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Apr 2, 2006
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I'll help with this in the week. :)

Edit: I've started on customising your listing for you. It's a nice one to make stand out. Can you check the new "Speciality" tab is okay? - And edit anything you think isn't quite right. I'm trying to find the female sparks and pipe monkey listings to cross-promote you all. But tilers has taken priority over the directories so I'll be able to pick those links up when I get to them whilst editing the listings there. Not sure if that's okay? Let me know. There's an electrical installation company that only employs female electricians. Caused a bit of a stir in a thread on there but they didn't half get noticed. :)

@MissTiler I could do with:-
  • Links to 3 job threads on the forum somewhere - I'm sure there are a few on here but haven't the time to search
  • 3 or 4 pictures of different work
Can you help me get those? :)

Then you're pretty much done. I'll waffle around the images and then hand the listing back and you can take it from there and sharpen anything up. :D

Also, let me know if you'd like me to change your forum username to Viva Tiling. It would change all your content and tag it under that new name. But then it'd appear when people search for Viva Tiling of course. Not sure if you'd rather keep the advice separate from the actual business of tiling.

(NB: I'll remove these discussion posts once we're done - then they're usually just used by fellow tilers to comment on your work as and when you add pictures to the thread - which helps keep the content fresh in search engines and the forum etc)
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Our tilers directory is quite new. We launched this in the summer of 2019 (catchy song title?) and it's still being populated, our tilers take a while to nudge into putting their details on lists. All the hard work we did from 2006 to 2018 telling them not to kind of backfired there. We are still working on them. So in the meantime, you can post your tiling job to our forum, and let the tilers contact you for your name and phone number etc. Keep your eyes peeled for our 'Esteemed' tilers. These tilers have provided advice to fellow tilers, and have been rewarded for their brilliant advice by their peers, and have gained that green tag through hard work on the forum. These are some of the best wall and floor tilers in the country.

If you have a big project on, you might find outLocal Electricians Directoryuseful. And perhaps even ourLocal Plumbers Directorytoo.

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