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  1. T

    20 Year old Quarry tile blotchy where sealer "disappeared"

    when my quarry tile is wet the water beads in only some areas. when the tile is dry it looks blotchy....matt finish vs satin finish (where the sealant still is). I have sanded, stripped, etc. and the remaining sealant will not come off. I scraped with a razor blade and nothing happens. Can...
  2. B

    Kilkenny Honed Limestone Sealer question

    Hi Guys Newbie here, hope you can help. I’m helping my son on his building project. He is getting his builder to install 45sqm of Kilkenny Stone Washed Light limestone tiles ( 600 x 400 x 20). The builder has laid lots of stone before and has recommended Lithofin Stain Stop MN as the sealer...
  3. C

    New or reclaimed Quarry tiles over existing quarry tiles - stay brerathable?

    I think my question has been partly answered by @Andrew near the very end of this thread, but would like to double check and ask an additional question. I am not a tiler. Situation (see photo) 100 year old terrace house. Front room appears to have original (or very old) quarry tiles on top of...
  4. R

    Natural Stone Sealer for travertine in a shower cubical

    Is there a sealer specificially for waterproofing travertine when it's used in a shower cubical? Most sealers appear to be just for kitchens etc.
  5. James C

    Split Face Stone tiles - best sealer to use? and when to seal?

    Hi all, This forum has offered some fantastic help so far, and I'm hoping I can get a quick answer to the next question! I have our split face tiles here now, and they are going up on Saturday afternoon. Should I seal them (back and front) before they are installed? And what is the best...
  6. Wishiwasatoptiler

    Preparation Do you think these should've been sealed before grouting?

    Hi peeps Fixing vitra traffic polished porcelain. See pick. The box says it has a protective layer that shoulb be removed after grouting. Not before. I was planni g to seal before grouting. Thoughts.
  7. F

    Adhesive Do I need grout sealer

    I have just finished laying - DIY a kitchen floor with 300x600 porcelain tiles with Tilemaster charcoal 3000 grout I have some grout sealer left over from my bathroom so do the experts recommend I use it on the new kitchen floor. When I used it on my bathroom you could tell where it was used...
  8. Plan Tec Tiling

    What is your preferred choice of crackle glaze sealer and method of application?

    The tiles we all love to hate.... crackle glazed tiles! But what is your preferred choice of sealer and method of application??
  9. Ttt1601

    Advice on Sandstone sealer

    Hello good people, as the title suggests, I'm looking for advise on Sandstone sealer, got a customer who wants the whole of their down stairs tiled in 22mm thick sandstone, I've done one room and I used lithofin stain stop as per what their tech dept instructed, but the customer isn't happy with...
  10. W

    LTP Mattstone vs LTP Colour Intensifier Sealer? Any1 used both?

    I have 30m2 of travertine to seal, I have done the research and came to conclusion that the LTP will be good for my needs. However... I'm not sure which one to get -the regular Mattstone or Colour Intensifier Sealer.. -How much does each of the sealers change the appearance of the tile? -Has...
  11. L

    Which Sealer for Porcelain do you like ?

    Any products that are truly better than others ?
  12. Dan

    Adhesive Pro Gyp-Base Fast Track Sealer

    Norcros Pro Gyp-Base is a 3-part preparation system which allows ceramic & porcelain tiles to be fixed onto anhydrite screeds that are a minimum of 7 days old (95% Relative Humidity). The system offers a fast track solution when tiling onto anhydrite screeds, greatly reducing the minimum drying...
  13. LEE MAC

    Adhesive What shower screen glass sealer

    After a conversation today with a plumber I'm wanting to know what shower screen glass sealer if any anyone would recommend for maintaining the glass and making it easier to clean? I've been told that Seal Guard aresol is good?
  14. L

    Universal Tile Sealer

    Has anyone used universal rapid all in 1 sealer, it states you can apply to damp tiles and grout which would speed up the job. Does anyone else seal the same day or do you do a moisture check on the tiles? Any sealer recommendations ? thanks
  15. M

    Spinning travertine external edges

    Can I spin up tumbled travertine on external edges? I have a wet room with a fair amount of recesses. The stone is particularly soft with large air pockets. any advice much appreciated.
  16. M

    Brick Slip Sealer advice?

    Hi all very new here just signed up to ask a question! I am wheelchair-bound due to a disability so unfortunately I do not know anything about building work! I have just had a bricky complete the last room of my renovation. He was placing brick slips on the wall. I'm now looking for a sealer...
  17. Chris_32

    Grout Best Grout sealer to prevent staining/discolouration

    Hi, I am putting wood effect tiles down which are porcelain (porcelanosa Chelsea bone to be specific) which are quite light in colour and will probably have a relatively light beige colour grout to match. Was looking for some advice on which sealer was best to prevent staining of grout and to...
  18. L

    Adhesive New screed floor, sealer?

    After a total cowboy ripped off my disabled mum and made a huge cock up of her kitchen...non cured floor screed as strong as a sandcastle...self level thrown on top of said sandcastle then tiled on top with predictable results! He had the floor running to the sink by about 50mm over 2 metres...
  19. S

    Adhesive LTP Grout sealer and protector

    Just grouted a floor today with TM Jasmin, against my advice of it being too light a colour thats what she wanted, anyhow picked up a can of LTP grout sealer spray...is it any good, also is it as easy as it says on the tin, just spray and leaves no residue on the polished porc? Did a test on...
  20. T

    Greasy marks when sealing - transit wax?

    We have had 4 square meters of polished porcelain tiles laid in our bathroom. These ones from Homebase. The Website says they need sealing so I bought some LTP MPG sealer and applied it as per the instructions. When buffing, the surface turns to greasy, smeary mess - the transit wax problem? My...
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