fitted (not yet completed due to some cosmetic touch ups and the plastic cover at the front to hide the pipework being on order) and was hoping for some advice. The shower tray has seemingly been fitted too far back on one...
  16. C

    MX Shower Tray with riser kit issue

    Good morning. I’ve been trying to work out how to stop my shower tray from moving! I’m fitting a complete en-suite and someone before has run the shower waste above the floor boards etc so I have to use a riser kit or build it up. (Floor boards run under the partition into another room). I...
  17. W

    Herringbone pattern issue

    Hi everyone, New to the forum and new to tiling. I am redoing my fireplace surround and wanted to do a herringbone pattern on the floor with 3x6 subway tile. I measured the middle 3 times, and dry layed the pattern out and still was off a inch on the right creating small pieces. I really took...
  18. W

    Herringbone pattern issue fireplace surround

    Hi everyone, New to the forum and new to tiling. I am redoing my fireplace surround and wanted to do a herringbone pattern on the floor with 3x6 subway tile. I measured the middle 3 times, and dry layed the pattern out and still was off a inch on the right creating small pieces. I really took...
  19. D

    Is this shoddy tiling? Advice much appreciated!

    Hi! We've just had our kitchen installed and one of the installers said he does tiling too. So we got him to the tiles, including a herringbone pattern behind the oven/splashback. White tiles, dark grout. The main issue is the corners, where there is a massive thick line of grout on some...
  20. K

    Issue with Glass Tiles

    So, we chose blown glass accent tiles for our shower. Looked fine coming out of the package. During installation, a lot of the corners chipped off! Contractor says this is the “nature of the material”, and it’s “part of the look”. However, I have viewed other samples of this work. Maybe one...
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