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In the field of photographic imaging, a photographic mosaic, also known under the term Photomosaic, is a picture (usually a photograph) that has been divided into (usually equal sized) tiled sections, each of which is replaced with another photograph that matches the target photo. When viewed at low magnifications, the individual pixels appear as the primary image, while close examination reveals that the image is in fact made up of many hundreds or thousands of smaller images. Most of the time they are a computer-created type of montage.
There are two kinds of mosaic, depending on how the matching is done. In the simpler kind, each part of the target image is averaged down to a single color. Each of the library images is also reduced to a single color. Each part of the target image is then replaced with one from the library where these colors are as similar as possible. In effect, the target image is reduced in resolution (by downsampling), and then each of the resulting pixels is replaced with an image whose average color matches that pixel.
In the more advanced kind of photographic mosaic, the target image is not downsampled, and the matching is done by comparing each pixel in the rectangle to the corresponding pixel from each library image. The rectangle in the target is then replaced with the library image that minimizes the total difference. This requires much more computation than the simple kind, but the results can be much better since the pixel-by-pixel matching can preserve the resolution of the target image.
Originally, the term photomosaic referred to compound photographs created by stitching together a series of adjacent pictures of a scene. Space scientists have been assembling mosaics of this kind since at least as early as the Soviet satellite missions to the Moon in the late 1950s. The name Photomosaic and an implementation concept were trademarked by Robert Silvers' Runaway Technology, Inc.

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  1. J

    Low , dirty grout on mosaic tiling. Can I just clean and seal it?

    What's your tiling question? Pictures can be added.
  2. F

    Removal of lead plugs in Victorian tile hallway restoration

    Hello everyone, new to the forum, nice to meet you. A tiler recommended to bring this question over here, they tell me we have a problem they've not seen in 30 years of tiling! Our London house was built circa 1900's, the hallway has its original tiles still which we'd like to restore. The...
  3. D

    Victorian Border Layout Dilemma!

    Any Victorian Tile Specialists out there I would be very grateful for some advice! I have bought a job lot of tiles from Ebay- originally was not considering an intricate border but given I have the tiles I am going to try.. Dilemma I have is when dry-laying (photo attached), the narrow bit at...
  4. C

    Staining wet room mosaic tiles

    Hi. I am looking for a product recommendation of a black stain for unsealed mosaic wet room tiles. The tiles are black but as they were not sealed by the fitter over a year ago and have become discolored . No amount of cleaning will help restore them and I’m looking for a product that I can...
  5. G

    My 1st Job help and advice much appreciated bizzaza mosaic tiling with epoxy resin grout

    Hi guys got a job coming up soon which ive not come across before its a bathroom I've already started large bathroom marble tiles all around wall/floors which was fine but now the client wants me to tile a paper faced mosaic piece on her large shower wall , the wall has two niches built into the...
  6. M

    VIVA TILING - Sharon Taylor | Mosaic Specialist in North London

    MissTiler submitted a new resource: VIVA TILING-SHARON TAYLOR - Mosaic specialist Read more about this resource...
  7. L

    Glass mosaic fail!

    Hi, I'm looking for a bit of advice to help me salvage a DIY glass mosaic tile installation. I've done a bit of standard format wall and floor tiling in the past and always achieved a fairly decent enough finish to be satisfied with it so I have braved a glass mosaic in our new kitchen...
  8. Phatmatt

    Best adhesive and grout for glass mosaic tiles

    Hi all, just had a new bath fitted. Took out the old one and had to remove one course of tiles around the bath as the new bath was taller. (see picture attached). I am going to tile the 150mm gap with these glass mosaic tiles Botella Indian Peacock Mosaic Tile | Topps Tiles -...
  9. R

    Trowel size for mosaic on floor

    Looking for a bit of advice on what size of trowel to use for a mosaic laid on the floor. The individual tiles are 50mm square, and porcelain (if that has any bearing on it). The floor is perfectly flat, although it is plywood. I lifted the original floorboards, braced all the joists (450mm...
  10. J

    The Boxford Mosaics

    will any of our work be here in 2000 yrs time. just read a bout the roman mosaic uncovered in Boxford Berkshire INC-READABLE in themail online
  11. L

    I'm Looking For This Tile 1.5cm x 1.5cm travertine style mosaic brown cream beige shades. Need 0.5m2

    1.5cm x 1.5cm travertine style mosaic brown cream beige shades. Need 0.5m2
  12. PC Tile

    Mosaic shower back wall

    Hi,any advice for m.sq price for mosaics
  13. PC Tile

    Mosaic price guide

    Hi, looking for general labour price for mosaics, Cambridge area,,cheers
  14. W

    Mosaic compression

    Hi all I plan on using a 300mm wide strip of mosaic (the kind on a webbing backing), half way up the wall. It occurs to me that the tiles above may compress them and everything might slip and become misaligned. Is this a concert and if so, how can I address the issue? Thank you
  15. H

    Hi, I'm a mosaic maker/potter. I make my own tesserae and mosaics loosely in the roman tradition.

    Embarking on large scale project, Have previously made mosaics using reverse method, sticking tesserae onto brown paper using wallpaper paste, then sand in gaps, ring of steel round the mosaic and concrete. When solid, turning it over, washing off paper and sand from gaps and grouting. Now...
  16. A

    DIY Mosaic tiles tips please?

    Hi all. Is there a knack to minimise adhesive coming through the gaps between small mosaic tiles when applying them to the wall? I’ve done my first one of this size and I’ll end up spending more time, with a trowel, scraping out adhesive between the cut lines than I will doing the rest of the...
  17. T

    Mosaic tile not sticking!

    Never had this happen before. Customer ordered mosaic tile. Traditional black and white checkerboard with 1" tiles. They are very thin, but packing says "for floors and walls". Mesh on back is quite dense. The mesh is bonding with the Mapei adhesive, but once dry, the tiles pop off! We have...
  18. T

    Metal mosaics

    These are from Porcelanosa What blade in my grinder to cut them?
  19. kiteboy

    Decent tubbed - wall adhesive - mosaic tiles

    Hi all About to tile kitchen backsplash with these tiles They are sheets of 30 x 30cm mosaic - I know that the bagged adhesive is the best - but I find it messy too so would rather go for a tub for these small format tiles Just wondering on thoughts on a...
  20. J

    I'm Looking For This Tile 4in x4in mosaic tiles for kitchen brown beige and cream

    Looking for a square metre of the above tiles
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