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Dear Tilers, my husband has done a lot of tiling, but would really like your advice please. He will soon lay 600 x 600 tiles onto anhydrite screed in a room measuring 7.25 metres by 6.5 metres. He has laser equipment for set out (including right angles).
1. The anhydrite screed has been down for 5+ years without tiles. It is dry. There is low temperature (~30 deg C) UFH. Is it ok to lay tiles direct?
2. Please could you share your advice as to whether just to work from a single line (roughly parallel to one wall) or whether to work out in 2 directions at right angles, from a point at the centre of the line.
I hope the questions are is clear. If not please let me know. Many thanks. Frances
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I would start from a straight line rather than a right angle as , if your tiles are not 100% square, you will encounter problems filling in.
You would probably be best starting from one side and working across, just make sure you are square to the wall over it's whole length and you won't end up with a small piece at the end


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Anhydrite screeds need to be prepped carefully prior to tiling. It will require sanding before any priming is done. If you are not using a gypsum based adhesive you will need to prime the floor with a 50/50 mix and then when dry, prime again with a neat coat.
As far as setting out, I would identify the main focal areas, i.e. kitchen units or bi-fold doors.
Work out a straight line to the focal points so that you don’t have “tapered” cuts and making sure that you leave decent cuts to all perimeter edges. If the cuts work out set the datum and get stuck in.
Good luck.
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I don’t have any advice re the anhydrite screed however a simple way to start working out your set out is to mark the centre of both sides of the room.
Then work out whether you start from a full tile from that those marks or halfway over.

E.g. Half of 6.5M you’ve got 3625 as your halfway point, let’s say you’re using 600x600 tiles and 2mm joints, 6 full tiles gets you to 3612, leaving a 13mm gap at the edges.
Your chance of covering that neatly is very slim and it a wall is out even a little it won’t look pretty so I would measure 300mm off your centre mark and start there, thus leaving approximately half a tile cut on each side of the room (which allows for any wavy walls etc).
Often you can just duplicate your mark at both ends or the room and then flick a line or run your laser between your marks. Worth using the laser to check the room is reasonable square, and take that into consideration for your set out.

Then have a play from there with what other things are in the room and how the grout joins work out around them and adjust from there. We just find starting from the centre works well surprisingly often and if it doesn’t, it at least gives an easy place to start working it out from!

Hope that makes sense, feel free to ask me to clarify anything if it’s not and good luck with it!

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