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I asked abuit how to level a row of engineering bricks that sit 2 to 3mm below the concrete floor. They are only 4 inches wide so I wasn't going to use a SLC but because I have 1 corner with a very small area that dips I might as well do the bricks and that area with SLC.

I went for


at screwfix. This was £9.99 and the instructions say to use the Eco-T Primer which costs about £30. Is there a more generic primer that will do the job as I'm literally covering a surface area of about 0.5sqm so it seems steep to buy that primer.

I already have Benfer Prim to prime for the tile adhesive - perhaps that would work?



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So I'm about to prime the small area I want to use SLC on. Presumably that'll take 30 mins or an hour to dry off. Then I want to apply the SLC. I gather that will be touch dry in a matter of hours. But it says 24 hours to fully dry.

If I pour that at say 7pm will I be OK to prime and tile over at say 10am tomorrow morning.

If I need to prime the rest of the floor area before tiling tomorrow should I prime it tonight or will it be OK an hour or two before I tile tomorrow? (Its hard to keep cats out of area and they may wee on the floor)