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I just had some tiles put into my small WC and the tiles are uneven, poorly cut, unevenly grouted, and look especially bad around the toilet. I have a little bit of left over tile and I am wondering what it would take to fix the area around the toilet or if it would be better to take it all out and start over again. I told the builder I am not happy and basically all I got was an excuse that tiles are difficult to cut.

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Thats terrible.
To be honest the pedestal should be taken out, they are a pain to cut around, but not that badly, has he cut them with his teeth :(
Needs ripping up

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Nothing wrong with cutting round toilet and basin, but you have to know what your doing..

This guy obviously dosn't...:(


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I always remove the WC, however in this situation it is irrelevant. The ‘tiler’ would’ve made a Pigs ear of it regardless.