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I plan on tiling my outdoor veranda next month, and thought I'd post this in case I'm about to do it wrong, or maybe someone can suggest a better way, or tips or improvements.

It is covered by the roof, but still gets rain on it regularly with the wind. From markings on it I can see it has had tiles before at some time.
It is mostly rectangular concrete slab, with a small diagonal section, and measures 1.2m wide x 5m long x 150mm thick. It has a 10-15mm drop to the 1.2m section for rain run off. Other than that it is fairly even and level, and is well above the damp proof membrane.

I have bought enough tiles to do the job, these are a mid gray 150mm square porcelain quarry type tiles. There are single rounded edge tiles for the outer edge, and normal tiles for all the other sections.

I plan to seal the concrete bed in case it proves to be too absorbent. I guess this will slow down the drying time of the tiles, but I will be in no hurry and can leave it for a few days. I plan to use Prime Bond Water Based SBR Primer

I then plan to start on the outside edge with the rounded edge tiles as my datum line to work from, then work inwards, and trim the final row of tiles as I reach the inner wall. I was thinking of a 6mm adhesive bed, with an 8mm gap between tiles. I plan to use Mapei Keraquick Grey Fast Setting Adhesive
Will 8mm joints be enough over 5m, or will I need an expansion joint?

Once the tiles are set I plan to use Mapei Ultracolor Plus Cement Grey Wall & Floor Grout for grouting. I wasn't planning on sealing the area beyond this unless it was adviseable.

Any help would be appreciated.

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