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Bathroom singing, also known as singing in the bathroom, singing in the bath, or singing in the shower, is a widespread phenomenon.
Many people sing in the bathroom because the hard wall surfaces, often tiles or wooden panels, and lack of soft furnishings, create an aurally pleasing acoustic environment.

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  1. W

    Advice on fixing "professional" tile job

    Hello, I'm just a home owner who doesn't have much experience with tiling but I'm looking for advice on fixing a few problems that a professional left me with. He of course has not responded to any messages. Basically it turns out that he used the dot and dab method when retiling my bathroom...
  2. A

    8.5mm porcelain bathroom tiles

    Hi, I’m going to be laying 8.5mm 600mm x 600mm porcelain bathroom tiles soon. What sort of tile cutter would you recommend using. I’m probably going to hire one for a week.
  3. M

    Faulty or defective adhesive

    I’ve just had my bathroom renovated by a chap recommended by my neighbour.Firstly he quoted by day abs said it would take 10 days! It took 22 so labour cost was £4000I’ve had him come back because the floor tiles are moving and grout cracked. He re grouted using silicone Now a tile has fallen...
  4. M

    Need advice. How do I raise the level of just one tile? See picture.

    I didn't tile this old bathroom but I'm cleaning it up, one tile is missing and needs to be almost half an inch forward to match the tiles around it. Can I use extra adhesive? Or extra cement? Or something else like mortar? I really need to get this fixed. Any tips would be appreciated. ed.
  5. R

    Cracks in newly finished bathroom metro tiles

    Hi I’d be very grateful for advice. I had a bathroom fitted a couple of months ago and have just noticed that many of the metro tiles have spidery cracks in them. There is no pattern to them - some cracks run up through a couple of tiles but they’re not all adjacent. I’m sure they weren’t there...
  6. S

    Cracked Wall Tiles

    Hi had bathroom refurbished 4/5 years ago. A few years ago I noticed a vertical crack on tiles from ceiling down through 2.5 tiles. Looking today it’s actually through the rest of the third tile and there is a crack going off at an angle from original crack on top tile. Also on the top tile it’s...
  7. L

    Tiler used dot dab on bathroom tiles - help!

    Tiler used dot dab on bathroom tiles but saying it’s not a problem. What can we reasonably expect to happen here? The tiler finished our bathroom today and when we’ve questioned the circular marks coming through the tile he’s confessed to using dot dab but doesn’t seem to think it’s a problem...
  8. C

    New build bathroom floor

    Looking to get a bit of advice, tried searching through forums but there was no definitive answer. What's the overall consensus on tiling a newbuild bathroom floor? I am moving in next month which has Caberfloor P5 chipboard installed and wall tiles on one wall. ( attached picture if that...
  9. R

    Water slipping through tiles and floor boards

    Hi, My family has been having issues whenever someone takes a shower the water slips through the tiles and floor boards to our dining room. This has been going on for numerous years. We can't seem to find a solution and need to find a reasonable price solution. It would be appreciative if you...
  10. C

    Removing white marks from black bathroom tiles

    Hi, In the space of a couple of weeks my beautiful gray/ block stone bathroom tiles on the floor of the shower have developed white spotty patches in various locations. What are these marks ? Apparently we have soft water and thus it’s unlikely to be calcium or hard water stains. I did change...
  11. F

    White bathroom tiles turning blue / grey?

    Hi all. Back end of last year we had a new bathroom installed with a walk in shower. About 6 weeks ago we noticed the bottom tiles around the shower tray were looking a bit off colour. It seems they have absorbed some water somehow. I have attached a pic so you can see. We decided to leave the...
  12. J

    Bathroom tiles lifted

    Hi; I am a homeowner who recently had an extension built with a ensuite, we bought Pro warm electric underfloor heating kit and a 600 x 600 tile for the floor We had them installed pre Christmas and this last week the middle section of the tiles have all lifted / peaked up and cracked. 4 tiles...
  13. Dan

    A bit of history - Tile Frieze Fragment from Kashan, Iran. 13-14 Century.

    Think any of your tile work will be knocking around in 7 centuries time? :D :D Giving the nod to @timeless john of Timeless Tiling Solutions. (Find Timeless Tiling Solutions in the Tilers Directory at - Available for Victorian and Edwardian Tiling Work across the UK - Very new...
  14. M

    I'm Looking For This Tile looking for ermitage crema marfil bathroom tiles

    i need 4-6 forf the abvoe old pattern tiles
  15. G

    I'm Looking For This Tile Looking for these dark and light grey bathroom tiles..

    Hello, Can anyone help me to find my bathroom tiles? I'm planning changes in my bathroom, which will mean exposing part of the wall which was not tiled (being hidden behind units and a bath) - so I'm looking for these tiles to tile the exposed areas - see attached photos. So I am looking for...
  16. R

    Clean grout from new bathroom tiles

    Just had bathroom tiled. Good job but grout on wall tiles has seaped its way into every groove of the tile...floor tiles are spotless though. Ive made some progress with tile cleaning pads and dertedek residue remover, this worked wonders...
  17. S

    Looking for white bathroom tiles 350mmx230mm

    Seems Wickes do beige and grey but cant find white in this size anywhere
  18. J

    Bathroom Tiles on Walls Cracking- Any Ideas?

    Hi and thanks for letting me post on here. Sorry if this is a long post, trying to just do the main points as it's been a bit of a nightmare. The problem is with the wall tiles in our new bathroom. It was tiled last July with British Ceramic Tile V&A tiles. These are ceramic 152mm x 152mm. We...
  19. B

    I'm Looking For This Tile Looking for 355mm x 235mm gloss white bathroom tiles

    I need 24 pcs of these. Think they were originally supplied by Wicked but are no longer stocked by them
  20. A

    Tiler for 11sqm of ceramic bathroom tiles in London NW2

    Hi I need a tiler please for completing a bathroom in mid February. We are in NW2,London two different square tiles , one type around bath area and one in shower on new tile board. Parking no problem. Nice tea and coffee provided! I can purchase all other materials as required. DAN
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