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  1. R

    Taking a break when using leveling system

    I need to tile a large irregular shaped room and don't see a way around taking a break. The tile is tiles laid befor ethe break plank and I am using a wedge based leveling system. What 's the collective advice for how to stop and finish sections? I.e. I amm concerned about how to make sure I get...
  2. A

    My 1st Job floor is running out.

    Guys. If a floor is running out. Would you pack tiles with extra adhesive or use a leveling compound. Thanks in advance.
  3. J

    Cheap self leveling kit?

    A job coming up I'm would like to use a self leveling kit. I'm wondering if the cheap Amazon ones are any good or can anyone recommend one? I'll be tiling large format porcelain on walls
  4. Andy Allen

    Roller for leveling compound..

    Anyone use a spike roller for leveling floors....??
  5. Andy Allen

    Leveling compound....

    I've been using the t/m rapid leveler, although in the hot weather it goes off to quickly, almost as soon you pour it..! Any recommendations of a leveler that flows as well .........but doesn't go off in 3 seconds.. :)
  6. Beyond the blue

    Leveling compound 'skin'

    I used some Mapei Ultimate leveler 1210 yesterday. Today I've noticed that in an area of it a skin 1mm thick has raised and separated and can easily be scraped off. When I laid it there was quite a lot of air bubbles rising in it and I went over with a steel float to try and get rid of them, now...
  7. jcrtiling

    Tool modifications - post your tips here .......

    What I have noticed in the past when putting levelling compound in fairly thick is that when running a spike roller through it can push some of the levelling along in front of the roller like a bow wave . I guesed this is to do with the spikes being to close together so today i took an old spike...
  8. E

    Mapei Primers for mapei leveling compound

    ON this thread: Floor Tiling On Concrete - Several Questions About Floor Prep and Laying - https://www.tilersforums.com/threads/floor-tiling-on-concrete-several-questions-about-floor-prep-and-laying.87417/page-2#post-931307 I asked abuit how to level a row of engineering bricks that sit 2 to...
  9. C

    Tile leveling System 600x300 rectified porcelain

    Hello, Has any one used these. Or should I stick to spacers. I am laying 600x300 rectified porcelain tiles. Tile Leveling Spacer 2mm System High Quality same as Raimondi Qty 500 | eBay -...
  10. J

    Electric UFH Wrong type of Self leveling compound and cracks / underfloor heating

    Hi We had self leveling compound laid about a week ago by our builders in our shower room and through to our kitchen/diner, i`ve been cleaning today and i`ve noticed cracking and breaking at the edges near the patio doors. It was laid onto plywood boards (in the kitchen area) , concrete in the...
  11. coujin

    Self leveling compound

    Hello, I've recently started renovating our kitchen/dinner. We've had a new concrete slab poured and it appears that the builders have put a tamped finish on it. They used a rack to spread it out and get it level 'by eye'... Due to this, I cant determine how level the floor is and how much...
  12. Wishiwasatoptiler

    Preparation Multi room floor leveling

    Hi All Looking for some tips on mulitiroom leveling. As it is it looks like the kitchen has the highest point with the floor dipping into the utility and then into the hall again dips. I'm wondering how others tackle these jobs. The kitchen will need a liquid dpm so my usual way of drilling...
  13. S

    Adhesive "floating"/Self leveling tile adhesive

    Hi Guys, First off, sorry for my bad grammar. I'm from Sweden and english isn't my native languege. :) I'm about to install limestone in size 300xfalling (falling=300-700mm) in a hallway. The limestone is 100% flat on the back. The under floor is 12 month old concrete. In sweden there is an...
  14. Rosa

    Few questions from leveling systems reviews

    Hi everyone! I've been reading levelling system old posts and have a few questions in relation to some points. Someone said that PLM or Mustang would leave scratches in high polished or lacquered stones, also it was said sliding systems as RSL could mark some stones. I have digital glazed...
  15. A

    Leveling floor with cement board

    Ive to tile 2 floors that are in 1 room with a dividing wall half way across the middle however im in a tricky spot and with floor levels. Its an old house and floors where in a bad way. In one room ive grinded it down all flat and near level as i can get it. Theres also an inch step into the...
  16. J

    Setting Out How do you deal with cowboys

    Absolutely furious with some cowboy builders who are completely taking the biscuit. They've not done near as much as they should have on any given day and are holding up the whole show. And their work is shoddy as heck. I mean they mustn't know how to use a level and clearly haven't the...
  17. Simons70

    Tile Leveling System 1 mm thick

    I need 1 mm thick for 20 mm marble, any leveling system does that? The client wants just 1 mm joints.
  18. D

    Tile now, or must I level a pretty flat floor with a *slight* apex?

    I am installing 6x24" (152mm x 610mm) wood look porcelain tile in an approx 200 sq. ft. (6096mm) room. Rectified tile, remarkably flatter than some 'long' LFT's I've seen. I had someone install 5/8" (15.875mm) plywood over the slatted subfloor. He told me the floor was pretty flat using a 7'...
  19. Kyle Knowles

    For Sale Raimondi 3D leveling system bases

    I have 3 bags of 500 bases for sale I'm open to offers as I can't get along with them
  20. S

    Raimondi Tile Leveling System

    Hi All, As I'm going to be embarking on my 1st ever tiling job (23 sqm) , I thought I'd better get a tile leveling system (My wife would kill me if I botch the job). It seems that Raimondi is very well rated. I've seen the following kit: Kit RLS: Raimondi Levelling System -...
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