1. B

    Tiling over quarry tile- outside step

    Hi All! Total DIY’er here- we’re in a project house which has drained us, and one of the final jobs we need to do is the front steps. The top step has quarry tiles which I think are original (60’s) and they’re solid and secure. Could we tile over these without removing? The tiles we’re using...
  2. Aceman

    Tile getting wet outside

    Hey first time on this forum. I have a problem I think. Me and my Dad were tilling a cement slab for our outdoor kitchen and the slab is slanted downward so we decided to just build up the tile adhesive underneath… about 3/8s of an inch to make it flush with our trex decking. Turns out not so...
  3. S

    indoor tiles outside ?

    Hi I would like to use some indoor tiles outside on the top of my fish pond wall, the tiles I am looking at are Chambly Black Matt Stone effect Porcelain Wall & floor. The description on B&Q website says the following Suitable for Any room, excluding wet-rooms Frost protected Suitable for use...
  4. D

    Loose Porcelain slabs outside

    Hi I’m a complete amateur at this apart from an afternoon spent researching the internet. Two years ago I had porcelain slabs put down on my back garden and recently noticed a lot of them have come completely loose, as I’m not attached whatsoever I can just lift them up. It turns out the tiles...
  5. G

    Installing Tile Backer Boards on Walls Outside in British Weather

    Hi Everyone thanks for having me on the this forum ill try not to break any rules. I am diyer these days but have 15+ years (in my past life) in the plastering and drylining trades. I have had to carry out extensive works in my garden this summer to install drainage to carry water away from a...
  6. hats67

    Alternative to decoupling matting for outside porcelain tiles?

    hats67 - Yesterday at 11:48 PM Add bookmark #1 Hello guys. I came upon and registered with this forum while doing some research on decoupling mats. I'm a general builder and paver of 30 yrs. Very chuffed to be here. My current job is to build an upper and lower raised patio terrace of...
  7. Wally

    Tiling new block wall outdoors

    Looking to clad a new block wall in my garden.going to use tiles.obviously I will sbr the wall first but are there any hidden pitfalls I should be aware of.the wall is stepped but is approx 10m square.any advice welcome.im a keen DIY,er with a little tiling experience. 👍
  8. L

    Porcelain outside porcelain tiles

    Hi in after some advice had some Italian Porcelain in size 600×900 dark grey laid a couple of weeks ago they look stunning when wet but when they dry it seems to be a cloudy haze to them and there seems to be grout or mortar splashes any idea what is the best way to clean them without damaging...
  9. J

    Keep tiles level

  10. D

    Laying sandstone pavers outside

    First job with this type of stone (have laid floor and wall tiles several times successfully) Sandstone paving (B&Q bought says from India) 300x600 by 20mm thick. Laying on a solid concrete base - little uneven in places, but pretty decent. Small area - about 20 stones half of which will need...
  11. MrJonCope

    Installing quarry tiles outside

    What is the best way to install 150mm x 150mm x 20mm quarry tiles for an exterior path? Is it best to use a cured concrete slab over hardcore base plus exterior adhesive/grout, or would a semi dry sand/cement mix over a hardcore base work OK?
  12. D

    hi there just finished an outside wall in split slate.any recommendations on a good colour enhancer and sealer in a matt finish.

    hi there just finished an outside wall in split slate.any recommendations on a good colour enhancer and sealer in a matt finish.
  13. M

    outside tile work

    Hi guys and girls, I'm about to tile the back wall in split faced tiles with no grout. Just a bit worried as its outside and will get wet. Is there a danger that water could get behind the tiles and if it freezes will blow the tile off ? Is there a sealer I could use and if so what do you...
  14. D

    Outside terrace - Concrete floor instead of tiles?!

    Hello, I live in southern Spain in a top floor penthouse apartment (direct sun most of day) with a large outside terrace (600 square ft). The terrace is currently tiled but as the property is now 18 years old, some of the tiles are loose and cracked. My initial idea was to just remove the old...
  15. D

    Adhesive type recomendation and thickness for 20mm porcelain outside

    I need some advice on which adhesive to use and the thickness of adhesive bed required. I want to lay 400 x 600 20mm porcelain tiles onto some concrete steps I have made outside. I read somewhere that a 20mm bed is required but that sound excessive. I have 30 of these tiles to lay. Thanks in advance
  16. Dan

    Tilers Link Exchange – Swap links with tilers outside your area

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  17. craigy

    Outside corners

    Is it okay to butt corners if no trim is available? It seems a miter would be too sharp.
  18. N

    Outside floor tiles - Grouting advice

    Our builder laid fabulous black 1200 x 600 tiles around our house and also on a large patio. He used Fast Point brush in grout and it looked great for a while. Unfortunately, the grout is all falling out and we have never been able to powerwash by any means as the grout comes out too. I notice...
  19. S

    Tiling outdoors when it’s wet

    Morning all. I have an outside tiling job coming up (800x400x10mm porcelain) on a concrete slab. The builder has built it with a decent drop and it’s pretty flat. The issue is the weather. I have been told that the base needs to be completely dry before I start as any moisture in the concrete...
  20. R

    how to treat area just outside of tub or shower

    I'm getting ready to tile two bathrooms, one with a tub and one with a shower. I'm wondering what the best way to treat the area just outside the shower door and along the base of the tub. The tub area in particular could be subject to lots of continuous wetting, especially when kids have a...
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