1. Andy Allen

    Roller for leveling compound..

    Anyone use a spike roller for leveling floors....??
  2. Andy Allen

    Leveling compound....

    I've been using the t/m rapid leveler, although in the hot weather it goes off to quickly, almost as soon you pour it..! Any recommendations of a leveler that flows as well .........but doesn't go off in 3 seconds.. :)
  3. Localtiler

    Preparation What's your favourite levelling compound ?

    Ive used Tilemaster levelflex a lot recently but I'm looking for something that flows better, and behaves better, whats your go to leveller ? Rapid level 30 is the best flowing and the best final finish I've ever known but it's not always suitable with its working time and limited depth. Does...
  4. Beyond the blue

    Leveling compound 'skin'

    I used some Mapei Ultimate leveler 1210 yesterday. Today I've noticed that in an area of it a skin 1mm thick has raised and separated and can easily be scraped off. When I laid it there was quite a lot of air bubbles rising in it and I went over with a steel float to try and get rid of them, now...
  5. R

    Electric UFH Cable raised up through self levelling compound

    Hi all, Firstly I would like to say this forum has a lot of useful content, I’ve found it extremely helpful over the past few weeks as a diy tiler. I’ve installed an electric ufh mat and put down a suitable self levelling compound. The compound is pretty much dry and I’ve noticed in some areas...
  6. R

    Tiling over UFH using a levelling compound onto Marmox Boards

    Hi all, I will be tiling my bathroom this weekend and want to make sure I'm set up to get it all finished by Sunday evening. The existing substrate: 18mm plywood 12.5mm marmox board I'm fitting an electric underfloor heating mat and propose to use a self leveling compound and then tile...
  7. Miles

    New self level compound

    Hi all, I have looked at a job today and the customer has already bought 14 bags of level compound that I have not used before. It’s Mapei Ultimate Level 1210...I’ve used Mapei grout, adhesive and screed but not this and a quick google search shows that Screwdix sell it as well as several online...
  8. N

    For Sale 20 x 20kg Self Leveller Compound Ultra Tile Fix Pro Flexible

    Self leveller by neil4073 posted Jan 13, 2019 at 1:33 PM I've 20 bags of brand new unopened Ultra Tile Fix Pro Level Fibre Reinforced Flexible Floor Leveller/Self Levelling Compound. Bought for a job that was cancelled. Retails £15.54 online inc VAT. Selling for £200 for all 20 bags Buyer to...
  9. E

    Primers for mapei leveling compound

    ON this thread: Floor Tiling On Concrete - Several Questions About Floor Prep and Laying - I asked abuit how to level a row of engineering bricks that sit 2 to...
  10. D

    priming self levelling compound

    i have used this to level out a bathroom floor (link below) Ultra Level It One Fibre Plus | Topps Tiles - do i need to prime this before tiling ? and if so what ratio.
  11. J

    Self Levelling Compound issue (pictures)

    So this is my first time using SLC, it's Mapei ULTRAPLAN 3240. Once I was coming to the end of the mix I notice a sludge at the bottom, I assume because I've mixed too fast *Facepalm. I mixed half a 25kg bag. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm worried the mixed might be too wet now...
  12. V

    Self level compound poor job?

    Hi my tiler screeded my bathroom floor 4 days ago and it hasnt fully cured in places. There also a white powdery residue on top. In some places where its thinnest it has set. In other places not so well - you can walk on it but i tried scraping some of the white residue and slithers of screed...
  13. Pritch

    Self Level compound or board first?

    Hi everyone . I have a question to ask about my bathroom. I'm about to install electric under floor heating in my bathroom and lay new tiles . I've lifted the old tiles that were laid directly on top of the chip board flooring but the old adhesive is extremely difficult to get off. Is it ok...
  14. F

    Ardex K301 Exterior Levelling Compound

    I need to bring up some sections of an outside concrete area to level it off prier to tiling, am I correct in thinking that Ardex K301 Exterior Levelling Compound is my only option. The area is not subject to rain as such as it has a poly carbonate roof but rain does get blown under it is also...
  15. J

    Electric UFH Wrong type of Self leveling compound and cracks / underfloor heating

    Hi We had self leveling compound laid about a week ago by our builders in our shower room and through to our kitchen/diner, i`ve been cleaning today and i`ve noticed cracking and breaking at the edges near the patio doors. It was laid onto plywood boards (in the kitchen area) , concrete in the...
  16. coujin

    Self leveling compound

    Hello, I've recently started renovating our kitchen/dinner. We've had a new concrete slab poured and it appears that the builders have put a tamped finish on it. They used a rack to spread it out and get it level 'by eye'... Due to this, I cant determine how level the floor is and how much...
  17. JohnsonL

    So what is your goto smoothing compound

    Im curious to know what every tilers goto levelling (smoothing ) compound is to get a floor in your eyes perfect for the job. If you need that glass smooth flat/ level finish what product do you guys use and why? My interest is purely that, as an experienced floorlayer my company is always...
  18. J

    Using Compound adhesive

    Hi. I've made enquiries about a shower tray that we are considering buying. More specifically, I asked if this type of tray can be raised on timber etc and then the tray bedded upon a layer of mortar. The reply from the supplier was "There shouldn’t be any problem raising the tray as suggested...
  19. schakal

    self levelling compound

    I am about to start levelling the concrete kitchen floor soon and I have a bit of a question regarding the self levelling compound I have. It is the Ultra Level It One Self Levelling Compound and on the packaging it says 3 to 50mm bed thickness . Does this mean i am not able to feather the slc...
  20. A

    Self Levelling Compound over Bitumen Adhesive

    Hi, not really sure which section to post this in so apologies if this should have gone somewhere else....I know it's a fairly commonly asked question but I need to level out a downstairs bathroom floor (concrete) and was looking for some advise/reassurance (as this is a DIY situation) that I...
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