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  1. A

    Help! How do I fix a contractors bad tiling job?

    HI All, We recently had a contractor replace a tub surround and it appears he used marble threshold material to fill the gap between the new tub and the existing tile. Unfortunately it appears he did not add anything underneath. Part of it has sunken and is now uneven with the existing...
  2. Joshjupp

    What is the height limit before I have to mechanical fix tiles I’ve got a stair well to tile & the highest point is 4.6m

    Would the tiles need to be mechanically at this height roughly 600x1200 10mm thick porcelain
  3. 3_fall

    FIXRADIO Tradesperson of the Year 2019 - Please nominate yourself (quickly!) or let us know if you already have!

    FIXRADIO are looking for 20 nominations for their Wall and Floor Tiler of the year 2019 category. Which is part of the kitchen and bathroom fitters category. So please do nominate yourself (we can't nominate on your behalf, we haven't the time, and love you all the same we couldn't pick just 20...
  4. A

    Need some advice to fix bad tiling job

    Hi everyone. Just need some quick advice about my kitchen wall tiling which was done by 2 tilers and they are thinking they have done a decent job and there might be just few things which can be easily fixed when I feel that it should all be stripped down. I’m going to attach some pictures. All...
  5. S

    What is best to use to fix the tiles

    I'm going to be tiling a bathroom, which will have mostly metro type ceramic tiles on 3 walls with a mosaic border & one wall where the shower is in just glass mosaic tiles. I'm trying to work out what Mapei adhesive is best. I was going to use Mapei P10 for the mosaic & am unsure whether...
  6. G

    What would you suggest to fix this?

    What shall I do to fix this without re tiling ?
  7. C

    Preparation Please help fix my wetroom floor issue

    First off, thank you to everyone that posts on this forum, although this is only my second post, the advice I have picked up from reading others has been invaluable. On to my error. I have discovered rather late in the build process that my floor is not perfectly level, I did check it but...
  8. D

    Adhesive Advice please - how to fix uneven grouting

    Hello, To give a bit of background info, our new kitchen tiles is laid on new 70mm screed, Ditra mat and adhesive. The tiler has just finished laying the tiles and grouting but the grouting lines seems uneven and top layer coming off. I think the tiler has grouted twice in some places as he...
  9. D

    please help! poor tile job, what will it take to fix?

    I just had some tiles put into my small WC and the tiles are uneven, poorly cut, unevenly grouted, and look especially bad around the toilet. I have a little bit of left over tile and I am wondering what it would take to fix the area around the toilet or if it would be better to take it all out...
  10. Tile Fix Direct Marketing

    Tile Fix Direct - Deal of the Week

    Many of you will probably already be aware of this, but we feature a different product each week at Tile Fix Direct with a discount code to save you a bit of money. Our Deal of the Week is shown on the homepage of the site and all you need to do to save is enter the discount code at the...
  11. S

    Any fix for this limestone?

    Builder on the job I'm on has blobbed these limestone on two window cills, not sure what adhesive was used but he was using grey rapidest on a bathroom so presume it would be that.. They were fitted six months ago and never been sealed, they have no tiles left so any ideas to sort besides...
  12. N

    For Sale 20 x 20kg Self Leveller Compound Ultra Tile Fix Pro Flexible

    Self leveller by neil4073 posted Jan 13, 2019 at 1:33 PM I've 20 bags of brand new unopened Ultra Tile Fix Pro Level Fibre Reinforced Flexible Floor Leveller/Self Levelling Compound. Bought for a job that was cancelled. Retails £15.54 online inc VAT. Selling for £200 for all 20 bags Buyer to...
  13. R

    What filler to fix hole in plaster board?

    Hi all, I have a wall that has two layers of plaster board, the wall is in good condition apart from one thing, there is a hole about 4 inches wide by 3 inches high and about 15mm deep, i really don't want to rip down a whole wall due to one hole, can it be filled ready for the wall to be...
  14. Dan

    Tile Fix Direct now sponsor TilersForums - Offer on DITRA!

    Tile Fix Direct is a one-stop-shop for tiling and wet room essentials including decoupling matting, shower trays, tile backer boards and adhesive. We stock a range of the most popular products at competitive prices with fast delivery. To celebrate our new sponsorship of Tilers Forums we would...
  15. S

    Wetroom pooling how to fix?

    My most recent DIY project has been to convert my en-suite into a wetroom. Been at it for months and now at the finishing stage. Turned on the shower for the 1st time and I have pooling in the centre of the floor. I have obviously misjudged how large a shower tray footprint I require. I have...
  16. Alex Fthenakis

    Got water under kitchen floor tiles - how little can I fix?

    Hi, I'm looking for some next steps advice on a complex situation. I'll try to include any info that I think might be relevant. The irrelevant backstory is at the end for those who are curious. So tonight I stepped on a tile in front of the kitchen sink and water seeped up around the grout...
  17. B

    How to fix pin holes in grout

    Hi all, I have just grouted around the bather/shower and as it was drying lots of v channels/pin holes started appearing. I quickly went over again using my finger to fill these in but my fear is that the surface will not be water tight. I used a decent brand ready made grout and hear this is a...
  18. S

    South East Help Needed To Fix Botched Tile Job In North London

    Had a horrendous experience with a bunch of rogue tilers who didn't secure floorboards in the bathroom, put down Ditra on top without informing me that this was an inappropriate substrate and now obviously the grout has cracked. Because it's a high water area, I can't proceed and my building...
  19. D

    Adhesive Two loose tiles - effcient way to fix this

    There are two loose tiles on my bathroom floor . Any tips on how to fix this without buying 0kg or 20kg worth of adhesive ?? I plan on Mapei Keraquick Tile Adhesive which seems to come in 5kg and then mixing this with some pvc glue probably from poundland and then applying this to the back...
  20. R

    Hello and how do i fix this?

    Hi all Fairly new to tiling game and appears to be lots to learn. Came across my first "unusual" substrate today - ceramic tiles attached directly to a floor made up of non-marine 18mm mdf , no ply or backer board used. Lifted existing tiles and Floor also has a concrete section where i guess a...
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