Sealant is a substance used to block the passage of fluids through the surface or joints or openings in materials, a type of mechanical seal. In building construction sealant is sometimes synonymous with caulking and also serve the purposes of blocking dust, sound and heat transmission. Sealants may be weak or strong, flexible or rigid, permanent or temporary. Sealants are not adhesives but some have adhesive qualities and are called adhesive-sealants or structural sealants.

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  1. B

    Sealant to match metro tile grout

    Hi. I have used the mapei flexible grey grout ( the one in the red bag). What mapei sealant would be a good vlose match to this grout
  2. S

    Refit Shower Enclosure Silicone Sealant Advice

    Hi All, we have recently had a new shower enclosure fitted and wanted to check whether the inside vertical profiles should be silicone sealed as a "belt and braces" approach to prevent leaks? The instructions only state to do the outside and the bottom of the door only: The fitter has stated...
  3. G

    Refurb Grout and Sealant

    Evening all! We recently had our bathroom renovated, the Plumber/Tiler we hired to do it was a fantastic bloke, but we did notice how the finish on the grout and sealant for the tiles was not to a high standard. He assured us that after a few showers the steam would get the messy edges to drop...
  4. T

    Tiling - mastic, sealant or caulk

    Total plumbing-tiling novice. Our bathroom has been tiled. What should we use to seal internal corners and where the tiles meet the ceiling - mastic, sealant or caulk? I'm confused about the difference and have had varying advice. Once it's sealed, can I cover the edges (ceiling, floor...
  5. S

    Internal shower and niche corners..Grout or sealant?

    What would you guys recommend to finish the internal corners on this niche? Grout or sealant? The niche is inside of a shower cubicle Already grouted the corner of the cubicle then thought maybe it should have been sealant instead. That can be corrected if need be but wanted to double before...
  6. L

    Low modulus silicone sealant for bathrooms

    Can anyone recc a low modulus silicone sealant for bathrooms? It seems that manufactures are reluctant to say what modulus their product is! Thanks
  7. H

    Grout or sealant

    Hi I am nearing end of my bathroom renovation and wanted to know what is best, before the guy applies the finishing touches tomorrow. Grout or sealant for these areas? Photo A - between tile and doorframe facing ( I would say grout?) Photo B - top right corner (I would say grout?) Photo C -...
  8. R

    Outdoor porcelain- to seal or not to seal?

    Hi all, I am currently having my patio tiled under my pergola with a Matt porcelain patterned tile. It's called the azteca blue tile and the manufacturer has said it does not need to be sealed. It has a rough anti-slip surface which looks like it could trap dirt. My question is does this need...
  9. L

    Shower floor is a bit flexible with potential leak. Was advised to use special Sealant that can stretch to patch it. Need Silicone advice please!

    Hi guys my name is Lauren, I really need some hard to get advice and my tiling experience is limited. The floor in my grandmother's shower in an old second story bathroom is a bit flexible and the sealant has worn out around the shower floor on the inside. I'm hoping to seal that back up quickly...
  10. A

    Grout Question about matching a sealant to a grout - Topps Tiles Neutral Light

    Hello. I am new to all this so apologies if I have posted in the wrong area. My bathroom is being tiled and I found the perfect grout from Topps Tiles (Natural Light - Bal NL1) but my tiler has just told me they don't do a matching sealant. Does anyone know if there is a replica of this...
  11. B

    Dark grout, white sealant

    Hi, just had a tiler put some white metro tiles with grey grout in our first house. We are a disappointed with the white sealant - see photos. We appreciate that it may be tricky to do dark grout and white sealant. Is this the best we can hope for? Should we not have picked grey grout?
  12. A

    Mastic Sealant?

    Hi all, I wonder if someone could help answer this one please. The mastic looks like it’s starting to fail between the tiling and the ceiling the my shower, does this require sorting urgently? This area obviously doesn’t get wet but there is a lot of moisture in the room. (Sorry if a silly...
  13. L

    Which Tile Sealant to Use Fila or Lithofin?

    Hi, We're having some work done on the home and having some natural stone tiles fitted into our kitchen and orangery. The tiles that we will be using are natural honed quartzite/slate. However, I am unsure as to which brand of sealant would be best. The supplier of the tiles recommends that...
  14. N

    Techniques for applying sealant to 3 lines of a corner joint

    Hi, I would be interested in advice on how to apply sealant to corner joints effectively. Is there any way to do it without waiting for the vertical line to dry before applying the horizontal lines? Whatever I try, I take off and weaken the vertical line when applying the horizontal. Many...
  15. D

    My 1st Job How to remove tile adhesive and sealant from a wet room floor

    We decided to replace the mosaic floor tiles in our wet room (2m x 2m). I've removed the tiles, but having difficulty removing the tile adhesive and waterproof sealant below. I've broken up some of the adhesive to expose the black sealant below, and I've used white spirit to soften the sealant...
  16. K

    Brick slips sealant

    Hi all, I'd like to install brick slips on a wall of my kitchen as a form of splashback. I want to make this as easy to clean as possible (fake tiles are just not authentic enough) so what sealant is recommended for this type of job?
  17. I

    South East BN1 Brighton, Mastic specialist wanted. Approx 6 corners, niche and shower. Bumpy tiles

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone is able to apply mastic neatly to bumpy tiles i.e. this one. Eminence Johnson Tiles. Eminence Tile Satin White Being the genuis i am, decided to go for these tiles. Plumber been wonderful, he is just worried he won't be able to make sillicone look neat. Work...
  18. M

    Best sealant for tiles in a shower

    Looking for recommendation for a sealant for wall and floor tiles in a shower room. Wickes Emperador Marble Mix Mosaic Tile are on the floor and plain white glazed tiles on the wall.
  19. justynp

    New to the forum Professional sealant / mastic applicator West Yorkshire

    Hi Im new to the forum ive been running my own Professional sealant / mastic detailed application business with a team of sealant applicators in the UK construction industry for over 20 yrs, following many late payments and financial hits from large contractors I am now back working as a sole...
  20. K

    What sealant for glazed ceramic tiles?

    We purchased Winchester Classic Field tiles for our kitchen. It's only a small area so we are doing it ourselves, we have done a small bit of tiling before. The brochure says we should seal the tiles before fixing with Fila MP90, but that seems to cost a fortune everywhere. Is there a cheaper...
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