1. S

    Removing efflorescence

    I heard someone saying you could remove efflorescence stains with a water-white vinegar mix and a rough sponge. Has anyone tried this? It would certainly be less hazardous and less expensive than using stain removers based on phosphoric acid.
  2. J

    laying out issue...

    I have been asked to tile a living room floor and kitchen floor and the client wants the tile to be layed in adiamond formation. This is my first major job and i haven't tiled like this before.. Do i just lay out like i normally would and rotate the tile? or is there anything else to take...
  3. Z

    Adhesive issue for Granite tiles in bathroom

    Hi All Am a newbie here and needed some advice... Am going to be involved in tiling a bathroom with Ivory Brown granite stone and have used Mapei Adhesive Adesilex P9 (it comes in a bag powdered) for ceramic tiles in the past. Is it ok to use the same adhesive with this natural granite stone...
  4. A

    Grout Efflorescence problem - Bal limestone

    Tried Gaz's Fila Residue Remover. Great for removing residue grout on tiles but useless on white efflorescence deposit on grout. I reckon that if any water from polishing the tiles goes near this grout, before a good number of days passes after grouting, it results in these white deposits on...


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