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  1. H573

    Tile Skirting

    Hey up, Regarding tile skirting is 150 mm the done thing? It looks big to me but once fixed looks ok. What would you recommend? Tiles are 600mm x 300mm Thanks as always 👍🏼
  2. W

    Up to skirting base boards or under?

    Hopefully just a quick question. Kitchen skirting base boards are already on the kitchen walls and have been installed over the top of existing ceramic tiles. When the ceramic tiles are removed there will be a gap under the skirting boards. 1/ Should I cut the existing skirting boards with a...
  3. P

    Pricing tiled skirting

    Hi there, I'm pricing a largish floor and the customer wants a tiled skirting. I've done these enough times but haven't really made a note of how many metres I get done in a day. Does anyone have an amount that they allow per day on average?
  4. S

    Making up skirting tile

    Morning all, I've finished tiling my whole downstairs in 600 x 600 glazed white porcelain and my other half is over the moon - me less so, but that's a different story :) . I removed skirting and architraves before tiling thankfully, because she now wants a white skirting tile in the kitchen...
  5. dg-1984

    Removing skirting for wall tiles, floor already tiled.

    Basically I have a tiled floor in a toilet with skirting in place, as we were not sure if we were going to tile the walls or just wallpaper. Now decided to tile the walls so I will remove the skirting, I just wanted to know how to get the tile to the correct thickness so it sits where the...
  6. F

    Expansion joints or skirting off

    Hi all, I've been fortunate to get a fair few 30-40m2 downstairs flooring in varying new builds (private work). So kitchen hall utility downstairs loo etc. Each time the customer wants a continuous floor I.e. no door trims. I use a multi tool to cut the bottom of the archies and slide the...
  7. Stevev

    Tiling under existing skirting and dbl glaze profile

    Anyone have any tips for tiling under existing skirting and plastic profiles. I'm taking the existing floor up so will have about 1.5 inch below these to tile but want to keep cuts under skirting etc
  8. K

    split face tiles skirting board or not

    Hello, with the help on here i managed to top to bottom tile 2 bathrooms a couple of years ago.many thanks im now stuck again.i am tiling my dining room with split face tiles.doing one wall as a feature wall. my question is skirting boards????.. if i tile to the top they look thin and...
  9. C

    Gaps between Floor tiles and Skirting?

    Over the past few weeks I have had a new concrete floor put down with under floor heating and porcelain tiles on top. The skirting has just gone on and I have noticed in some areas that there is rather a big gap 3mm-5mm. Is this something that I should just accept or make an issue of? This is...
  10. B

    Skirting boards cut or tile against ?

    hi guys just wondering what your opinions on this are, this is for floor tiles do use butt the tile up against the skirting boards or do u use a multitool and cut out the bottom of the skirting and lay tile under ?
  11. L

    Polishing marble skirting.

    Hi all, I need a bit of advice. I've been asked to add marble skirting to the floor I'm tiling. I was wondering if anyone had any tips For polishing the top of the tile that would be exposed. They don't want any beading on top to finish it of which would have made my life easy. Any help would be...
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